August 15th, 2005


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I live in Oregon, where all gas stations are full serve (i.e. we have pumpslaves who are paid to stand out in dark uniforms in the 100+ degree summer heat and pump my gas so I don't have to get my lazy ass out of the car). I generally stop at the same Union 76 gas station whenever I need a fillup, even though it's a little more expensive than Arco or the like, because the pumpslaves are always really nice and friendly (instead of just communicating in grunts).

It was hot again today (I'm guessing high 90s or low 100s) when I stopped by after work to fill up on gas. Obviously, turning off the engine while gas is pumping means no A/C, so I was sweating by the time the tank finished filling. And then I sat and waited. And waited. I don't care how long it takes them to get to me if the station is busy, but there was only one other car there, and I could hear my Friendly Neighborhood Pumpslave chatting and laughing loudly with its occupant. I began to get somewhat impatient, being hot and tired and hungry from having been on my feet for 8 1/2 hours, when Friendly Neighborhood Pumpslave #2 saw me waiting and started to head over to my car. Pumpslave #1 noticed this, and walked over to my gas tank, so Pumpslave #2 headed back to his station. Pumpslave #1, however, merely stood there, hand poised over the nozzle, and continued his conversation. A few minutes later, the other car drove off, and Pumpslave #1 finished up and got me my receipt.

Now, this wasn't particularly awful service, just a tad annoying considering the heat. I love my pumpslaves, so I'm willing to forgive oodles of things. The story that Pumpslave #1 regaled me with upon handing my receipt, however, showed me that my tiny discomforts were nothing compared to the bad_service that could have happened...

Apparently, the person in the other car was one of his coworkers, and Pumpslave #1 was giving him a hard time because of a mistake he'd made. On the coworker's second day at work, he had forgotten to fill a woman's gas tank. He'd taken the money and everything, just not filled the tank (I wonder if the heat and gasoline fumes proved to be contributing factors to this). The woman had somehow not noticed this until she ran out of gas on the freeway, prompting her husband to call her a tow truck because they thought the car had broken down. Not only did this mistake cost them the price of a tow truck and a visit to the mechanic, but she'd been unable to pick up her children from their various activities because of the "breakdown."

...from now on, I'm double-checking my gas gauge when I pull out of the station. :-P

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I have a custom sleeve started on my left arm. I also have a outline of a Koi on my thigh. My tattoo artist was supposed to finish my Koi, I made an appointment a week in advance and when I got there, he told me he didn't have the supplies he needed and was also telling me his wife was leaving him. Everytime I have ever gone up there to get art worked on, he asked me to pose for porn. I decline. I kept going and I made sure the door was open, because I like his work and it was a good price. He was supposed to fix my sparrow on my right arm, but I find out last night he skipped town owing alot of people money. I never prepaid for a tattoo, but the art on my arm is his own design and now I have to find another guy to finish it or live with a half finished sleeve. Ugh. That is bad_service.
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Is this considered bad service???

I'm sure everyone has some story about going to a car dealership. I'm not entirely certain if this is bad service, or just a salesperson who is simply lazy and doesn't want to make the sale.

We're looking to trade in our gas guzzler SUV for something more economical. We narrowed it down to a few choices. Hubby went and test drove a few of them at a dealership not far from our house, then I went back with him to check them out.

We found a few options that we liked. Our frustration comes from the fact that the salesperson didn't want to give us concrete numbers. He explained how it would all work out if we financed it over 48, 60 or 72 months, and gave us monthly payment figures for each (depending on how much we put down), but he never told us how much they'd be willing to take off the asking price! The figures he gave us were if we bought asking price no haggling! It wasn't from lack of asking on our part! He also wouldn't tell us if he could get them to go up on what they would give us for the trade in on our current vehicle versus what we wanted for the trade in! No way we could afford what they wanted per month based on those numbers! If they couldn't tell us how low they could go on the asking price, or how high they were willing to come up on the trade in, then how the hell are we supposed to make an informed decision if we can afford it??? We asked. And you know what we were told? When you are ready to buy, we'll work on more concrete numbers! I don't think so!

So you know what we did? We went to another dealership recommended to us by a family member who has a close friend working there. They sell the same cars we were looking at. They are willing to work with us by giving us real numbers to work with. The dealership is about about 40 miles further from our house. But guess who is going to be getting the commission on the sale when we do buy???