November 1st, 2005


I was reading the archives, and ran across an entry from about a month ago about someone who had tried to cancel some service with a bank and the first lady they had spoken to had given them the runaround--and it reminded me of something that still irks me, even though it happened over a year ago.

So, last year my fiance and I were involved in Hurricane Charley. And Frances. And... yeah. Lots of bad things. As a result, we had no phone service, save for our cell phones. We knew we were running up minutes, and going over our plan, but had no choice, because family had to be called, FEMA had to be dealt with, and Unemployment, and Car insurance, etc...

So, it gets to the point, about a week after Charley, where my phone is so over on minutes that they're going to cut it off in a day or so. And, because I've lost my savings in trying to (unsucessfully) save my house, paying the bill at that time wasn't gonna happen. So I do the unthinkable.

I call Sprint PCS, and I ask if there is any way they can help me out with this, since I've been a good customer for 2+ years, and as a hurricane victim things are just sucky.

Do I get help? No. I get a man who says, "No, there is nothing we can do. I'm sorry that this happened to you, but you have to pay the bill if you want your service to continue." I wibble a bit, and tell him about how I've lost my house, my car, my job, my savings, and I need the phone to make contact with agencies that I need to apply for aid from... oh, and that my phone is about to die, because we'd run out of gas for the generator and I hadn't been able to charge it. I still get no... and then... this is the bad service part, cuz I won't fault a CSR for refusing a beggar free stuff... he starts pitching new plans to me.

Yes, that's right. This man, who knows I just lost everything, and have limited amount of time left on a dying phone, and am calling in desperation due to lack of funds--- is trying to SELL ME MORE STUFF.

And he WILL NOT SHUT UP. To the point where I'm so flabbergasted with his inabiltiy to both comprehend that I have NO MONEY DUE TO NATURAL DISASTER and listen to my repeated, polite (if disbelieving) "No I'm not interested"s, that I have to just hang up on him. Seriously. He prattled on and on about how this plan and that plan would suit me better, and how it would ONLY be a couple hundred more yadda yadda yadda.

Good god. To this day thinking about that just pisses me off.