September 2nd, 2005

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Hey Dude...Where am I?

The few posts I have made here were generally about past bad service that so burned me up at the time that I still remember them. This one is also from a few years ago but it sticks in my mind more because I thought it was funny (pathetic?) certainly didn't make me angry.

My company had moved into a new building and I was re-assembling our small computer network...just a half dozen PC's all linked to a router, not a server based network.

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He did give me directions to the next closest computer store and assured me they would be able to fix the cable (which they did). I noticed driving by a few months later that the store had gone out of business.
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Dear Carl's Jr..

You guys are 24-hours. I understand waiting a bit at like... 2 or 3am.

But I came by at 9pm last night and there was a bit of a line in front of me at the drive thru. By a bit of a line I mean exactly 3 cars. The car at the speaker pulled up, and I pulled up to the speaker.. more then enough room in front of me and no question that my car was registering inside. I then waited for about 6-7 minutes before anyone even acknowledged I wanted to order, despite asking "hello?" a few times after 5 minutes had passed.

I placed my order, and then had to wait another 5 minutes for 3 cars to get their orders. I assumed you were understaffed, and was VERY surprised to see at least 4 people inside, and no customers at the counter inside the restaurant.. ar at the tables I could see.

I then waited about 5 more minutes to be handed my food.

15+ minutes at the drive-thru for a order for myself and my boyfriend. I should have just gone inside... but my boyfriend insisted that we use the drive-thru because he didn't feel like waiting. Boy was he wrong.

Mostly just annoying... cause I am pretty damn patient so I got over it. Plus.. I got a free cookie that I never ordered.
Bad Kitty

Oh My God!

Since I'm remembering some technically "bad service" incidents from my past that didn't actually piss me off I figured I would share one experience from my early 20's that I wish I could erase from my memory...

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I backed out of the door and walked up to the front counter. I took a pack of cigarettes from behind the counter and left some cash on the counter. As I drove away I realized that he must have deliberately left all the doors wide open figuring he would hear the bell from the front door opening but he had been so caught up in the "heat of the moment" that he must not have heard me enter. God, why didn't he just lock the door and put a "Back in Five Minutes" sign up!

Accurate letters/articles about the hurricane written by celebrities.

I'm sorry, but if the way this country is being run right now isn't bad service....what is???

I love to see how many people are stepping up and writing the truth. I hope people listen. I wanted to put this in my journal so I would be able to look back on it in the future and just shake my head in disgust at what we as a country have become....not the people, the administration. The people are awesome.

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If you know of any more, please let me know...
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First post.

This wasn't the worst service ever, but it was something that made me grit my teeth in frustration.

A few days ago I went to this shopping center pretty far away (about an hour travel-time) and found a gorgeous coat at Suzy Shier. I tried it on, loved it, yadda yadda I went up to buy it. The salesgirl at the counter asked me if I wanted to get a premium card. I'm not really a card person, and I don't shop there often enough to bother with it. So I started with a polite "Maybe next time, thank you."

I don't think she heard me, as she asked me if I knew what the card does in terms of savings. Seeing that I can read the giant sign behind her I responded with, "Yes you can save 20% off your first purchase and (insert whatever else I managed to read), but I'm not really interested thank you though. :)"

Fine, right? I really didn't want a card, we've established that. Or so I thought as then she says, "Do you want me to calculate how much you will be saving if you buy the card on this coat?"

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Bad service or not?

Ok. Something rather minor happened the other day at my local Pizzeria Uno, and the "bad service" aspect of it is questionable. I first want to say that I am in no way saying this is or is not bad service, so I don't particularly care to hear something lame like "OMGZ THAT'S NOT BAD SERVICE! WHY DID YOU POST IT HERE?!" I'm posting this here to get an opinion of what YOU think it is. With that said, I'll post the little story and YOU decide.

Ok, so after an entire day of not eating (i've been taking pain medication lately and it's suppressed my appetite quite a bit) my fiance and I decided to go out to dinner. Something we don't do quite often. We decided on Pizzeria Uno because we both love the pizza. I gotta say that the crust on their deep dish pizzas rock. I just love it, and I don't eat food like that too often, so it's quite a treat to taste that warm buttery crust once in awhile.

Anyhow, *mouth watering* we got there, and it was somewhat busy, but we were seated immediately by the hostess. A few moments later our waitress came over and took our drink orders. She came back promptly with our drinks and we politely requested a few moments to decide on our meals. She came back a few moments later, took our appetizer order, and our meal order (shouldn't one come before the other?) anyway, she told us the appetizer would take about 10 minutes, and the pizzas would take about 20 minutes. She was pretty nice. Good so far, right?

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I just emailed this to the local newspaper we subscribe to.

Re: Account ABC123

To Whom It May Concern:

I don't know who our paper delivery person is, but could you pass on a message please. I am tired of having to crawl under the shrubbery in the front yard to get our paper in the mornings. I'm also tired of finding my paper halfway up the next door neighbors walkway. And on rainy days, PLEASE double bag the paper.

We have a paper box next to the front door. I don't care if you don't put the paper there, but for the love of all that is holy & good, could you PLEASE get it on MY front sidewalk. Good paper delivery equals a good tip.

Thank you!