October 25th, 2005

no words can express the joy

thanks city of richmond

for the public utilities.

story begins:
my girlfriend and i just moved into a house. we set up an appointment for last tuesday to have our gas turned on so we could do things like cook, take showers, and have heat (tiny dog and snakes would like some heat please). lady comes out and fiddles around for a bit at which point i have to go to work so girlfriend remains home to take care of it. we had our cable installed on that monday (must have internet of course) and the comcast guy warned us that there was a wasp's nest in our cable box. he was actually very good about hooking up the cable anyway whilst dodging wasps. girlfriend got spray that same day and sprayed the crap out of the nest, so the wasp problem was gone. since the gas lady was walking around the house, girlfriend warned gas lady that there had been a wasp's nest in said cable box and therefore there might be a couple of stray wasps around, and gave her the spray to use just in case. it didn't turn out to be a problem though.

the gas lady tried to light the gas but said that due to (something something, i wasn't there and girlfriend has not the best memory), the gas needed to be turned on at the source or something...basically, she couldn't turn it on on the outside of the house, it needed to be lit under the house, accessed by our crawlspace. now admittedly our crawlspace is kinda small and not fun to be in (dirt, spiderwebs, etc), and the woman was fairly obese so i can see where she wouldn't really be able to do it. okay, no problem. she said that if we called our maintenance people that they should be able to light it. alright.

we call maintenance people, they say that it is the dept. of public utilities job to light our gas, and that we reallly ought to get them to do it. i agree, it is their job. we call gas company again, and gas company says...

they can't come out and light our gas because the lady who was out earlier says there was a wasp's nest in our crawlspace.

um, no?

girlfriend says no, there are no wasps. gas company says hey, it doesn't matter, she says there was and now it's a liability so we can't come out to verify the existence of wasps. we're not coming. period. too bad, so sad, not our problem anymore.

eventually we had to get the owner of the house to come out now that it is pouring down rain, he kindly climbed under the house and lit it, getting extremely muddy, and we have heat. thank you house owner.

but the gas company...how can they get away with this? are they never coming to this house again for the entirety of its existance? i mean, come on. that's ridiculous.

if i get charged a single penny for 'installation' or whatever, i will flip out. that will be the end of it. this is why i hate richmond. okay, i hate richmond for more than that, but this is a good example.

:( at least my feet are warm now.
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Okay, so back in April, I was enrolled in my local State college, and having a hard time of things - I'd been diagnosed with bipolar disorder by my school therapist, whom I'd been seeing for years. I was enrolled in some very demanding classes all at once, my grandfather (whom I was very close to) had just died and I was in the middle of a very depressive episode. It became necessary, because of so many missed classes (because I was too depressed to make it out of bed, much less to lecture or exams) to take the semester off, for health reasons, to get on medication for this and just take the time that I needed to heal. My therapist at the school was wonderful, said that she thought it was the right decision for me, and helped me with all of the forms. To get back into school, all I would have to do was see a psychologist or psychiatrist and have them fill out a small questionnaire, based on their evaluation.

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I know that there are more important things that offices need to deal with, but I'm not asking for any kind of prolonged treatment; all I need is an evaluation, a handful of appointments at the most. Instead I'm pushed from office to office, without anyone actually TELLING me that I'm at the very bottom of the waiting list and have no hope of seeing anyone in the foreseeable future. I've tried time and time again to tell these people that this is very important to me, this is my education and it's basically on hold. Really, all I want is to either see someone, be referred to someone who can see me, or at least be treated with a little bit of respect. Tell me what's going on, be honest about how long it's going to take. As far as I'm concerned, the rude doctors and receptionists I've dealt with have given me INCREDIBLY bad service.

My apologies for that being so long, I needed to get a lot off my chest. Thanks for the rantspace.

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Last night was one of the nights where the weather in South Carolina was deciding to be fall like and cold after a few days of heat. I had 2 dollars in cash and some money on my debit card. I went down the road to Ingles , since it's insanely close.
I grabbed some soup and headed to checkout since I would have to put the dollar bills in and then pay the remaining from my debit card. I scanned my rewards card and then glance up at the screen to notice a sign right by it that side the systems were down and they were only taking cash and checks.
This happens from time to time, and while it is frustrating..I wasn't upset about that. I was pissed off that no one had thought to put those same signs of the doors to the grocery store.
I realize that even if they had some people still wouldn't have noticed..but I'm usually good at looking for signs on the door to see if anything is going on.
I talked a to a friend later that night that works at the gas station for that grocery store and she said the systems had been down since that morning when she was at work.
Perhaps I'm being picky but it just makes sense to me..if you are going to put signs on every register..make up a couple more to put on the doors.
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I ordered some stuff from a store thing on a well known website (that reminds one of being in.. shall we say, a rain forest) on October the 5th. I got my confirmation and all was fine. It was supposed to arrive somewhere between the 12th and the 18th so I waited. It didnt come. I figured, hey.. maybe it's just taking longer than expected and it's going to be here soon! I checked the service rating on the company and saw a handful of people say it took extra long to get their package, so I was momentarily consoled.

