September 29th, 2005

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Citicards .. bad service that became good

So, I have a card with Citi (Bank? Financial Services? Something like that) and back in July, they called me when I was half asleep and I signed up for some credit protector service because they give me SUCH a hard time that I was like, "whatever, I'll take it and just cancel it." So I get the stuff in the mail, and immediately call them to cancel the plan. At this point, my statement had been issued due to the overlap, and I was charged 9.41 for having it for that month. I just figured whatever, it wasn't enough to make a big deal about, I'd just cancel it and move on.
I call them up, tell the representative (who's name I did not write down; big mistake as I later learn) that I just want to cancel the plan. I know I'm going to get the, "Well, I can do this for you and I can do that for you," so I sat through 10 minutes of that, consistently answering her with, "No thanks, I just want to cancel it." FINALLY she says, "Okay, the credit protector plan has been cancelled, thank you for calling Citicards and have a nice day." Fine, good. Right?

I'm looking at my statement this month, trying to figure out WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED to make me $22 over my credit limit resulting in an almost $50 minimum payment. Last month I was something like $2 over and I couldn't figure out why, so I'm analyzing it a bit closer and see that STUPID protector plan on the statement. First thought: What the fuck? I cancelled that! It was only a $10 charge so I still couldn't figure out why I was so much over-limit ... my six months of zero percent interest are over :( but that's irrelevant.

This is where bad service turns into good service.
I called them, explained the whole situation: I signed up in July, immediately after receiving the paperwork I called up and cancelled; I have no idea who I spoke with, but I realized this month that I was still being charged for it, blahblahblah. She immediately cancelled the plan for me, after confirming the story (just retelling it to me to make sure she had the situation right), then told me she would send out a refund request for $30 to refund me the payments I made. I thought I had over-limit charges, so I talked to customer service and they said they hadn't charged me (yeah, statements confuse me), I was just over my limit.
I got everyone's names this time, go me.

I was impressed with the way the second associate handled it, but was LIVID that the woman I spoke to the first time gave the whole run-around for 10 minutes, then when she said she'd cancel it, DIDN'T. LIVID. I was screaming at my dog I was so mad.

Fedex Sucks...sometimes

first off, my fedex guy HATES me.

He starts his day in my neck of the woods at 8 am. I don't open until 11am. They load his truck with my boxes last since (for some reason) I get more boxes than any business on his route. This is a HUGE inconvenience to him since he has to shuffle my boxes around if he can't get them to me first. He admitted to me that I "screw up his day because usually he gets off early and can go home". How is this my fault?!?

So, one time he got my HOME phone number and woke me up at 8am to tell me he was bringing boxes in on a day that we are CLOSED (and this is posted on the door). I asked him how did he get this number?!?! He mumbled something about his cousin works for the company who the boxes are from! Isn't that illegal or at least morally wrong?

I complained to fedex, he hates me even more.

He delivered 25 large boxes to my neighbor, blocking their entrance. They had this tower of boxes for 2 1/2 hours. It took me 30 minutes to dolly them up and down the street.

I complained to fedex, he hates me even more.

If we get a large shipment he always forgets one box. How is it always the box I need the most? Well, yesterday he sent this box back to sender... it's in texas currently, they are trying to get it back to me.

I complained to fedex, I best watch my back from now on.

Pick UPS, much friendlier on the phone, online and in-person... and our UPS guy ain't hard on the eyes either ;)

Chase cards SUCK!

Just one more gripe for today :)

I've been with chase credit cards for 3 or 4 years. Been late on paying just once in that time.

My current APR was 12.99%... not horrible.

So, I'm late in June for some reason, I'm totally confused because I pay via phone and blah blah blah.

Because of this, they doubled my interest rate to 25.99%. I currently hold a $3,000 balance, so that's a lot of interest :(

Needless to say, I'm pissed.

so, I put in a call:

Bitchy "credit specialist": BCS
pissed off consumer: ME

ME: "I've been a perfect customer for over 3 years now and I don't see why they can't keep my rate the same, I'll pay the late fees. Can't you just work with me this once?"

BCS: "there's nothing we can do about that ma'am, you'll have to prove yourself over the next 6-12 months and then we can reinstate your APR"

ME: "So, the first 36 months proved nothing? Great. Alright then, can you put me on with your supervisor?"

long story short, her supervisor had the IQ of a potato and couldn't help me. I proclaimed my hatred for their company and vowed to make it known to others and to never do business with them again!

I did anything I could short of selling blood to pay that balance off in a month. And I did. Somehow I still owe them $2.40, they just sent me a bill. I really really hate them.

Please, if you are in the market for a credit card, avoid Chase, they'll screw with your mind and your credit! That one late payment brought my credit rating down 10 points.

I love citibank... I would recommend them to all! although, all credit cards are the devil, no... really.

Super (STUPID) Store...

I hit the Super Store shortly after 9 this morning when they opened. I grabbed my cleaning supplies and a few other odds and ends. I headed for a cashier. Now I know I had over 12 items so I didn't even bother looking for an open express.

I see a light on and a cashier is just about done with her current customer. I load up my stuff and the belt would not stop! My stuff was piling into the other customers stuff and the lady's stuff behind me was piling into mine! I tried to block the censor and that would not work! Finally the cashier sees the mess and shuts off the belt. Fine! She asks how many bags I want and I tell her two. She scans my items and I had 3 coupons for 3 items and two gas coupons from filling up. Yeah a total of 5 coupons and by her attitude it was the end of the world! She snorted & huffed & puffed while scanning them. I almost busted a gut laughing because it was just so stupid! I kept thinking "why do you work here if you hate the work?". So after she scanned the coupons she told me the total so I handed her my debit card. Well holy shit! You would have thought I up and slapped her! She glared at me while snatching the card out of my hand..(again huffing & puffing)..leaned over and grabbed the handset and swiped the card! I just looked at her and said "Sorry, I thought you might need to swipe it thru the cash register." She mumbled something but I didn't hear it or care. I just bagged my stuff and left. As I walked away I silently wished every asshole that comes in that store gets her today!