October 3rd, 2005

Is this bad customer service?

I found a set of vintage dishes on eBay that I wanted to buy and the auction is set up as a "Buy it Now" auction. The seller didn't have a shipping price listed, so I e-mailed him three days ago asking him if he could please give me a shipping estimate before I bid. I gave him my zip code and everything he needs to calculate that estimate. I'm guessing that shipping will be about $10-$15 – I just didn't want to bid and then have the seller tell me that the shipping was going to be something outrageous like $100. It's been 3 days and he still hasn't contacted me. I e-mailed him again yesterday and asked for the weight of the package and his zip code so I can calculate the estimate myself. He hasn't responded to that e-mail either. This sucks because I was fully prepared to buy his dishes (provided that the shipping cost was reasonable), but he can't be bothered to respond to my e-mails. The auction ends in a few hours - I guess that this guy just doesn't want my money. When I sell stuff on eBay, I always try to respond to any inquires from potential bidders ASAP and I always check my e-mail at least once a day in case anyone has any questions. I guess that this seller doesn't do that.

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Does anyone have any specific address or person I should write to for my situation? I had a free tial of AOl, decided it was crap and went to cancel it. First off, they said my trial was over Sept. 25. I called up on the 21st and canceled, the rep FINALLY said they would cancel it, but the next day I recieved a notice in the AOL email, that I was going to be billed 10 days from that date. I actually didn't see that email till the 28th, when I was logging in to make sure the account was canceled. I called up on the 28th and talked to some guy who said he was going to cancel it and I wasn't really going to be billed till October 22. He said he extended my free trial and since I had to go to work, I just said whatever, kept the free trial and assumed I wasn't going to be billed like he said. I emailed the billing department however, and got a reponse today - they said I was going to be billed for Sept 22nd and then again October 22nd. So I got really pissed off and called up again and the rep today said she was going to refund the Sept. 22nd money, but she said that as she was trying to get me to keep the damn service. So, finally, she said she was going to cancel it, didn't mention the refund again, and said the account was finally canceled and that she was going to connect me to a number where it would give me a cancellation # or something but she hung up on me or I was disconnected, I'm not sure. ALSO, I did call on the 21st but they have NO RECORD OF IT!

So, if anyone knows anyone specific I can contact about this fucking account and my so called refund, please let me know. AOL is the biggest piece of shit service in the world, and their reps are assholes. Unfortunately, I can't get aggressive enough on the phone to deal with these people and think that writing a letter will be more effective.

Civic Video... grrrrr...

So I was feeling bored and lonely after work on Saturday night and went to Civic Video, wandered around, grabbed some DVD's, and went up to pay for them.

The two kids on the counter beeped my card, looked up my account, and said I had a $24.00 fine and had to pay at least half of it back or they wouldn't let me rent.

Uh... what? I remember the fine in question... because I paid it back just over 2 years ago. I remember, because they were rather pissy about it at the time and sent me nasty letters from their collection agency. If I hadn't paid the fine back, they'd have got the repo man in which, obviously, did not happen.

But they apparently have no record of me paying this fine. I distinctly remember doing it. Mum remembers me doing it. I have actually rented DVD's with them at least once SINCE, because they have my new address at [new address] listed, and at the time I had the fines, I was living at [old address].

As far as I'm concerned, the fuckers (the company, or possibly the woman who accepted the fine money, not the kids on counter Saturday) have pretty much stolen twenty dollars from me. And I have no receipt or anything two and a half years on, I have NO proof that I paid those fucking fines.

Of course, I didn't want to make life hard for the kids behind the counter, who were probably still in primary school when this happened :p I just put my DVD's back, smiled, said I'd sort it out, and walked out. I have absolutely no way of redressing this issue, it's my word against Civic's, and I'm furious.

Yeah, I suck for not having a receipt (to be honest, I can't remember if I got one or not at the time, but even if I did, I'd have no idea where to find it now.)

And I'm sure I've rented there since this issue... though we're talking about a year ago. I can't possibly have used anyone else's card or account except my own, so there's no mixup there.

And I am NOT paying that fine twice.
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My mom was hit up by a door-to-door cleaning supply sales man. He was a middle aged tall African American man and he was very good at his job, I mean he had my mom sold until she asked for an order form so she could order later.
At that point he because irate and said "I'm not making any money if you buy it directly from the company, it's because I'm a n***er, isn't it?! You just don't want to buy it from a n***er!" At that point my mom asked him to leave our property and he did.
I'm sorry, but I HATE it when people play the race card. My mom didn't have an immediate need for what he was offering, and it's not offensive to want to order later is it? If you don't like getting paid on commission, get another fuckin' job!