August 21st, 2005


It's Nice to Know You're a Valued Customer...

So tonight I decided to see Batman Begins at our local second-run (read: Cheap) movie theater and decided to stop at Subway nextdoor afterward. Now, I had no idea that they were closing in five minutes - most Subway shops around here stay open until 10:00 or 11:00 and it was only 9:25. Okay, that's cool. So you close at 9:30. If you don't want to be bothered by a last-minute straggler, lock the door. Don't, however, do this:

"I'll have the special, please. On white."
"Want cheese?"
"American, please."
"Want mayo?"
"Horseradish sauce, please."
"We don't have any."
"Oh. Okay. Mayo's fine then."
He does not put said mayo on the sandwich, then proceeds to stare at me. I know he's waiting for me to tell him what veggies I want but he's being so rude, I just stare back for a minute. Finally he asks:
"What ya want on it?"
"I'll have some lettuce and tomato..."
I pause so as not to fire off six things at once...he takes the sandwich and starts to wrap it.
"I'd also like a few other things on there before you wrap it up..."
Again, he just stares at me.
"Okay...what else?"
"Some sweet peppers, olives and pickles."
At this point I've tired of being polite to this asshat. No more pleases. it's clear he just wants me gone. Again, he starts wrapping. again, no mayo. I remind him. He gives an exasperated sigh, at which point I ask:
"Would you prefer that I just leave? You don't seem to want to serve me for some reason."
"Your sandwich is ready, sir," is all he replies. So I pay, I leave and the other girl working literally follows me to the door and locks it behind me. Wow. I felt really, REALLY valued. Note to self: next time go to the Subway you know is open on the way home.

Mmmmmm *barf*

I had the urge to go out for breakfast and headed over to the local Denny's. I'm familiar with some of the staff as I have worked at that restaurant years ago while attending school. Suprisingly some of the same staff still work there after all these years! But I digress...

I take a seat at the counter since I'm alone and don't want to hold up a table just for myself. I order a slam and take in the atmosphere. *not that its a great one*

While checking out the place a waitress heads out from the kitchen and goes to take out an order....seconds after placing the plate on the table I hear a screech from the woman who just got her meal.

"EXCUSE ME! I asked for my eggs medium! " The waitress apologized and took the plate back to the kitchen. As the waitress walked past me I noticed the order was for eggs benedict. I thought DAMN! Thats what I should have had! Anyway......

Not a long time had passed and the waitress walked past me with the new order. Now I can only assume the waitress was new...or blind because EWWWWW! Those eggs were so giggly I almost gagged! *now thinking I'm glad I didn't order them!*

I'm a sucker for drama and I just knew what was going to happen. The waitress placed the new order infront of the lady and *suprise suprise* she freaked!

"I asked for medium and I get hard, then its sent back and I get them RAW! TAKE IT AWAY! I LOST MY APPETITE!" The poor waitress apologized and took it away. By this time I had finished eating and was getting bored of the lady complaining so I left. I'm not sure what happened after that. But the waitress should have known better to bring out the second order like that. If I was still working there and seen the cook dish that up I would have refused to take it out. If he objected then I would have gotten a manager involved. I know this was not an acceptable meal and she would have saved herself the grief and a real bitchy *by right* customer.
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In search of doughnuts

So, last night, mad craving for a fresh Krispy Kreme doughnut. Asked my roommate what she wanted and I was off.

Three original glazed. One cream filled. One devil's food. Five doughnuts.

I got to the drive-thru where I had probably the most surreal conversation with a drive-thru box. Granted, I am not known for my articulation, but I have been taking classes on speech lately and I'm usually very clear with drive-thru's because I know.

KK: *Krispy Kreme spiel*
Me: May I please get three original glazed, one cream filled and one devil's food?
KK: (long pause) I'm sorry, could you repeat that?
Me: Sure! Three original glazed, one devil's food, one cream filled.
KK: Okay, that's three original glazed, one devil's food and one sprinkles.
Me: No, no sprinkles, cream filled.
KK: Two sprinkles?
Me: No, one cream filled.
KK: Is this a dozen or half dozen?
Me: ...I'm getting five doughnuts...
KK: So, three original glazed, one devil's food, and two sprinkles?
Me: No--
KK: Could you pull up to the window, please?

I pull up.

KK: So, three original glazed...
Me: One devil's food and one cream filled.
KK: So that's six doughnuts?
Me: No, it's five.
KK: I think that's six...
(Holds up hand and says the name of her doughnuts again)
KK: So, three original, one devil's food, one sprinkles.
Me: Not sprinkles, cream filled.
KK: Oh! Okay!
(goes, gets order, comes back)
KK: I gave you an extra doughnut.
Me: Thanks! (pays, leaves)

I return home and recount to my roommate what happened.

Me: And we got a free doughnut!

(opens box. It's a sprinkled doughnut.)
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Ye Olde Pizza Tale

This story happened YEARS ago, when I was about 12 or 13 (I'm 27, now). My sister, her fiancee and myself went to a local pizza place just for the heck of it. We were seated into the restaurante and ordered a pizza and garlic fingers. Simple, no? Well, that part was.

Apparently, asking for dipping sauce is another matter altogether. We ask for dipping sauce at the beginning of the order. Garlic fingers sauce.

