August 23rd, 2005


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Pulling out a slightly older bad service tale. This one is from a little less than a year ago, shortly after my first year of college began.

West Coast Pizza in Berkeley, CA, is the savior of all UC Berkeley students. They have delicious pizza, reasonable prices, and deliver until 2am on weekends. One Saturday night, my roommate and her best friend stumbled in from a party, starving. We checked the clock: ten minutes to 2am. We weren't sure if it was too late to call for pizza, but we figured it wouldn't hurt to try.

An employee answered the phone and took our order, telling us that it should be there in about 15 minutes. Score!

Or, it would have been, if the pizza had ever arrived. We spent the next half-hour waiting hopefully, before giving up and checking to see if any of our dorm-mates had any food they'd share with us.

We understood that we were calling very close to closing, and we weren't necessarily expecting to be able to order. However, I really don't think they should have taken our order and told us it would be coming if they weren't actually going to make and send it.

I should note that we never had any other problems with West Coast Pizza; however, we also never called that late again.

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Hi! :) New here. Anyway, here are my rants.

I ordered a sandwhich without tomatoes at Panera. Now, what would you do?
A. Put tomatoes on anyway because I secretly want tomatoes but I don't know it
B. Put tomatoes on the sandwhich but then take them off
C. Not put tomatoes on the sandwhich

If you chose A or B, you are the sandwhich maker at my Panera. I would be okay, not happy, but okay with it if it happened once. It's happened THREE times. I've said things before but nothing's happened. Next time it happens, I'm causing a scene. But in all seriousness, they're lucky I just don't like tomatoes. What if I was allergic? What if my grandfather died in a freak tomato accident and I bursted into tears everytime I saw one?

Oh yeah, and If I ask for no croutons on my salad, I MEAN NO CROUTONS! *rage*
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blah blah first post here ;)

Okkkkay, so...
This is the first time I've had bad enough service since starting my livejournal (2002) to warrant a post on here.

My SO and I were doing a bit of shopping this Sunday at the hugegiganticWalMart down the road. The place is across the street from my work and about four miles from my house. I usually split my grocery shopping trips between WalMart and another grocery store (Kroger, for produce and meat, usually, as our WalMart's selection is not that great) but I am thinking about just going to Kroger from now on.

USUALLY, we have had awesome service. Even when they refused to let us put the "Found Cat" sign up on the bulletin board that had a whole crapload of other folks' ads on there, that was fine. They considered it advertisement and offered to instead put a couple copies in the breakroom.

The SO and I dawdle around for a bit til we have what is on the list and go to the "Express Lane". We had a whopping 17 items and the max is 20. He sees a line with a woman handing her payment to the cashier and hops behind her.

We stand and wait. And wait. I could care less about waiting, I've nothing in the car that will melt in the thousand degree Texas heat nor do I have anything pressing to do. The lady in front of us had a payment issue, I wasn't really paying attention but a "CSA" was called over to do something with a key. I'm guessing a cashier-level manager overriding something but what that was, not sure. Again, not really caring. I've worked in retail from til very recently, so I understand that this happens. The customer in front of us leaves after apologizing profusely to the cashier, who doesn't even look at her. Okay, hmmm...
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Both the SO and I considered having her call back her "CSM" but instead, I'm thinking about writing a letter /calling the store manager. I would say I have proper reason to complain, but that's my opinion. Thoughts?

edit: Added the text between the asterisks per what my SO said she said to him. I did not hear it personally but I don't doubt that she said it.

Is this Bad Service or just a Customer Sucks? You decide!

Apologies in advance for not hiding this behind a cut since I don't know how. But I thought I'd pass this along because I couldn't believe a patient would actually complain about something like this!

Woman complains about doctor's advice to lose weight
August 23, 2005

ROCHESTER, N.H. --A Rochester physician says he's outraged at being called on the carpet for telling a patient she was obese and needed to lose weight.

Dr. Terry Bennett says the complaint that she was insulted by his advice is baseless.

"It's an epidemic in the United States, and it's croaking us," Bennett said.

It's a lecture he said he gives to many of his overweight patients.

"It's your weight ... and there's dozens of programs," Bennett said. "You don't have to come here and be my acolyte. You can join Jenny Craig. You can go see Weight Watchers."

Bennett said he tells obese patients their weight is bad for their health and their love lives. But the lecture drove one patient to write a letter to the Board of Registration in Medicine, which passed it on to the attorney general's office.

Bennett said the attorney general's office tried to get him to settle the matter by agreeing to attend a medical education course, which he refused.

"Did I sleep with somebody? Did I give somebody drugs? Was I careless? No. End of story," Bennett said. "That should have been the end of it."

Now, other overweight patients are coming to Bennett's defense.

"What really makes me angry is he told the truth," patient Mindy Haney said. "How can you punish somebody for that?"

Haney said Bennett has helped her lose more than 150 pounds, but, at first, she didn't want to listen.

