October 12th, 2005

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There is a wonderful magazine out there called Communication Arts for all those involved in the design, multimedia, illustration and photography industries. Regrettedly, I am most likely going to boycott them, and recommend that anyone else who subscribes to them do the same if this issue isnot resolved in the next week. All I wanted to do is change my regular rate subscription to the student rate (about $20 cheaper a year). My subscription expires with the soon to be released November issue.

Under the cut you will find a series of emails (if'n yer intrigued) to the subscriptions department of this particular publication, in order of most recent. The first is the irate letter sent this morning. It's long, I know. That's why it's behind the cut. Thanks for giving it some attention.

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flame on

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Leave comments enabled and unscreened on all posts, or don't post at all. It's in the rules. This community isn't your private soapbox. If you want to post something and get no dissent, post it in your own journal and censor your commenters to your heart's content. If you post here, be prepared to deal with people's responses, or delete the entry if you can't take the heat.

Good christ, people. I realize that as the membership of a community goes up, the average IQ drops, but there are six simple rules on the userinfo. Read them, love them, follow them, and if for some reason you still just don't understand what they mean, perhaps some remedial reading comprehension classes should be a priority for you before posting in this community.

Why I hate HMV

Hey, I just joined. I haven't really had any over the top bad service, a couple rude cashiers here and there, but nothing terrible. 'Cept my dealings with HMV last year: Collapse )

I don't care if you've got a fancy shirt stating HMV in purple frickin' letters on the chest. YOU. HAVE. NO. RIGHT. to judge my music like that! Do you think I'm overreacting? The whole ordeal just left a bad taste in my mouth because the manager and the one employee were the only ones who couldn't keep their "stupid teenybopper" comments to themselves until I left the store!