Brother-in-Law: Can we get our dipping sauce, too?
Waitress: Okay. *walks off*

We watch her go back and forth into the kitchen several times. Finally, my bro-in-law asks again.

B-I-L: (still polite, but getting impatient) Hey, can we get that dipping sauce, please?
W: Sure, okay. *walks off again*

By this point, we had finished the garlic fingers and were awaiting our pizza. The waitress comes back with said pizza. Still no dipping sauce for our now finished garlic fingers.

B-I-L: Hey, what ever happened to our dipping sauce?
W: Huh? Oh, just one minute. *walks off again*

We start chowing down on the pizza, she comes by to ask us how everything is.

B-I-L: Well, we never did get that dipping sauce.
W: Oh, we don't carry any kind of dipping sauce. *and walks off*

Finally, we go to pay our bill and my bro-in-law is naturally, pissed. She walked away FOUR times with what sounded like the intention of getting our dipping sauce. And then says they don't even have any. I don't remember the details of the aftermath, but I remember my bro-in-law slamming his fist down on the counter and demanding a manager (who wasn't there). I believe we ended up getting a discount on our order. The whole fist slamming might've been a little sucky, though. Especially since it started the girl and made her jump a little.
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not so much bad as... creepy and offputting

This happened about a year and a half ago. My husband and I were talking about it again today, and he suggested that I post the story here because it was just so strange.

Anyway, I had a yen for some bread from Panera. We stopped at a newer location that I had never been at before, because it was close to the grocery store and Blockbuster, and we were planning to go to both places that night anyway. While we were there, I decided I was hungry and wanted a sammich. My husband decided to get one, too.

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Okay, I work in customer service. I know it can be frustrating, but to the guy at the check-cashing place, why did you even bother to come to work? My bf and I were both nice to you and when he asked you a SIMPLE question (If I wrote a personal check to him, (him being a member), could he cash it?) You stared straight ahead like you had just smoked a bowl and shrugged. Fuck you. Don't act like we're bothering you. You're at work, you might as well...DUN DUN DUN!!! I don't think I've ever had customer service that bad. EVER. Congratulations, dumbass. You're #1 on my 'bad service' list!

Pizza delivery.

Just a couple old stoies I want to share...kind of funny.

One night I'm visiting a friend at her apartment and we get the munchies watching movies...we decide to get pizza.

We phone Pizza Hut and order an extra large pizza with a variety of meat....They give ETA and all is fine. The delivery shows up, I pay and he leaves. Once we settle in I open the box and its a vegetarian pizza. ...a huge disappointment considering I HAVE to have meat! ;)

I close box pizza hut and tell them I got the wrong pizza. They apologize and say another one is on the way...ETA and all is fine again.

Delivery guy shows up again... and I go to hand him the vegetarian pizza...he said to keep it...and gives me my order. I take pizza and he says "You might want to check out the pizza...I accidently dropped it." I opened the box and thought WTF? Dropped it? Or kicked it around the block a few times? It was a massive blob of goop in one corner of the box! I said "I can't eat this." He said "I figured as much so please call it in." He left... I called it in and they sent another one...the RIGHT one! So we had 2..almost 3 pizzas for the price of one. We laughed about it even though we were STARVING!

Another pizza in the order and wait for delivery.

Long time passes and I get a phone call "This is your pizza delivery, why won't you answer the door?" I'm thinking WTF? I was sitting on the sofa and have a clear view to the street. I would have seen the delivery. So I say " Hold on I'll check the door." Thinking I had a brain fart and went into a coma. I then open the door...and nothing!

He tells me to answer the door I tell him I AM! And your not here! LOL He is adamant that he's at my door! So I figured..ok enough fun! I ask what house number he is at..he replied 714. I told him I'm 741. He hung up and I felt stupid thinking I actually gave the wrong number. When I got the pizza and paid him I looked at the reciept and I did give the right number.

Me and the "Happy Hour Nazi"

Setting: restaurant-lounge in L.A. (O Bar to be specific)

What happened:

my 2 friends and I (all 20-somethings) grabbed a table at the restaurant, and we realized that drinks were half-off ordered from the bar. We asked our waiter about it and he goes "yea, bar only (implying that it'll be full-price if ordered through him)" and also noted that he's cool if we just go up there to get drinks.

We just manage to get the bartender's attention when this manager bitch lady comes up and goes "Umm... you have a table, right? You can't order from the bar... if you want drinks you have to talk to your server." We explained our conversation with him and she just goes "well we have a shortage of table and bar space... you have to pick one or the other." (About half the bar was empty and there were at least 8 FREE tables of varying sizes.) Having ordered our food already, we went back to the table. For the remainder of the evening, she's threw us rude glances (as if to make sure and remind us to NOT to get drinks from the bar, 'cause god knows, we wouldn't want to deny you the extra markup.)

Later that evening, a group of 30-year-old men did the same thing we did (getting a table but picking up cheaper drinks at the bar)--and not only did she NOT fry them for it, she struck up a friendly conversation with them!

We wound up not getting drinks there and leaving a rather low tip (not too low, since our beef was with the manager, not the server)

WTF? Has other restaurant-lounges have this kind of "happy hour prices--but only if you don't have a table" crap too?
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