August 24th, 2005

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AOL Fined For Bad Service

Consumer-oriented kicker of ass Eliot Spitzer has given AOL the good ol' bitchslap.

Can't Cancel a Service? AOL Settlement May Show Why

For all the exasperated customers who have tried to cancel some service or other to no avail, an explanation is at hand: A settlement reached today by America Online confirmed that sales representatives receive bonuses to keep consumers from leaving.

Bout time too. You do not do that to people. You want them to stay, of course, but making it so ridiculously difficult to leave when they've shown they really want to is unacceptable. I've never used AOL and I never will; when I hear that a company won't even stop billing when people try to put stop payments on the charges, they go on my "never use" list.
seoul child

Citibank call

I was awakened by the sound of my phone ringing this afternoon. My husband passed me the phone, and I answered it. Cue the following conversation.

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The rest of the conversation follows to the gist of, "Your balance is $xx.xx; how do you wish to pay blah blah blah?"

Now, most companies don't show up on my caller ID, so whenever I get a call from an unknown ID I ask them who they are and what company they represent. Usually, I don't even have to do that because Shannon from Citibank or Joe from Verizon will open up their greeting with, "Good afternoon, this is Shannon from Citibank. May I please speak with winter_born/Is winter_b0rn available?" Previous representatives from Citibank have identified themselves and were more than polite and pleasant, not rude and snappy.

This just smacked of rude. To begin with, I'm on the account with full access, password and all. So, I called back. The poor guy who took the call was scared after I asked for a supervisor, but I told him it wasn't for anything he did. I could hear the sigh of relief as he asked me to hold while he got a supervisor on the line. The supervisor Mary was more than helpful in listening to what I had to say. I explained to her that unfortunately, Citibank never shows up on my caller ID and that I am on the do-not-call list. If Maiza had been a telemarketer, there would have been hell to pay, so company identification is extremely important. It's also just the right thing to do. Having worked in a call center for another company last year, I know that the company I worked for trained us to open up the call identifying who we were and the company.

The original rep who called was just rude and snappy.
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