October 17th, 2005

The telephone, it burns....

Ah, the fun of the local telcos. Only, this wasn't really the local telco. This requires some back story.

See, sometime in 1998 or 1999, a law was passed in California stating that if you wanted telephone service from another carrier than what was already incumbent to your area, you could get it. So at that time, owing to the fact that I was already in the hole with Pacific Bell to the tune of $800, we got a line with GTE Communications.

(It's a long story on the $800 phone bill - involves a roommate with a love interest in Canada and me without a job. The bill has since been dealt with.)

I loved 'em. These guys were great, only they didn't offer voice mail, which kinda sucked. My only gripe about them was that they took a whole month to move the line over when I moved, owing to the fact that they, as the leased line, had to go through a bunch of administrivia. But that's another story for another day.

Sometime in 2000 completed a merger between GTE, Bell Atlantic, and I think one other telco to form this company called Verizon. As a parting gesture, GTE sent me a compact disk with a handful of songs about the telephone. Telephone Line by ELO, Jenny (867-5309) by Tommy Tutone, that sort of thing.

This is where the fun ended.

Anyway, owing to an error in my own accounting, a check to Verizon had been returned for non-sufficient funds in August of 2000. OK, no problem, I thought, I'll make it up. Call them, tell them what happened, and inform them that I'm sending a money order straight away. And all was good, I thought.

No it wasn't. I got a letter from them informing me that a check had been returned, and that I had until 15Sep2000 to make payment arrangements, pay it off, or face disconnection. So I call them to make arrangements.

The person on the phone tells me that I can't make arrangements. So it starts sounding like this, being mindful that this happened about five years ago:

Me: But the letter says that I can.
Agent: It's not supposed to. I need to see that letter.

(this last part goes over a few times)

Me: Look, can I talk to a supervisor?
Agent: No, you can't, but I can take a phone number and they can call you tomorrow.
Me: (thinks a moment, being mindful of what happens when people do this - typically, they don't call back) OK. I'm done asking, now I'm telling. Get me a supervisor.
Agent: Sir, I can't do that, you need to leave a phone number and they will call you back.
Me: Not in my own experience. Get me a supervisor or I will involve the California Public Utilities Commission.
Agent: (hesitates, and...) hold on. (places me on hold for a minute, and then...) Sir, it's near closing time, we have a lot of paperwork to do--
Me: (with a somewhat raised voice to the lower brink of yelling - and yes, I did cut him off, thankyouverymuch) Get me your supervisor, or I will involve the California Public--
Agent: (cutting me off this time) Just a moment sir. *hold*

I held for a moment, managed to get with a supervisor who was obviously upset that I interrupted her, got things straightened out.

One month later, I moved house.

I won't do business with Verizon any longer if I can help it. I have this problem with doing business with companies where I have to threaten to bring the regulatory agency into the fray or otherwise commit legal action against - granted I was irresponsible for sending a check that turned out to be bogus (even though I made an effort to straighten it out), but they had the responsibility for keeping their story straight.

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I'm pretty sure Friendly's is the spawn of Satan

Well, I went to Friendly's...stupidly. And got shitty service.

My friend and I entered Friendly's for breakfast at 10:50 am (Perkins had a HUGE wait, and Friendly's had none. Ha!) and were seated immediately. After 30 seconds of perusing the menu, the waitress came back. We knew what we wanted, so we ordered our food and our drinks at the same time. The restaurant was...mildly crowded, but empty enough that we had an entire section to ourselves.

A breakdown of what we ordered:
Seat 1: French toast, orange juice
Seat 2: Bagel, diet pepsi

The waitress said it would be right out, and leaves.

We wait. And wait. And wait. We don't see the waitress for 35 minutes. Finally, she comes out and apologizes. "The food is being cooked right now, are chefs are just being bombarded out there! But now the manager is in the kitchen helping, so it should be just a few minutes."

So we wait, and wait, and wait. We had somewhere to be at 12 pm, mind you. Another 25 minutes later, the waitress comes out again. "The manager is still in there, but I don't know why they haven't gotten to your food. I am so sorry. The food tickets go from green to yellow to red to show importance, and right now yours is at red...I don't know why they haven't gotten to it yet, because they've been cooking the meals of people before you."

At that point, I asked to speak to the manager. The girl tells us that's fine, and asks us please not to blame her and please not to walk out. I'm assuming that if we did walk out, she'd have to pay for the meal. And at this point, we know it's not her fault.

The waitress asks me if I'd like another orange juice. I ask her if it's a free refill. She says no. I raise an eyebrow at her. She says, "Don't worry about it, I'm not going to charge you for it."

So we wait. Another 15 minutes pass. Finally, the food comes out. 10 minutes later, the manager finally comes out.

Have you ever seen the movie Matilda? Or read the book? This manager is the carbon copy of Miss Trunchbull. About 8 feet tall, big and fat, and you can tell she is bitter about her life just from looking at her...a mile away. So she stomps her way over and stares at me expectantly.

And just looks.

Until I finally says, "We waited over an hour for our meal." And she says, "Oh. Sorry." And stares at me.And stares at me. And stares at me. For about 35 seconds.

