September 13th, 2005

Bug-eyed Earl

Hi, this is my first post here. I just had an awful customer experience.

I ordered a tongue retainer piercing for my girlfriend from The order came to $9 for the ring and 5$ for shipping, $14 total. I tried paying them via the web form with my debit card, it wouldn't go thru. Then I paid them with pay-pay.
I accidentally sent them $15.00 instead of $14.00. I get the ring in the mail, it said shipping was 3.50. I paid $5. I was a little irritated. Then I realized I overpaid a dollar and they kept it. So I e-mailed them:
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Misc: Linus Blanket

Cain Toyota: North Canton, OH

In hopes to save anyone the grief I've been through I thought I'd post this here (at the reccomendation of a friend). 

I bought a 2006 Toyota Solara at the beginning of August.  After a month and a half of seriously researching and test driving cars, I decided upon the Solara.  These are the problems thus far I have had:

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Bidbag continues

So this asswipe calls me. Apparently he's gotten MANY MANY emails from all my friends who are outraged! LOL! GOOD JOB GUYS!!!

So first he says, send back the bag and I'll send you a new one. What? Did I just fall off the tomato truck yesterday???? Yeah...right.

So now he says he's sending me a new pull. Whatever. I feel justified by the fact that he was annoyed enough by my friends to CALL ME! WOOT!

*does a snoopy dance*

BTW - if he doesn't send me a pull? I'll publish his phone number! LOL
Bunny death

Dear OB Hack...

Newsflash: Women who are in the end stages of natural childbirth and are dealing with the combined agony of trying not to push while still contracting scream.

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She's doing great, by the way. I named her first dirty diaper after you.

ETA: Thanks for all the congratulations. She just burped in appreciation.