September 17th, 2005

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Last night I posted about a company who did not inform me of shipping charges, and made no apology for it. Originally, being the overly trusting person I am, I had chalked it up to a mistake on the part of the website. I will now paste every e-mail I have received from them, and the ones I sent back. This won't be super long, but long enough for a cut.

Also, I will include the name of the company now, because I know they are purposefully deceiving their customers, and it's bullshit. I will be rating them very soon to help make other Yahoo! shoppers aware of their nearly fraudulent policies.

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Note that nowhere in the e-mail does it tell me that I will be charged ANYTHING other than $9.99, and I promise that this is a DIRECT copy and paste, and the only modification was to my name, phone number and address. Nowhere in the ordering process did it inform us of any future shipping charges.

Now annoyed that a total of $19.52 has been withdrawn from my bank account, I reply with...

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Right, shipping. I get that. But why was I not notified? And if it is stated on the website, how come I never saw anything related to it in the checkout process?

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That might make me a candidate for customers_suck, but it's too late to worry over it now. Anyway, I got this when I signed on this morning...

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It's full of lies. Number one, I never once saw anything about a shipping charge. That could have been my mistake, but I am usually pretty thorough when going through the check out process. Number two, I looked at that link and sure enough... it tells you that they have no idea what the shipping will be. That is total crap. If a person has been in business for even six months, one would think they would have some possible estimate on the shipping costs. It's easy to say something like "Your shipping may be up to X dollars." But again, it's nowhere else. That's a lie in that it's only in one spot not "in several places."

Furthermore, it's pretty shady business practice to not inform the customer directly of additional charges. If somewhere down the line there had been a link to that info or maybe some notification that there were to be more fees, I wouldn't be upset. In fact, I wouldn't be annoyed at all, despite how dumb I think these people are. As you can see, there was no information about the shipping in the confirmation e-mail, either. And why do I have to read a whole mess of shit on their policy? Why not add a couple of quick sentences to prevent problems like this? Oh wait. That would make sense...

As of the moment, I am not going to bother to respond. These people have a nice, deceiving thing going for them, and I suppose it works, much to their amoralistic delights. I figured that since they treated me so poorly and purposefully skirted my issue that I'd post it here to let people know about what they do.

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I just want donuts!

So, it's Saturday morning. I just got paid. I'm thinking "ooh, donuts!" So I head on down to my local dunkin' donuts.

Now, I don't go there often. I think twice in the past six months. I decided to get a half dozen so me and my manly man will have breakfast for the weekend. The last time I went there, they gave me a half dozen in a bag. That sucked cause they all squashed together and by the time you grabbed one, you had icing all over your arm.

So I go in this morning and tell them I want a half dozen donuts and ask if they have boxes. Genuine question, because I didn't know. Of the 6 or so people that were behind the counter, there was ONE person who spoke english well enough to have a conversation with a customer. No one back there could understand what I was asking except the one guy, and he was busy ringing someone else up (there was a line).

One woman, I think, was telling me that it would cost extra for me to get a box since they hold a dozen donuts and I only wanted six. The other woman thought I wanted munchkins (donut holes, for those who are unfamiliar) and kept pointing at them with a questioning look on her face. Then the english speaking guy mumbled something about a bag (all three of them were offering their answers at the same time). On top of that, THEY all looked annoyed with ME! I was just asking a simple question about an order! I wasn't even holding up the line. I asked a 3 second question and the wait was happening because none of them knew what the hell I was saying. If you don't want to be in this kind of situation, TAKE A DIFFERENT FUCKING JOB! Don't get all annoyed at me because you had to wake up early on a Saturday to feed tons of hungry donut loving people like myself.

What the fuck ever! There was a line and I just want to get out of there so I paid, took my sack of donuts, and left.

This drove me nuts! Where else in the world (touristy areas excluded) could you live somewhere and not be able to speak the language enough to carry on a conversation? Further more, if you couldn't carry on a conversation in english, why would you take a customer service type job in the awkward chode area between Pennsylvania and Delaware where pretty much everyone only knows english? And why look so annoyed when (surprise surprise) I ask you a question? This happens when you work in a job that deals with people. And why can't you put 6 donuts in the cardboard carrier for munchkins?! Or make a box designed for a half dozen donuts?!!!

I'm not a psychotic racist. Just a little frustrated.