August 25th, 2005

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My Own Subway Story

The post before this one reminded me of something niggly on the weekend that happened to me at a Subway. It bugged me mostly because I always get the exact same thing from Subway and the people there appreciate that I know when to tell them what they need to know, I never need to decide, we get through the process very quickly and painlessly. I love the food there and I go as often as I can. Just not back to this particular Subway ever again.

To preface, I'm not sure if this is universal or something that is simply an exercise in common sense used in other Subways I've been to in Australia but normally when I go into a Subway and they are out of a certain bread, they take the example of it out of the little closed container they have which has all the names of the different breads on it, so the only breads you are able to choose from are the breads they have.

Anyway. So my fiance and I went into a Subway on our way to a doctor's appointment in town. We'd given ourselves twenty minutes to be served, eat and be on our way. It seemed like a decent amount of time. So we go into the Subway and we're the only people there, except for a couple who are eating on a table outside the store and there's no one out the front at all. We stand there discussing what we are going to have and then after a decision is made we look down and there's... still no one there. (I'll note that there's a buzzer on the door that notifies you when someone comes in the door too.) I'm happy to wait but we have an appointment to get to, so I make a little coughing 'Hark, there is a customer out here' noise and then wait some more. After glancing up at the clock and noticing we'd been waiting for five minutes just for someone to come out and serve us, I go over to peer towards the back. As I'm about to call out an older woman thankfully emerges from a back room, all rushed and hurried and a younger boy follows her. She ignores us without even an 'I'll be with you in a minute' after a momentary glance to note that we are standing there and then starts giving the boy instructions on something or other he has to do, for a good minute or so, then finally turns around to serve us.

I ask for my usual - toasted six inch Subway melt on wheat - and she says 'We don't have any wheat'. Flustered by this as I always get the exact same thing, I say 'Oh' and peer at the selection of breads, which show all the breads that you can get in a Subway in my town including the wheat, which bothers me a little because as I'd mentioned before, normally they take out the bread they don't have. I say 'Okay, I'll have Honey Oat then' and she says in a huffy voice 'Noooo, I said we have no wheat'. My fiance interrupts and says 'No, she said honey oat' as I'm about to explain that she must have misheard and she says 'No, the honey oat is just wheat with some oats on it.' We both say 'Oh! Sorry, we didn't realise' and she sighs like we're the most stupid people that ever were. So I ponder and say 'Okay, I'll have the Oregano then' and she says 'No, we don't have that' and I say 'Uh, Italian Herb and Cheese?' 'No none, we only have white bread'. At this point my fiance and I exchange a glance and I say tightly 'Well I suppose I will have white then' and we manage to get through the rest of the sandwich making process without incident. Rushed to hell, we had to wolf down our food in the car on the way to our appointment but at least we got served in the end.

I just couldn't believe that woman at all. Why would you force someone to go through all the choices when you know there is only one choice left? There were lot of bread rolls in the oven but I couldn't tell what they all were from where I was, how was I to know the entire oven was filled with white bread? Why didn't she just say at the very start when she eventually came out to serve us that they only had white bread left? Ugh. Good service comes from common courtesy like that, and she had absolutely none.
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Never buy from Legends of Swords

Last Tuesday the company called me (like they do every 6 months despite having never bought anything from them) and offered me a deal on Highlander Commermorative swords, 6 of them including Ramirez's and a signed plaques to go with them. After almost an hour on tyhe phone of my really wanting the swords and hubby trying to work out a deal with them we got down to a pretty damn good bargain actually (less than 100 a month for 5 months for each sword, plus 6th sword free).
I was thrilled to death but after going over our finances I accepted that we really couldn't do this and keep other bills paid. So I called them the NEXT morning (Weds of last week) to cancel. First their toll free customer service number gave me an answering machine. Then I called the sales number and got a different (and as it turns out non functioning number), so I try the first number again and get Jeff. Jeff tells me no problem and the cancellation should go through (he reccomends calling again the next day to doublecheck but still assures me no problems). Now stuff came up and didn't call back but he had assured me TWICE there'd be no problem.
Cue to today while hubby calls me to find out why our card was rejected at the gas station. Check the bank online, find negative 120 dollars with two overdraft fees. After a terrible call (their phone systems weren't working well) we find out the sword people had a hold on 98.96 and took it out yesterday. I call the customer service number and no one picks up for a good 20 rings. Call the sales number check the number and try back again, finally get Niki on the phone. I explain the entire situation and get told that they're very sorry, and I need to send the sword back. I tell her I haven't even gotten the sword. So now I have to wait till the sword arrives, refuse delivery (she said to), get it sent back and THEN once they've received it I can fax them a copy of my bank statement and someone in charge will decide if their actions were what caused my fees and they'll reimburse me.
So I'll get the 98.change back either way but they may or may not even decide to refund the already 60 in fees plus 5 dollars a day from my bank and the possible extra 30 for a check that hasn't cleared yet. So now this has cost me almosy 200 dollars and ruined the good standing we have at our bank (who told me they can't undo any fees till the original charge is reversed)

EDIT: Hubby spoke to them and got the full address and company info. THey said there's no tracking number but the sword should get here by Weds, and then an additional 3-4 days to send it back to them.

So do yourself a favor, unless you know for sure, no problem at all never, ever, EVER order anything from Legends of Swords!!
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Local bookstore

I don't know if this is bad service as much as annoying, WTF service. At any rate, I expect to be treated better by people to whom I am forking over my money, so I'm going to vent.

A little history: I've been a customer at a local bookstore (I won't mention their name out of loyalty to nostalgia) for well over 15 years. They are actually a Hallmark shop that also sells books and magazines. Their store used to be right next door to the health club where I taught aerobics in the late '80's and the '90's. I would teach my classes and then go right next door to look at the books. Jeff, the owner, knew my favorite authors and he would let me know when new books by my favorites were in. I gave them so much business, I used to joke that the employees should send me a thank-you note whenever they got their paychecks.

Anyway, fast forward to now. I've been to the bookstore very infrequently in the past couple of years thanks to the fact that I've retired from the fitness business, my old club went out of business not long after, and it's a lot more convenient to sit at my computer and order my books from

I've recently been given orders from my doctor to get my cholesterol down (cough*301*cough), so I decided to buy the American Heart Association's cookbook. I've been feeling bad giving most of my book business to Amazon, so I decided to try to get it at my beloved local book/Hallmark store first.

OK, so this morning I head out to the store. They have tons of cookbooks, but not the one I want. OK, fine. I'm there and I'm an avid reader; I know they'll have something else that I want.

I browse and end up picking out 2 mystery novels. I head for the check-out. A young woman with a new baby in a carrier barges in ahead of me. I will say right up front that I am NOT a kid person. I'm childless-by-choice. So when the clerk coos and slobbers all over the baby for several minutes after the actual sale to Mom had been completed, I was not amused. I didn't say anything, though. I simply walked over to a display of sale items until Mom and kiddie left and the clerk decided she was free to do her job and ring me up.

I go to the counter, and the previously-fawning clerk is now looking bored and surly. She sullenly rings up my books and mumbles a total. I thought she said $10.80, so I handed her $11.00. Then she snapped, "That's $15.80!" Okay, okay! Geez! WTF? To top it all off, she left the bag with my books sitting on her side of the counter instead of handing me the bag. Then she stalked off. I had to reach across the counter to retrieve my bag. Again, WTF? Two normal-sized paperback books are not so heavy that she couldn't strain herself to hand me the bag. will continue to get the majority of my business.