"I have been in this lady's shoes. I've been angry and left his practice. I mean, in-my-car-taking-off angry," Haney said. "But once you think about it, you're angry at yourself, not Dr. Bennett. He's the messenger. He's telling you what you already know."

"I'm sorry," Bennett said. "If she's watching, I'm devoutly sorry to have offended you. I didn't mean to offend you. I meant to tell you the truth. And that's what I tried to do."

The medical board would not comment, but member Kevin Costin said, "Physicians have to be professional with patients and remember everyone is an individual. You should not be inflammatory or degrading to anyone."

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This happened about a couple months back. I don't usually get bad service but this one was ridiculous.
Setting: my local Pizza Hut
The actors: me, my boyfriends, PH waitress

W: Hello, welcome to Pizza Hut! What would you like to order today?
ME: (says order)
BF: (says order)
W: Okay, coming right up!

20 minutes later...

BF: Excuse me miss! Do you mind telling us how long it will be?
W: Oh sorry about that. Give it about 10 minutes

At this point I'm "whatever" because it's a Friday night and there's no way in hell I'd leave this place to go somewhere else that has an hour and a half wait.

15 minutes later...

ME: Wtf?
BF: (grumling tummy) Excuse me miss?
W: Hi. Yes?
BF: Is there any word on the food yet?
W: Oh, hold on, I'll be back

I understand that Friday nights get busy but we see she served a table their food about 20 minutes ago and they came in AFTER us.

10 minutes later...

W: I'm sorry but it's going to be a bit longer.
BF: Is the food even ready? I saw a bunch of orders come out the kitchen.
W: Yes it was ready but...
(she hesitates about 20 seconds at this point)
W: I think one of the other waitors took it.
ME: Okay? So why didn't you bother telling us.
W: Sorry. I'll give you free cheese bread if you would like
BF: No don't bother. Just give us the food we've waited AN HOUR for.
W: Yes. I'm sorry, so sorry.

15 minutes later...

The food arrives. It was cold.

*pulls hair out*
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Three of my friends and I went to Tim's Cajun something or other a few weeks ago, and it marks the first time in my life that i didn't leave a tip. Collapse )

My friend left something on his check, so she got something for her time, but damned if i'm going to tip for such an unenjoyable experience (food was awesome though.) And I'm a server! we're like the tipping union.

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Ok this is a sort of bad service issue and I need some help with it. My mom joined DoubleDay book club and shes been getting books from them for a while now. Well a few months ago when the new bill for them came, it was in MY NAME!!!! I have no idea how they got my name. The books/bills always came in my moms name before and she never changed the name on the account. My mom tried to contact them about it but they never did anything. She has tried calling and writing them a letter. The calling did no good since its only an automated system and they never responded to the letter. My mom is bad at paying her bills ontime sometimes and I don't want this to come back on me since somehow its now in my name.

I tried calling today and I went through the same automated crap. So I tried to do a search for another contact number and I can't find anything. Can anyone maybe help me and see if they can come up with a number for DoubleDay? I just want to talk to a real person so they can get this straightened out. What else can I do to try and get this out of my name? I'm kind of at a loss here as what to do about it.

*update* I tried going to the BBB site and they don't really have any info on them. I did find a whole bunch of numbers for them on there and so I tried calling them all and they all are either disconnected or they take me to that damn automated system that has no option to speak to a real person. Anyone else have any other ideas?

*update number 2* Thank you so much to everyone out there whos been helping me. I finally was able to find a number to their administrative office and wow that lady was a huge bitch but she transfered me to their customer service and I spoke to a real person. The guy said that he would change the account back to my moms name and that he has no clue how they got my name. So hopefully this is all taken care of and I'll know for sure the next time some books come for my mom. Thanks again everyone :)
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I'm having trouble deciding if this is bad service of customer suckiness.

I live in northern Massachusetts and take a commuter train to get into Boston every day for work. My usual train leaves at 5:37.

Now, due to some last minute things I had to do at the office, I arrived at the train platform at 5:37 and missed the train.

Points to keep in mind:

- I was one of about a half dozen people who got the doors literally shut in our faces.
- Someone almost got a hand caught in the door trying to get on, which is a potentially quite hazardous situation.
- A train may be up to five minutes late to a destination yet still be considered on time. Letting all half dozen of us on the train would have taken all of 10 seconds.
- This particular route is a split line. Half the trains, partway through the journey, go to Newburyport, half the trains go to Rockport. As a result, we're paying some of the most expensive fares ($10:50 round trip for my stop in Ipswich, $12 for Newburyport) yet only getting 50% of the service. Most lines leave Boston every half hour or so at peak times. By missing this train, I had no option but the next train well over an hour later. I leave my house at 6:45 AM to catch a train that gets me to work over 45 minutes early because the next train gets me there too late. Last night, I didn't get home till after 8:00.

So, is this just me being a grumpy, sucky customer? Or, in light of my justifications above, was this indeed bad service?