October 15th, 2005

This actually happened a couple years ago-

But I thought I would post it anyway, because it was SOOOO bad and disgusting.

I work with a girl. We shall call her Mandy.

Mandy ordered a pizza from pizza magia the other day. It was delivered.
She paid 14.99 for said pizza, plus a tip =)

She ate one slice.

She went to eat another.

LO AND BEHOLD! there was a large disgusting matte of hair and what looked to be snot or belly lint on top of her pizza. ( It was truly disgusting folks) She vomited up her slice she had already eaten (fearing is may have had some of the same) and proceeded to call Pizza Magia.

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Okay. I'm posting here, mostly because I'm unsure of whether this is bad service or not. I was looking for some advice. (For the record, I live in NY.)

I've been getting calls from a collection agency lately - AOL referred me to them. I never used AOL, but I let my brother use my credit card to do a trial subscription, thinking he'd be responsible and cancel it before I started getting charged. The card was pretty maxed, though, so I never saw any charges - they piled up when my card was declined. This is just background information, I have no problem paying the charges. I'm a student, but I'll either make my brother pay me back or be out the $60. That little amount of money isn't worth messing up my credit over.

Anyway, the collection agency calls me this morning. It's been an incredibly bad morning already, for various personal, emotional, and physical reasons (girlie problems, I'm sure most of you understand, it's really a miracle I got out of bed and answered the phone as it is). When I *answered* it, I was in tears.

The agency was MCO. She says that they've sent three bills (I haven't seen them, but I get a lot of junk mail, so it's possible that a notice or two got tossed with all of it) and are calling to collect. I ask her to send another bill, that I'll make sure it isn't tossed out. Now that I know a company name, MCO, I won't assume it's junk when I get it.

She informs me that she's not sending anymore bills, to pay right now using a credit card or checking account, or it's going to go against my credit.

I admit to sucking here, my frustration level at a peak; I tell her "Fine, lady, whatever." and hang up the phone.

Can a company do this, refuse to send a hard copy of a bill? I honestly don't have a copy of it, don't know if I tossed it out or maybe they got thrown out while I was away at college. I mean, ethically, can they demand payment over the phone? What if I wasn't comfortable with giving out credit card information over the telephone? (If I was going to pay, I'd do it with a money order anyway. I'm a college student, my credit cards are fairly maxed out.) By refusing to send me a bill, they're making it impossible for me to pay them, and now my credit is going to be screwed up.

At least I learned not to toss anything out as junk, or let my brother use my credit card ("I swear I'll cancel it before it starts charging you!" my ass) ever again.

Slow slow slow!!!!

I went to the grocery store around 10:30 this morning. The store was not too busy. I picked up 4 or 5 items and proceeded to the checkout. There was 2 cashiers working and 1 was express 8 items or less. I went to the express lane. There was one lady infront of me and she was buying items and fresh cut flowers.

When the cashier finished scanning the items she told the lady the total and the lady paid with debit. While the woman was paying, the cashier slowly took out a paper flower sleeve to wrap the flowers. OMG!!!! She was so slow I just wanted to smack her! Then after she got the god damn flowers in the sleeve she sauntered away to go and find tape! The lady customer stood there looking bewildered and in my head I was thinking (WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL HER NOT TO BOTHER?!) I mean the flowers were already wrapped in friggin plastic!!! The lady looked at me and shrugged.

I left the line to see if the other cashier was busy. I left my stuff behind because no one else was behind me. A customer service cashier seen me getting frustrated as I paced the row of close cashiers. She spoke out and said "She will be right with you!" I went back to the till and waited for this slower-then-a-slug cashier to return.

She sauntered back over(me laughing at this point & shaking my head) and put the flowers on a cart along with the other lady's stuff. Then slowly gave her her receipt. By then 3 or 4 other people were behind me. By then I was so pissed thinking (EXPRESS MY ASS!!!) I gave my membership card and she scanned it then my stuff...SLOWLY!!!! OMG! I just wanted to go behind the til and do it myself!!!! I paid and got the hell out of the store!!!

As I left the store I "SAW" my neighbor (who works there) and I said "You know...if that hag on the express line went any fucking faster she would be going backwards!!!!" She busted up laughing and told me that EVERYONE complains how slow she is! NO FUCKING KIDDING! Why put her on express let alone any other til if she gets so many complaints?!

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first post!

so last night some friends and i went to a pub pre-concert to grab a guiness and some snackage. so we went to this little irish pub near the venue.

that is where we meet the bitch-server from hell.

after getting us our initial drinks, we told her that others would be joining us later, but not to wait for them. after that, she vanishes and we sit around with empty glasses. upon getting someone else's attention, because she seemed to be avoiding us, she came back,rudely stating she thought she should wait until the others arrived, she coninuted to be rude and short with us the rest of the time. we asked her for refills and ordered some food. she walked away halfway through my order.

once she returned with drinks, a good 10 minutes later, i coul finally order food. soon, the first of the food arrived, with the fries over salted, and she vanisheed again. after everyone else is finished eating, my food arrived, along with our stragglers, who were ignored. until we managed to flag her down again and get them some food and drinks.

she then stopped to chat with a group of girls for a while and forgot to get us our bills. eventually, half an hour late for the concert, she hands us the bill, divided incorrectly, even though we had told her how to divide it.

in order of seating:
1 guiness, 1 chicken strips and fries
1 canadian, 1 veggie burger
4 guiness, 1 chicken strips and fries
2 canadian, 1 nachos

not that hard. what we got:
1 guiness, 1 veggie burger
1 canadian, 1 chicken strips and fries
3 guiness, 1 chicken strips and fries
1 guiness
2 canadian, 1 nachos

we attempted to correct her, we get the same bill again. we again, try to correct her at the bar, the bar tender tells us to pay our server, who was standing nearby. she yelled "NOT ME!" and ran off. so we stood there for 5 minutes until she returned, and tried to correct her again. finally, we get things figured out and manage to pay for everything. she was rude and short, called my friend an asshole, and we decided not to leave the girl a tip.

because being ignored means you get no tip from us, bitchwhore. thanks.