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My Camera! (Best Buy)

Back around May I bought a Canon Powershot A510 from Best Buy. Love it. No problems with it. The purchase came about as a result of a Kodak digital that just stopped working. The Kodak wasn't under any kind of warranty. So I made sure to give this one 4 year coverage.

At the end of September my Canon just conked out, mid-zoom, the retractable lens was froze and the screen would blip on for about 5 seconds and die out. Didn't drop it, didn't get it wet, not quite sure what happened. Anyway, I took it in to Best Buy, dropped it off and they sent it off. They said it would be no later than October 10th and "we'll call you". October 10th comes and goes, I call every few days wondering what is going on. I get bounced between customer service and the "geek squad". I'm told their vendor is waiting on a part and again, "We'll call you".

So yesterday I was done. Done waiting, I don't care about the part, give me my camera back and I'll take it to a local shop and have them fix it. I want my camera back. It's nearly a month! Suddenly, i'm told my camera is unrepairable and there is a note on my service order to approve me for a replacement. Cool, great.

Today, I go in to pick up my replacement. Easy enough, right? Wrong. Best Buy no longer carries the Powershot A510. "You can replace it with the A520." I ask the woman helping me what the difference in features were and she assures me they are virtually the same. I tell her I want to do my own research first. So i go home, check out the Canon website. Similar yes, but the A520 excludes some features that I was comfortable with. The A510 has a faster shutter speed, multimediacard support and has recordable sound with movies. I go back, explain this to them. I also told them that the A510 is still being made and sold by other retailers.

They are pushing this other model on me, in other words, it's this model or nothing. I'm seriously not trying to be difficult, I just want my camera back. I told them I don't want the A520 or even anything better! I asked them to return my camera to me - no (no??). I asked them to refund the original sale price so i could repurchase the A510 elsewhere - no. So I left with no camera and no resolution. Through this whole thing i've been nice, i've been patient and i've been polite and I have not gotten the same in return. In addition i've been a great customer, I love Best Buy, I bought my washer/dryer there, TV's, computer accessories, dvds, cds, xmradio, etc. But after this, I am taking my business elsewhere.

At this point, what would you do? Suggestions?
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Well it is getting around that time of year where, as a military wife I have to go to what seems like a thousand different parties, all starting with the Rememberance Day ceremonies. So this means I need to get at least two outfits (a fancy dress and some type of dress suit for not so formal things) and after searching with other friends, who are in the same boat as me, needing dresses etc. We ended up in Sears.

Two of us in the group are plus sizes (me and another person) so we all went searching for the right section. We couldn't find it, so we asked a associate. I ask nicely and the response was:

"Like this store would have anything in your size."

Excuse me? Yeah, I know I am bit on the chunky side but holy hell. I have no idea what crawled up and died in her ass but you just don't say that to a customer!

And I did find that damn section, but instead I went to the manager to complain. The group of us decided not to bother with that place and went to another branch.

Still didn't find anything. *growl*
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This was posted in customers_suck and I was wondering what you guys thought. Would this be considered bad service?

A quiet night at the video shop last night. A customer asked where a movie was, I pointed him in the right direction, then sat down and went back to my book. A minute later he came back and the other girl went to serve him.
Customer [in sarcastic voice]: That's alright, you just sit down - I'll get it. Whatever happened to customer service?

What on earth? We can't go fetching every movie a customer requests, because half the time they want to walk around and get something else too, or they just want to read the box. Some people aren't happy unless you wait on them hand and foot.


To me, that is pretty crappy...

Edit: I did not realise that I posted the username. I apologise for that, it was a mistake. Secondly, whilst when I originally did post this I did not SEE THE DAMN LOCKED SYMBOL, however it was still posted in a public community.
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I ordered some records at Hard to Find Records (a UK vinyl shop with an online outlet.) Normally, when I order something from them, I have it shipped from to my work address. When you order something from them and an item is on backorder, their system generates an order automatically when the order can be filled, and always generates it with your primary (billing) address, which is my home address in this case. The postal carrier will not leave what is obviously a 12" vinyl record in the heat or cold (good on him,) so I'm forced to get it from the post office.

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This is my response:

Okay, you know what? No. If this shipment becomes back-ordered and the order is eventually filled, your stupid computer system automatically generates an order that sends it to my HOME address, wasting about two hours of my time and making me late for work to pick up a record that was shipped to the address that was CLEARLY not the intended ship-to address when I filled out the original order (which not only pisses me off but costs you my business and word of mouth advertising, but I take my money elsewhere and therefore costs you money.)