October 14th, 2005

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Wal*Mart WHAT?

I went into Walmart to pick up my vacation pictures this morning. I got back from the Dominican on the 7th, and was excited to get my pictures. My hair is still in braids, due to the fact that I haven't had time to sit down and take them out :/ (Friggin hockey season)

Anyways, I got my pictures, did a little shopping, and went to pay for my other purchases. The cashier starts ringing me up without looking at me, then suddenly just started staring at my hair. I smiled, thinking "Ok, whatever". A lot of people have asked me about my hair this past week, most say something like "That looks cool, were you on vacation when it was done?", comments like that.

The cashier hit total, and said "Why is your hair like that?"

"I was on vacation and had it done there", I said.

Her response? "Oh, well you shouldn't do that, only black people have their hair like that".


I responded with "You shouldn't be a cashier, only people with customer service skills do that".

I then went and spoke to her manager, and even told the manager my exact reply, and the manager agreed with me. I got an apology from the manager, and left.

Seriously, It's Okay to Tell Me You Don't Know.

Operator: Hello, cable vision tech support.

Me: Yes, my mother and I just got the cable DVR box, and it's stuck in 'mute.' There's a big white mute symbol in the top center of our screen. I've tried hitting the 'mute' button from TV mode, from 'cable' mode, and I even tried resetting the box. Please help, my soap is on.

O: Okay, did you try unplugging the box and plugging right back in?

Me: *facepalm* I believe I did say I tried to reset the box, yes. (I'm trying to be as polite as possible here, I don't want to see myself on customers_suck later today...)

O: Okay, and that didn't work?

Me: ...No.

O: Okay, here's what I want you to do. Hit the 'TV' button on your remote until it blinks.

Me: Got it.

O: Now... press the 'Mute' button.

Me: *You can't be serious.* I've actually tried that one a couple times, which I believe I also told you when I explained the problem.

O: Right right. Okay then, hit the 'Cable' button.

Me: Are you going to tell me the hit the 'Mute' button from Cable mode?

O: ...Yes.

Me: Yeah... tried that already too. I already did all the 'Troubleshooting for Dummies' stuff I know. That's why I'm calling.

O: Okay please hold.

Me: Huh? Wait a- *Now I'm holding... and holding... and holding... and HOLDING...*

::Five minutes later::

O: Ma'am? I talked to my supervisor and he said some of the DVRs have been having this problem. It's a programming issue, not a device issue.

Me: ...

O: Ma'am? Are you there?

Me: Yes, what can be done to fix this problem?

O: Oh, he said they're working on it.

Me: ... and in the meantime?

O: ... Right! Right, I have a code I'm going to give you, okay? (Goes through the hullaboo of pushing ten different buttons in very specific order, which I follow diligently, or at least I thought I did, becaaaaauuuuuse)

Me: I just lost my video signal, too.

O: Hmmm I thought that would work. *Thought?* Okay, what's your account number, I'll just do a remote reset from here.

Me: *You couldn't have done that in the first place? It literally took you two seconds to do.* Okay, yay, I have video and sound back! So, you said this was a program thing, when can we expect the program glitch to be solved, roughly?

O: They're working on it. In the meantime, just try not to turn your cable box off. Only your TV.

Me: But what if I have to turn my box off?

O: Try not to.

Me: *Oooookaaaaay* And what are they doing to correct this problem?

O: They're working on it, ma'am.

Me: What exactly are they working on, what's the problem? If you don't know it's all right to say 'I don't know' I'm just being curious. (Honestly, I don't care if she knows or not, I was just wondering if she did. I'd have much preferred 'I'm not sure' to another)

O: They're working on it ma'am. Thank you for calling, have a nice day!

Me: Right. Goodb- *dial tone*

**Edit: I sincerely hope I wasn't rude to her at all. I may have been, and I feel bad about that. BUt I'm a service monkey too. 'I'm new at this, please be patient.' Was my favorite phrase when I started my new job...**

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It was maybe 9 p.m. and I had a long night ahead of me. Went into the drive-thru Starbucks. Placed my order. The woman told me what my total would be at the window. I had about 3 cars to wait behind, but I didn't care. I got up to the window, finally Collapse )
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Dumb Bagger

Ok, this bagger at Hyvee wasn't all that bad, just dumb. To give her her credit, she did a good job actually bagging; not everyone remembers to bag frozens together instead of in with the canned goods anymore. She did a good job of pissing me off, though. She and another bagger were discussing Elvises when the other girl said that Elvis had come to her school once. When it was mentioned that the only famous Elvis who could have come to her school was Elvis Costello, I piped up that that would be pretty damn cool. My bagger then claimed to have never heard of the singer, and that since I listened to him he must be old.

What the hell? Today is my birthday, and I only just turned 22!

I told her she might want to rephrase that (I admit I was a little annoyed, but I didn't pull the bitch card too hard), at which point she clarified: "If I've never heard of him and you listen to him, he must be of the 'older genre.'"

If she had been genuinely mean about it, I'd have reported her to her manager. As it was, she was just dumb and digging herself a deeper hole. I advised her to expand her musical tastes rather than look down on people because of age, wished her a good night, and left with my groceries. I know I shouldn't be so irritated at some highschooler thinking that anyone who's graduated is ancient, but dammit! I'm not that old!
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