August 16th, 2005

Need. personal. space.

An employee greeting me upon entering a store doesn't bother me. If he/she's on top of me for my entire shopping experience, that gets a tad old.

Well, I faced this on a grander scale when I went to The Limited. There were two women working there and they were breathing down my throat the entire time. Going into the dressing room, one of the women is shoving pairs of $60 pants in my hands, asking my size and urging me to try them on. The second I step out, the second woman's asking me if it worked out okay and she'd ring me up.

But...I wanted to look around a bit more. At every turn, there's one of them saying she can ring my clothes up for me. Sure they were trying to be helpful but I felt so crowded and rushed, it's not terribly comfortable browsing clothes with someone's eyes boring into the back of your head. I had two questions running through my mind, "Wouldn't they want me to buy more? If I were finished, wouldn't I be making a bee-line towards the register?"

I ended up buying nothing at all.
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Another reply from BMG

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So, not only did they not answer my question, but take a look at the second half of their response. Look familiar? That's the e-mail they sent me last time almost word for word! I don't think that a person ever saw my query. These responses are prewritten and a computer program scans a question or comment and just places all valid responses in one craptacular e-mail. Now the question remains, how do I get a straight answer out of these people?