October 23rd, 2005

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Reading this community, I happened to remember an instance of bad service. Or rather, not bad, exactly, but very, very strange.

My significant other and I have often gone on the prowl for fine Chinese eating establishments in San Francisco. One day we found this place which looked decent on the outside, and the prices were all right. Strangely, there was only one man eating inside, and it turned out he was a waiter/assistant cook/misc worker. The main server was chatting with him when we came in, but seated us promptly. It was very quiet in there. The service initially was not bad, but not excellent, the food was average, and so on. But it was really how deserted the place was that got to me. And while we were seated in a nice area of the restaurant, about half of it gradually deteriorated into clutter on the other side of the dining room. I spotted something like a stationary bike/rowing machine hybrid partially hidden by a screen, which was odd. Just as we were at the end of our meal, I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. I thought I was mistaken, but no, the server was standing next to the eating guy, doing bicep curls with a dumbell. We just sat there waiting for him to notice us, but he kept right on working out until I called to him for a check. Hey guy, don't let us interrupt your workout routine.

I couldn't shake the feeling that this restaurant was a front for some other shady business. Needless to say we will never go back there unless we want to show a freakshow to our friends.


More weird than downright bad

I went to a...some sort of pancake house and of course, the portions are huge. (Btw, this is a flashback tale-happened years ago)
I ordered a normal single serving plate of pancakes (which is actually 3 pancakes)
I ate most of it...probably 75%
The waitress came and was taking our plates-no one in our family finished. Then she grabbed mine and the convo went like this
Her-I think you can finish your plate
Her-you can finish this food
Me-No, Im quite stuffed
Her-its going to waste and you can finish it. Its only a few more bites.
No...Im really done.
Her-**sighs, rolls eyes and walks away**

So is there something I am missing? Why didnt she try to get my other family members to finish? At the time I was really, really fat...was she insinuating something about my weight, or is that just...well, when you are overweight, many things become tied to your weight (I was sensitive about it)
Its kind of funny, but we just didnt get why she was so insistent that I MUST finish those pancakes :p
Sir's Butterfly

And the password is...

I read this entry over in customers_suck and it reminded me of a situation I experienced earlier this year:

I had a problem with the password for my online banking account and called tech support about 10:00 one night. As an FYI, my passwords are always in lower case except 1 random letter which is in caps and there is 1 number. ALWAYS! We went through the same routine the OP did and it still didn't work.

The tech is speaking to me in that oh so patient/condescending voice that many take when dealing with the ignorant public. I understand that repeating the same simple instructions dozens of time to dozens of people every day can get tiring. Except that I've worked first-tier helpdesk and really didn't appreciate it and said so.

So 5 minutes into the call tech support says, try all caps. ?W?T?F? Okay, so I did and it worked. I could hear the smirk in the tech's voice as he said that I must have been mistaken about how I set my password. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. That's not the way I set the password, never was, never will be. I said "fine, good bye" and hung up. Then I changed my password back to its proper configuration.

The next day I called and spoke with a supervisor about both the password difficulty and the tech's attitude. It turned out that when they transferred account information after a merger, my password (and thousands of others) was "adjusted" to meet their protocol. Word was the same, only the case had been changed. The supervisor apologized for the tech's attitude and said they had been receiving a lot of calls about the same thing. The techs had been instructed to explain to customers about the snafu and to try the all caps thing before doing anything else. He said that 99 out of 100 times that was the solution. If the tech I talked to that evening had done that, we'd have solved the problem in under minute and I'd have been on my way, a bit irked but satisfied with the answer. But the jerk had to take that "I'm the professional so I know everything and you,ignorant person, know nothing. Now shut up and do as I say" attitude. Bah!

[EDIT: Opening sentence has been edited to clarify my attitude.]