August 29th, 2005

John Cena

A Day Out in London

My friend and I decided to go to London on Saturday. We live in Cambridge, so it is an hour train journey.

after having shopped for a few hours in Harrods, the Dior shop, and walking what seemed like miles, we decided to get lunch. We hopped on the Underground, and went to Piccadily circus. We looked around, spotted a Burger King, or a Pizza Hut. We decided on Pizza Hut, since we have Student Discount cards for 20% off from Pizza Hut, and felt like it.

Walked into Piza hut, and waited to get seated. This was fine. I understand it was a big resturant, and not busy enough for someone to be on the door (2 other parties inside).

We were seated, and had the most lovely waitress ever! My friend and I both commented on this, and decided to leave a large tip, since at the Pizza Hut we normally go to in Cambridge, we do not like the waiter, since he seems to "hit" on my friend everytime, and it creeps her out. (We are 17, he is around 30 (And foriegn, so we don't always understand him)).

We dug into our meal, which was nice. Pizza Hut have a free drink re-fill policy, so we downed our drinks and requested a refill. Pepsi for me, 7Up for my friend.

Our drinks came, she took a sip, and pulled a face. I took a sip of her drink, and found that it was TONIC WATER, and not 7Up. I saw the waitress get the drink from the pump, so I suggested to my friend that perhaps it was faulty or something needed changing. My friend pulled the waitress over, and mentioned the drink, and could she have another one. The waitress took it away, and we waited for another drink.

It never came. The waitress kept walking past, and considering by now only 4 tables had customers, they weren't exactly busy. Another waiter came over and asked if things were okay, and my friend requested a drink from him. None came. Then our waitress walked past, and my friend spoke to her about another drink. The waitress said that somthing in the pump needed changing, and would she like something else to drink? She finally got it, as she finished her meal.

Why couldn't the waitress let her know sooner and offer her the choice of waiting or another drink? My friend is very particular about what she drinks, and will only drink around 3 things, 7Up or Sprit being one of them. Not tonic water.

Other than that, the service was good. We still tipped, but not as well as we would have.

SBC Phone & DSL People

To begin with, I don't even particularly want to be an SBC customer. But my complex is forcing a switch from TimeWarner to Direct TV for cable and we have to have SBC for internet. To top it off, SBC doesn't even offer their high-speed DSL in my area; just the basic service. But I have no choice. So I call up SBC and get started on setting up the DSL service.
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I still have no dial tone.

[EDIT]: I now have a dial tone! Apparently the 4th dimwit I spoke to on Friday didn't take the hold off my account for a wrong address. So no one could turn it on. I've now decided that SBC is like Linksys. With Linksys, you won't be helped unless you get someone of South Asian ancestry. With SBC, you need a man.


infectedmodel's post about Blockbuster reminded me of this. (this is a quickie)

I wasn't feeling well one weekend, and since I was leaving for a week Monday morning, I decided to stay in, rent some movies, and rest up in hopes of feeling better before my trip Monday morning. So I headed to my local Blockbuster and rented one of the sex and the city DVDs. I watched one season through Friday and Saturday, returned it on Saturday, then went back and got another season on Saturday. I was told it was due back Monday before noon.

Since I don't rent very often, I didn't realize I had a late fee until they mailed a request for payment to me (this was before the "end of late fees" nonsense). I knew I couldn't have returned either of the DVDs back late. I would have been charged for the first one when I rented the second one. I dropped the second one (the one I was charged a late fee for) off in the drop box around 8am when I left for my vacation. Did they not check the drop box for four hours?

I've never been falsely charged by blockbuster but I hear it happens all the time. Rather then spending my morning arguing with blockbuster employees, I just haven't gone back. If I end up going back, I'll be sure to explain my story. Anyone else get false blockbuster fees?
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(no subject)

The wife and I went to Chili's for dinner last weekend, because I have a serious addiction to their Queso Skillet. They were fairly busy, so we ended up getting stuck in a corner waaaaaay in the back. (cue ominous "here comes the bad service" music) Our waiter turned out to be super-attentive (gotcha ;) ), was there almost immediately for our drink & appetizer order, brought me two drinks because it was still happy hour, and generally ran his butt off taking care of us and the two tables around us. I ordered a burger, and my wife ordered a new york strip steak.

We finish the appetizer, and right on cue the food runner shows up with my burger and (repeat ominous music) a sirloin. (For those that don't know the difference, they're two completely different cuts of meat, the sirloin being larger & flatter, and the strip being, well, a much thicker & narrower cut... it's the top loin portion of a t-bone.) The lovely wife o' mine tells the runner that she ordered a new york strip, not a sirloin.

