September 9th, 2005

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A little backstory-

My debit card was stolen about a month ago. I have also recently moved, and because my bank can't quite seem to figure out that I want everything, yes, everything, sent to my new address, it is taking a long time for my new debit card to make it through the forwarding process. So, for the last month, I've been using checks where I can, and I'm mindful to get cash back where I can if I'm low or running out since many places that accept debit won't accept a check.

The gas station that I frequent has the machines that run your check like debit, thus they offer a cash back option. So, as long as I'm there anyway, I've been getting cash back with my purchaces. Granted, I don't abuse it by buying a soda then writing a check for cash back, I'm always at least buying a few packs of smokes along with a redbull or two, if not a tank of gas to go with it. If I don't need anything from the gas station, I'll go to the bank. Furthermore, all of the clerks that work there have gotten to know me since I frequent that gas station, most of them even know my regular brand of smokes, and I've made it a point to let them know that my debit card was stolen and this was a temporary situation -- to which most of them now ask how much cash back I'd like.

Tonight a friend wanted to grab a bite to eat after I got off of work, but I had spent the last of my cash on my lunch. So, she offered to front me, and since I needed gas anyway I told her to follow me to the gas station and I'd pay her back after I got gas and cigerettes. Without the cash back this was a $50 purchace.

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This is completely unlike me, but since this is a family owned station, and one that I am more than loyal to and have come to expect service that has always been above and beyond, (I *heart* all of the other clerks there) I think I am going to complain. What do you think?
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Bad Service Maybe

I had a job interview at a local library however I've decided not to go. I may regret it later but at this point the situation leading it up left a bad taste. For the past few days, I've been recieving phone calls from the same number but no messages. My phone is equipped with both voice and TTY (Communication device for the Deaf). It's was getting to a point where I was getting calls twice a day until yesterday, they finally left a message.

Why would a potential employer called and not leave messages? I called them back several times; 1: the person was out to lunch, 2: she was in a meeting, 3: the person hung up on me, 4: I finally got through and I told her that I recieved calls from the library but did not get any messages. She pointed out that she didn't have the time to leave messages and wanted to speak to me directly. Oh? hmmmmm

fucking GRR.

Ikea's credit card corporation can lick me.

I just called them a few days ago to say that I didn't get my card and found out about a supposedly late payment, which I debated when I called them. They agreed to send me a statement and I said I would pay when I had something in my hand that proved what I owed.

Now I get some collections cunt on the line telling me there's no documentation of my call and that I should pay before getting the statement in order to keep my credit rating from being affected.

I. Don't. Think. So.

Nasty Letter #3, coming right up. (No responses to #1 and #2, btw - those being OAOT and Wally World).
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Toys R Us

I've never had bad service at my local Toys-R-Us except for yesterday.

I went in for a specific toy to buy. I go to the registers and there's only one register light on but no cashier. So I go up to that register and set my item down and look around. My cashier is on the phone a few feet over at the side of the customer service. She looks at me and turns her back to me and continues talking. Ok. I wait. I wait. I wait some more. Now I'm fed up because there is NO ONE else around. I'm about to walk out when she hangs up the phone and saunters over the the cash register. "I was on the phone with my mom.", she tells me. I say nothing because really I could care less. She apparently didn't like that I was not understanding. She rings up my item, literally chucks it into the bag and slams it on the counter. Then she stands there. No your total is, no nothing. She sees I have a credit card in my hand so she points at the credit card machine. I guess I can read the total myself. Once it goes through she puts my receipt on the counter (while my hand is out waiting for it) and walks back over to the phone. Oh I definitely wrote a letter.

This deal is only after 4PM, but you won't know that unless you ask...

One of the regular specials where I live at subway is 3 subs for $11.99. This particular place that I visit has this special on and off, every other month. I've come in to get them at noon, I've come in at 5PM, 7PM, etc. I always get the 3 for $11.99 sub deal.

Underneath the subway sign they have the board where you can arrange the letters. The board said (and this is important):

"3 subs for $11.99." That is all. There are 2 blank lines to write more, if needed.

So at 1PM, grandmother and I march into store to get subs.

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Dear Smith's Grocery Store, Sparks, NV:

Please hurry up and process that debit charge for $7.43 I made back on June 19. I know it's a teency tiny amount, but everything else from June, July, and even August has already cleared my checking account. I am really getting tired of seeing that outstanding debit in there every time I balance my checkbook--which is often, because I'm anal.

If you don't process the charge soon, I just may sneak that amount back into my balance and be done with it. Your loss.


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Bad Service (?)

So, the Walmart in my town (Oxford, MS) hasn't been able to process debit cards since Katrina. Bad service? No. But I think the way they've been handling it sucks. There's no sign anywhere to alert you to the fact that they can't take debit. Instead, the typical transaction goes like this (at least with the cashiers I've had the two times I've been through lately):

Me: ::blissfully unaware, swipes card::
Cashier: Hit cancel.
Me: ::looks at her suspiciously::
Cashier: Hit cancel, and swipe your card again. Then hit cancel and hit the button for credit. No debit.
Me: ...kay.

This would be no big deal if I ever used credit at Walmart, but I don't. For all I know, the cancel button sends my pin number to Sam Walton's daughter with a lovely note saying "Have fun!" The first cashier didn't even tell me why they weren't taking debit. Cause you don't love me anymore? Cause my bank has gone hippie and banned Walmart? I know this seems like practically nothing, but I think I had the right to be at least a little paranoid. And it seems like by not warning customers in advance, they're just setting themselves up for sucky ones. I sort of accepted it and moved on, but my roommate, who's more than a little OCD about her cards, freaked out.

So, bad service, or paranoid customer?