October 13th, 2005

Kushiel's Legacy: Rainbow Love.

Public transport.

I catch the train into work every day. It's an hour trip, and since I live at the very end of the train line, there's a forty minute wait between trains; thus it's important for me to get the right train and leave on time.

On Monday I got on the train that was supposed to leave at 10.46 am. I sat down and started staring vaguely out of the window (this was before the latest Robert Jordan book was released, so all I had was a Stephen King book I'd read before to keep me entertained). I watched the staff wander up and down the platform. Wander, mosey, wander, mosey. Eventually, they meandered down to actually start the train, and we left at 10.58, without any explanation given as to why we were late.

Three stations down the line, we stopped for about three or four minutes to let another train go past us in the opposite direction. The explanation was a mumbled, 'Stopping for Hurstbridge... train' over the loudspeaker. By this stage we were running between fifteen and twenty minutes late. I was sending increasingly pissed-off text messages to my partner expressing my irritation at the situation.

Then at the next station, again with no explanation, we were told to get off the train and wait for one that was scheduled for 11.21. So far, this is 35 minutes it's taken to make a 15 minute trip, and nwo we're waiting on the platform for the allaged 11.21 train, which ends up leaving at 11.29.

We were never given an explanation, and we never even got their prerecorded 'Connex apologises for any inconvenience caused' message. I'd complain to their customer feedback people, but the last time I said anything to them I got pretty much ignored, and that was about the time the train door closed on my leg when I was trying to board.
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So, I had bad service at the Starbucks this morning, which was really sad because, well, I have high expectations for Starbucks after being with my husband, who worked there while we were dating. :( Also, I don't pay $4.29 for a drink that isn't what I ordered.

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