You know if I had been an "adult," that she would have been apologetic and grovelling. But no, I'm just a college student, so that obviously means I don't deserve SHIT.

So finally, I speak up. "Aren't you going to do something for us? We waited over an hour for our food!" And she says, "Fine, I guess I can take 20% off your meal."

And I said, "20%? Are you kidding me? She ordered a BAGEL. We waited an hour for a BAGEL." And you know how you read the word grumbling, but you're not entirely certain what it means? Well, this woman grumbled. Actual grumbling. Mumbling angrily to herself. Finally, with a heaved sigh and monster rolling of the eyes, she says, "Well, I GUESS I can take care of the bill for you. Since it was a bagel." And she walks away.

Are you kidding me? What the hell kind of manager is that? So we got the meal for free, and tipped the waitress about ten dollars because we weren't sure whether it was going to come out of her pocket or not. And she seemed genuinely apologetic about the whole situation.

But seriously, what the hell is wrong with Friendly's?
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Dear Pizza Delivery boy -

I am a poor collage student. I make $89 at my job every other week. My fiacee makes only $40. Ordering a pizza is a big deal for us. But we really wanted one, and understood the fact that its exspensive.

I was going to tip you. When I handed you $30.00 for a $24.05 meal, I intended to give you $2-3 out of that. However, when you look me in the eye and say
"What, no tip? Jesus your cheap. Why don't you give me (Insert item from inside doorway)."

It makes me want to kill you. I instead took my pizza and change, politely closed the door in your face.
I then called your manager, who assured me NONE of his employees would EVVVVEERRR do that to a customer!

I will never order pizza from that location again >:(
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I never would have thought I'd be writing in this community but today pissed me off.

There's a USPS truck outside my work office that usually comes today, Wednesday, or Friday. I had to drop off some certified mail for my boss (about 3 large envelopes). When I get to the truck one of the envelopes slips out from my hand and falls UNDERNEATH the truck, causing it to be lodged under the rear right tire. Just my luck.

So I ask the woman inside if she can move the truck just about ONE INCH (literally one inch) so that the envelope can be slipped out. Not too much to ask right? What does she do?

Roll her eyes TWICE, gives me a large SIGH, and then says:

HER: Do you know how much trouble I had to go through to find parking HERE?
ME: I'm sorry about that but there's plenty of space in back of you to just move one inch please. I understand the inconvenience of having to start up the truck and all but the envelope is stuck under there. I can't even get to it. I'm afraid if I try to pull it towards my way, it will rip everything.
HER: SIGH. SIGH. *eye roll* SIGH.

BUT thank goodness a good hearted guy came over to me and looked under the truck, saw what happened, CRAWLED under the truck for me and pulled the envelope out. While doing this, he ripped off (by accident!) the Certified Mail slip thats supposed to be ripped off anyhow by the mail person after I pay for the postage.

I thank the guy profusely. I couldn't even imagine going under that truck. BELIEVE ME, I tried but dude I could not do it.

I then give the lady the envelopes and the ripped off slip. What does she say?

ME: Well, it wouldn't be ripped off in the first place if you moved the car a freakin' inch and let me get it!

Damnit people. I say sorry so many damn times. I say PLEASE. I don't act holier than thou or scream at you like some other people would so why do you treat me as though I'm shittier than you?

*head desk*

Please tell me I'm not wrong in this or am I?
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Taxi troubles

Okay, I use the same Taxi service 9 times out of ten, they have the most cars in my town over 100+ I believe. I also have worked as a Taxi controller, I'm not rude, demanding or abusive to the controllers.

Tuesday I went to get my shopping, finished it up and rung the taxi office, a guy answers the phone:

Guy: where from, where to... yadda yadda
Me: I'm at "insert store", I'm going to "insert regular address here".
Guy: No problem on it's way.

I go outside and wait, and wait, and wait. 10-15 minutes later, I go and ring back, this time a lady answers the phone.

Lady: This is yadda yadda company.
Me: Hello, I booked a car from "this store" in "my name" going to "my address".
Lady: I already told you I haven't got anything available there.
Me: O_o no I spoke to a guy and he told me it was on it's way.
Lady: I have no booking for there except one going to "insert name of road nobody in their right mind would take a booking for since at that time that road to it is full of traffic due roadworks"

A bit more arguing, I told them to forget it, turned around and bumped into a friend who kindly gave me a lift home. Still it's not so much the fact that I didn't get my Taxi, it's that they lied to me and then tried to make out I was lying saying I had not rung and they'd told me something different. That's what pisses me off, if you don't have a car available for me, tell me so I can arrange something else for gods sake. It's not THAT hard, I don't get abusive, I don't cause trouble, I just want the blimmin truth.
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I'm sure some of you in this community have, or know someone who has, worked in an Applebee's at some point. Can you tell me, is it standard practice to vaccuum a cleanish carpet where you are actively seating customers? I ask here and not just tell the story without a preface because the people doing it were all super nice and polite (I asked the girl if she'd rather we move, since we were the only populated table in the area and she said were were "fine"), but it totally sent the message that they were more worried about getting some cleaning done two hours before close rather than keep the customers happy. Therefore I ask, is it rude waitstaff or rude business practice? Or should I write the manager about this instead?
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