The runner argues with her.... insisting that it was, indeed, a NYSS. The runner takes it back to the kitchen, where its brought back out by the "I get to wear a different shirt because I'm a" manager trainee, who proceeds to argue with my wife about the cut of the meat. The manager trainee finally goes back to the kitchen to make another one, but by this time I'm half-way done with my burger, so we immediately send our (great) server after her to just cancel the order.

The manager came over before we left and apologized... apparently he'd been dealing with some sort of medical emergency in the back (server with chest pains) and had just gotten the full account from his trainee. He agreed that the steak was wrong, and apologized profusely for the debate we received from the staff, ended up comp'ing everything off the ticket but our drinks, which was more than I expected. We left a note on the receipt praising our server, and left him a nice tip.

Then I took her to the grocery store & bought her a nice NY Strip :)

I have no problem with a restaurant screwing up an order. I've done it myself. But to argue with the customer about it, that strikes me as bad service.
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(no subject)

Today I took my new truck to the Ford Dealer to have a bedliner installed. Nothing fancy, no spray in custom work, just a drop in bedliner. I called the around 1:30 PM to confirm they had the liner in stock and had time to install it. They told me yes, should take about an hour.

Arrived at the dealer around 2:00 PM, gave them the truck. Waited. And Waited. And Waited. Checked back in the shop, and the guys haven't even found my bedliner by 3:30 PM, are just standing around smoking. Eventually I go find the bedliner myself and drag it over, and now make sure they install it.

Finally left at 5:30 PM.

Now, here's the kicker. When I picked up the truck, I didn't look too closely because I figured they would install the liner properly. But I tooked around the edges of the plastic that was on the edges of the bed before the liner went in, and there are literally *chunks* missing, like they forced the bedliner into place instead of properly removing the outer lining like they should have.

And this is a brand new truck, less than 3 weeks old, still has temp tags on it, and now has chunks of plastic missing.

I'm considering going back to the dealer and complaining and asking they replace the plastic pieces they chipped up. Would I be out of line?
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Taxi Driver!

It's been especially humid and sticky in the great city of Washington, DC, these past few days, so when I wound up with some rather large purchase items from Bed, Bath & Beyond, I decided to catch a cab back to my building--the Georgetown Law school "dorm"--rather than Metro and walk.

I am always very nice to cab drivers--they have to cart around tourists and people who speak less than good English (and they themselves often have less than good English) not to mention passengers who don't have a clue where they're going (like me, on occasion.)

This, however, was not one such occasion.  I was just going back to my dorm building where I have lived for weeks this year and my entire first year of law school.  I know the address!

So I hop in the cab, dump my bulky bags in the trunk, and off we go...

Me:  <Address>, please.
He(Driver):  Okay...<repeat Address>
Me:  Yes, that's it.
He:  Okay.  <Off we drive.  About a block from where he picked me up...>
He:  <Repeat Address>?
Me:  That's right.  It's the Georgetown Law dorm building.
He:  That not Georgiatown (his pronunciation, not mine)
Me:  Yes, Georgetown Law (slowly, as his English is not great)
He:  You sure?  I don't think that Georgiatown. 
Me:  I'm sure.  <Repeat Address.>
He:  <Repeats address>
Me:  Yes. 
He:  Okay, I take you there, but I not sure that is Georgiatown.
Me:  Trust me, it is right.
He:  <Drives onto the highway into DC>  Georgiatown that way.  <Points toward Georgetown proper, NOT Georgetown Law>  I take you there, right?
Me:  No.  Georgetown Law School is not with the rest of Georgetown.  Take me to <Address>
He:  I not think that right.
Me:  (Trying not to yell)  It's right! 
He:  By the Capitol?!
Me:  Yes!
He: (Obviously thinks I'm an idiot) say...
We:  <Arrive at the Georgetown Law dorm.>
He:  Oh.  This Georgetown?
Me:  (Thinking:  No, buster, I'm getting out at the wrong location for kicks!)  Yes.  <Pays, gets bulky bags, bails>
Girl at front desk of dorm:  What's so funny?
Me:  My cab driver didn't believe me when I told him the address.  He wanted to take me across town.

I'll be the first to admit I have no doubt that some cab passengers get in and don't have a clue where they're going.  But I did.  I should not have had to repeat myself half a dozen times.

Oh well, at least he closed the windows and turned on the air-conditioning.  I was too decent to not tip him.

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