August 17th, 2005

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Denny's (of course)

This isn't a tale of abysmally horrid service, but it is a story about the first time I have ever walked out of a restaurant after being seated. I truly didn't want to, but when the circumstances are against you...well, what can you do?

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Walmart wench...

A while back a friend and I were shopping in Walmart. After picking up the supplies we needed we headed over to a cashier. As usual there was a long line up but the saving grace was that we were together and talking so the wait time was no big deal.

We piled our junk onto the conveyor belt and continued on talking...I really can't remember the conversation that good but as we got closer to the cashier my friend muttered something like..."blah blah blah and I didn't really give a shit....blah blah blah" Yes! The conversation was directed to me and ONLY ME! The cashier heard "Shit" and bellowed "EXCUSE ME GENTLEMEN THERE IS NO NEED FOR THAT KIND OF LANGUAGE!" I was shocked because this maybe teenage girl was chastising us (two 40 year old men) about our language! My friend apologised and turned all red... I just turned red from anger!

First of all it was OUR conversation you fuc***g butted into! No one fuc***g asked you to listen! If I directed that kind of language at you then you have every right to speak up....otherwise shut your fuc***g trap and ring in the god damn merchanside...twat!

I still regret I never said anything! I should have asked for a manager and told the manager to keep his self-righteous staff from sticking their nose in other peoples business.
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Future Shop

So in May/June I returned my CD walkman to Future Shop for repair. The problems start when I lose the receipt they give you when you turn some thing in. My fault compleatly, and I admit that.

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my babies
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last year or so, my friend came in from florida for a visit. We went to Macado's for lunch. The restaurant wasn't very busy. Our waitress was this girl with curly blonde hair with an i hate the world/screw everyone attitude.

Waitress: *mumble* what do you want?
Us: *order, thinking wtf kind of greeting is that?*

We only got 2 appetizers for us to munch on. nachos and mozzarella sticks
We got our drinks then the waitress disappears for 30 minutes.

Us: *starving*
Waitress: *gives us the food and leaves not to be seen again until later in the story*

Upon digging in, we realize that our food is mighty cold. As, we were starving and and the mozzarella sticks were slightly above room temperature, we ate those. But cold nachos are just gross.

Our waitress was no where to been seen, so we asked another waitress walking by for drinks and if we could speak to a manager.

My Friend to the manager: "Our service has been horrible. Our food is cold, the waitress is rude and has disappeared"
the manager apologized and brought us new nachos...i think he took them off the bill too...i can't remember.

Finally the waitress decided to grace us with her presence, but not to serve us be a bitch.

Waitress: "uh. what is this about horrible service?"
My Friend: "It was horrible. first of all you didn't introduce yourself and you were rude, we didn't get the appetizers we ordered for 30 minutes and they were cold. you haven't waited on us, we had to get another waitress to get our drinks"
Me: *sitting in the chair being my unconfrontational self, silently cheering my friend on*
Waitress: "blah blah blah something bitchy about not liking to introduce herself to people"
My Friend: " honey i've been a waitress for 2 years now, you always introduce yourself"

The waitress walks away and has another waitress bring us drinks after that...which we were kinda afraid to drink... lol

i'm sorry but if you get a complaint about you, you don't go and confront the customer about it.

i am so getting a new doctor

I am so aggravated.

I had a doctors appt today. My first since I finally got my insurance again after three years. Since I was without insurance I previously had to visit free clinics. I was jumping for joy that I don't have to do that anymore. How is it though, that I have better service at a free clinic!!

First of all, I couldn't get an appt. for two weeks after I call for one even though I explained that there might be special circumstances that require I get tested for things (such as cervical cancer) as soon as I could. Then I get there on time and they didn't even call me into an exam room for over an hour. I learned I have high blood pressure and I am a fat bitch. I also got some quick exam and that was it. It's like a revolving door in that place. When the doctor left and the nurse went to take my blood, it took 2 nurses 4 tries to draw any. My left arm and hand are going to fall off. Motherfuckers.

Finally, they can't even give me a followup appointment for three weeks! That's bullshit! I came to get certain tests and I won't find out the results for 3 weeks?? What kind of healthcare is this? What if I am freaking dying? The fun part is that I also wanted to get a prescription for the birth control patch. The receptionist got bitchy with me when I questioned having to wait so long for my next appointment and then forgot about my prescription. When I asked about it, a nurse shoved two months worth of samples at me and walked away. There goes asking any questions that I didn't get to ask the doctor before she ran out of the room. I am so switching doctors. She used to be a much better healthcare provider but I guess she took on too much work. The funny part is that both my mother and cousin used to run her office at different times and my father still cleans her office once a week. I am going to tell them what I think of her current practice and I am going to check out the doctor that a friend recommended.

The best part of it is that this joke of an appointment now made me 4 hours late for work.
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