August 28th, 2005

Marlborough WalMart (Calgary, Alberta) SUCKS

(sent in a feedback form on the site:)


I'm just emailing to express my displeasure with the state of affairs at Marlborough WalMart's photo lab. I don't believe this is the fault of the employees there - it's the fault of those in charge of hiring procedures and the District Manager of the area.

Recently all of your stores' photo labs have undergone renovations. One would typically assume that this process would INCREASE productivity, but this isn't the case in the Marlborough store.

It's absolutely appalling to go into a lab that advertises 1 hour photo service, request next-day service and not even be able to get *that*! Whether the problem is understaffing (which shouldn't be an issue in summertime - the pool of potential hires is HUGE here) or something else, it needs to be seriously looked at. And the charge for photo development should match the level of service the store provides. If a 1-hr development is worth $4.97 then if I'm waiting almost 48 hours for my prints I should pay about 50 cents for them, particularly since I have to come across town to get them on a day where I wouldn't otherwise head up in that direction.

I'm also at an utter loss to figure out what on earth your District Manager was thinking when he chose to remove signs from the storefronts stating the current delay on development! What possible good could come of that? Instead, customers like me, who don't have the time to waste, end up throwing away 10 minutes plus, in line, waiting, only to find out that there is, once again, a ridiculous amount of backlog of photo development. Had there been a sign on the door or at the desk, I could immediately judge whether it was worth waiting for and move on if it wasn't.

As it stands, I'll be taking my business elsewhere. There are other locations I've had more success with but I have no desire to support a company that doesn't properly staff its departments and consequently inconveniences its customers. Morale is obviously not at its peak at that store either, since the last time I brought film in and asked about the reason for the delay, I got a snarky response about how "we've got a lot of film in.".

I sincerely hope you reevaluate the idea of having a sign out, at the very LEAST. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would appreciate the gesture. Then it might be prudent to solve the problems causing the delays in processing at Marlborough. I realize that I'm just one of millions and probably don't make a huge dent in WalMart's earnings, but I intend to voice this complaint publicly whereever I can. I will also share whatever followup is commenced to resolve this problem, so I hope that WalMart is willing to work on a happy ending to my tale.

Thank you for listening.


This one IS sent... we'll see what happens.

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hello lion-o

(no subject)

Just a short one... sorta irritating.

I was reading over at customers_suck.. and this girl posted about someone being a shit while buying an iPod from Best Buy. It reminded me of my fun 2 weeks ago doing the same thing.

I am not a fan of upselling. Regardless of what you want to sell me... unless it benefits me greatly I will most likely say no. When Best Buy asked me what free magazine I wanted a few months ago.. the cashier looked quite startled when I promptly told her "neither" without a second thought about it.

So when I went to buy my iPod... I was immediately helped by someone because hey.. look... I want to give your company $300. I told him exactly what I wanted. A 20gig regular iPod. He then went into his spiel, as happy as can be, about their service plan.. mainly about the battery life of the iPod and how much I'd have to pay if it crapped out after the warranty and blah blah... blah...

I waited til he finished and informed him that no.. I don't need it. (I shouldn't have been spending the money on the iPod in the first place) He looked like he developed cancer of the puppy... and asked me if there was anything else. I asked him if they had skins in any other color (I only saw white) and all the sudden he perked up again.. wanting to show me all the covers.

Nope.. nothing remotely what I asked for.. so I informed him I would be okay. Once again the life was sucked out of him.. as he took the iPod to the register and didn't say anything else. I thanked him and he barely acknowledged me.

Seriously.. I know you are doing your job... but it would be really nice if you kept the same cheerful attitude up when I told you I am not spending more money on stuff I don't want.

the new york metropolitan transit Authority sucks

I hate the MTA. They are doing track work that makes travel unnecessarily complicated. In order to get from my house to my boyfriends (two stops towards the city) yesterday, I would have had to take a train 2 stops away from the city, then catch a train going about 6 stops toward the city (on a different line) and then switch again for another train going three stops back away from the city again. This would be three trains going a total of 11 stops because the train isn't running properly in his direction. Not wanting to spend 40 minutes on what should be a 5 minute right, I took a cab instead. The MTA owes me $6 in cab fare.
Jason - Hit You


My mum, her friend's daughter, and myself have been grocery/clothes shopping all day, and we're on our way home. We decide we're a little hungry so we pull into the Sonic we're already nearby.

We pull up to the drive through display and look around the menu for a bit. My mom pushes the button and signals that she's ready to order. A couple of minutes go by and no one answers so she pushes it again. Still no answer. She pushes it a third time. Finally, someone answers.

Sonic girl: "I take order when you are ready."
Mum: "OK. I want two Junior burgers made like #1's. One with no onions and one with no pickles and no onions, and a Junior burger made like a #2....And then..I want a large apple Coke and two medium Dr. Peppers."

If you're not familiar with Sonic, a #1 has mayonaise and a #2 has mustard. If you just say you want a Junior burger with mayo or mustard, you also have to say you want lettuce, tomatos, onions, pickles, etc. Otherwise, they won't put it on the burger.

