September 24th, 2005

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Champs, Lafayette Square, Indianapolis- I JUST WANT MY SHOES!

Hello! I've been lurking for a bit, reading and stuff. Now I am joined with you, bad_service! I will love you always. This story's not like terrifying or horrible, but it WAS EXCEEDINGLY ANNOYING!

Anyway- About a month ago, I set out one Friday on a quest for new Chucks. My old ones had started flopping, and while I enjoy covering shoes in duct tape, I'm not sure my place of employment would have looked kindly on that.

I went to several locations, oh yes, in search of these shoes. By the time I got to the Champs at Lafayette Square, I was kinda grouchy. Nobody at Circle Centre had had my shoes, and I'd been ignored at a store that may have had them. Anyway, I go into the Champs, look around, find that my Chucks are $5 cheaper here than anywhere else. I get happy. Then I try to get someone to help me.

Three kids (the oldest person, the manager, had to be 19-20, the rest were 16-19, and I'm 24 now. I can call that age kids. Even though it makes me feel old.) stare straight at me and go to help someone else... While I'm standing there, with the display shoe in my hand, looking around pointedly. I walk up to another kid and ask if I can have the shoes in an 8. He goes off, gets my shoes, I wait.

He comes back with my shoes, does the upsell thing they have to do, I say no, he takes my shoes behind the counter, because Lafayette Square has a very VERY large theft rate. Collapse )

Bad service!

I ordered a textbook on Amazon. Ecampus is apparently a distributor on there so my used book came from them. Two weeks later, the book hadn't arrived and I got an email saying that they couldn't find a copy of the book to ship to me. They said they would refund the money. A week passed and there was no word of the refund. I emailed and asked them to refund me since I had already been charged on my card, and they said they would initiate the refund. I then got an email confirming the refund for $72 instead of $74. Now, I know it's only a few dollars but I was so frustrated that they sold a book they didn't have (and that it took them two weeks to tell me this) that I wrote back saying that wasn't the right amount. Today she wrote back that I was right and it was $74 and that they had made a mistake. So, be careful when ordered from ecampus on amazon.
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I went to Wendy's. The guy who took my money was nice. The lady who gave me my food was very nice. The speed of service was excellent. But what happened? I get home, look at my burger... The meat is still pink.

WTF. So I called, and I tell the woman who answered the phone what happened. She says, "Okay???" and then just doesn't say anything else. It sounded like she wanted to say, "What's wrong with a pink hamburger?" So she called somebody else to answer the phone. I told them what happened and she said, "Well... you know... if you come back in, I can give you a new hamburger".

I don't know about y'all, but if some place gives me an uncooked burger, and I go back in to get a new one, I'm paranoid of them fucking with it. [Because I used to work at Del Taco, and people did that stuff. Big reason of why I quit]. So all I said was, "Um, no. I don't want another burger. It kind of grossed me out how it wasn't cooked. I just want a refund". "*loud sigh* Ok come in we can give you a refund bye".

This has never happened before, and I'm actually really sicked out by it. It looks like they took a hamburger patty, put it on the grill for like 20 seconds, took it off and added a bun. EHHH. Somebody told me, "Well, sometimes we "speed cook" burgers so our drive thru time is lower". I didn't know drive-thru time was an excuse for not cooking someones food all the way.

When good stores go bad.

I used to love going to the local food cooperative. However, there have been a few incidents as of late that have soured my shopping experience there. For the sake of keeping things as brief as possible, I will just focus on what happened to my mother and I this morning.

Now, keep in mind that this store is under new management. Again. Yes, I think this might have something to do with employees' attitudes there for the majority of this year. In all fairness, the man has hired a few nice people to work there, but the majority have attitude.

This morning, my mother and I had finished shopping and were waiting to check out. There are two registers and one cashier up front. Now, there is no indicator of either register being closed, but there is a sign on one that says to ring the bell for assistance. This was not the one we went to, actually, since we assumed that a cashier within sight of us and both belts would not need to be notified to the presence of customers by the sound of a ringing bell. And, yes, she saw us standing at the second register and just went back to her pricing or whatever it was that she was doing. (FYI: It is not uncommon for the cashiers of this store to front or price items when there are no customers to wait on. This was the policy when I worked there under different management.) Anyway, we stand there for several minutes while this girl continues to ignore us and finally my mother pipes up with, "Are you open?"

"Yes, I am," the girl replied, with more than a tinge of annoyance in her voice. No, I'm not kidding. Then, she walks up to the register with the little sign about the bell and opens up. Okay, she needed to be notified by a bell when she was only standing three feet away? It was only when I was standing there that I actually saw what the little sign said. It was a mere 5" x 7" and not written large enough to be clearly legible from any distance beyond a foot (which is why my mother and I had been standing at the other register for several mintues). This might have been remdied by someone using a marker to write with instead of a fine point pen, but I digress. She handled the entire transaction with a hefty dose of nasty attitude. Well, excuse me, but when I saw you wearing a uniform I assumed you were there to work. If I hadn't had sucha headache and hadn't wanted to leave so badly, I probably would have said that, too.

The whole experience was more annoying than anything. Her second strike was trying to overcharge us again for a bunch of non-organic bananas. She did that last week and didn't want to believe us when we told her that she was charging us twice the price per pound as what they had listed. I guess she still can't tell the difference between organic and conventional even though both kinds are clearly labeled.

Just really annoying.

For those that plan to tell me to complain to a manager? He was standing nearby talking to this girl while she was ignoring us. No, I really don't think he will give two shits. So, we will just cease to spend our money there. No, the manager might not care too much about that either, but with this being such a small town, I don't think he can afford to piss off too many people. I mean, I would still hate to see the place close, but some of these people need to get their heads out of their asses. Really.
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