Mum: *waits*
Sonic girl: "Ok, like, we not have #1, #2 thing, so you'll just have to explain to me what you want."

They do was on their ordering sign.

Mum: "Ok. I want two Junior burgers with mayonaise. One without onions, and one without onions or pickles. Then..I want a Junior burger with mustard, plus the drinks.
Sonic girl: "You want junior burger with mustard, tomato, lettuce, and pickle, then burger with mustard, tomato, lettuce, and burger with mustard, tomato, pickle, lettuce, and onion?
Kathy: *shaking her head*
Mum: "No, 2 junior burgers with mayonaise, one without onion, and one without onions and pickles. Then I want a junior burger with mustard and everything.
Sonic girl: "Ok. 3 Junior burger with mustard, one with no pickle, one wit no onion."
Kathy: "..."
Mum: *Sighs and gives up* "Sure...ok"
Sonic girl: "Yes ma'am. That *price* We bring out in a moment.

Bring out?! It's a DRIVE THRU! You PULL UP to it!

Mum pulls up to the window.

Sonic girl: *Opens window and recites the orders wrong, including something about 1 mustard and 2 mayonaise, and doesn't even mention the drinks.*
Mum: "No..Two with mayonaise, only one with onions, and you didn't get our drinks.
Sonic girl: "Oh. I scrape off onions. *disappears for a moment* What drink you have?"
Mum: "A large apple Coke and two medium Dr. Peppers."
Sonic girl: "I get." *Closes window and disappers* *comes back with our cokes and hands them to mum, who hands them to Kathy* "That be $8.(something)"
Mum: *Hands her the total amount*
Me: *in the back of the Explorer, copying down the service number*
Sonic girl: *Gives us a sack with our burgers inside.*
Mum: "Thank you" *rolls up window and pulls away*
Kathy: "What do you want to bet the order's still wrong?"
Me: "Not much." *Opens sack and pulls out.... 3 mustard Junior burgers, 1 with everything, 1 with no onions, and 1 with no pickles*

I swapped the pickles onto the burger with onions and gave my mom the non-pickly/oniony burger.

We could barely understand a word she said. =/

(Her hair was cute though...*thinks about trying out that style*)
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(no subject)

Okay, I've got one, I think. I dunno, you tell me, is THIS shitty service?

I ordered a pizza from my favorite place, Da Boys, a familty place. I order a small (he confims that this is 12") pizza, hal pepperoni, half extra cheese.

Totals comes to $10.31, no delivery charge.

Here's where the trouble starts:

Collapse )

So I ended up paying $20 for a 6" pizza that was made wrong. Now is that bad service or what?

Bad Service

1.) Value City

So my mother and I went to Value City today, we were shopping for clothes and we did not have much money, so we went into the clearance section. In all honesty, it looked like someone just threw a box of clothing on to a clothing rack.. shirts were not hung up right, everthing was unorganized, things were tossed on the floor, different kinds of shirts were "hidden" behind other shirts, things were thrown in piles, the isles were cramped.. it was hard to get around the mess..etc..

So, after about 20 minutes of sorting through the mess, I finally found a resonably nice pink shirt.. then I decided to look in the shoe section for some sneakers. Big mistake. The shoe section wasnt messy, but there were no places to sit down to try the shoes on at all.. and again, it was in a tiny isle.. and the other few customers that were there kept bumping into me and other people.

I ended up not buying shoes and I went over to the checkout to pay for my shirt.. there were 2 out of maybe 7 or 8 registers open and they had extremely lazy, slow people working there, and there were about a dozen or so customers in each line. I put my shirt back and left. There wasn't a sale or anything, the store wasn't moving.. so there was no excuse for the mess and the poor slow service.
I Deserve This

Closing time is a LIE!!!!!

For the life of me I cannot understand why the closing times posted on a certain fast food restaurant are LIES. The restaurant in question is something that rhymes with Mubway.

So, I go to work at 11 PM, and there is nothing in my town open before work other than McDonald's and Mubway. So I choose Mubway one day because who wants to eat grease patties every night?

The door at Mubway has the store hours. Closing time is 11:30 PM. Woohoo, I thought, a good place to get food before work. The current time is 10:45 PM, 45 whole minutes before closing time.

I get in, they're all cleaning. I asked "Are you closed already?" The lady says "In a while." So I figure, they're busy, I'll give them a chance and be patient. The cashier guy was on the phone yakkin' it up. Finally, the guy gets off, looks at me and tells me "I'm gonna mop the floor first." I said, "...But I'm going to be late for work." He shrugs and says "Sorry."

WTF??? Wouldn't be easier to help me and get me on my merry way before cleaning up? I shoulda stood my ground and demanded service because the store hours on the door clearly indicate that they're open until 11:30. But I just left without a word.

So someone I know who works in fast food said something like "If you come in 30 mins before closing time, don't think that you're welcome."

WTF? If we're not welcome WITHIN PUBLISHED BUSINESS HOURS, why do they even advertise those hours? Wouldn't it make more sense to close the store FIRST, and THEN clean up and leave, so you won't have customers coming in who have the AUDACITY to think they can get service within advertised business hours?

*Shrug*, makes no sense to me.
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