August 12th, 2005

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It's freaking 100 degrees outside....

This is just an overall rant that came to mind after another poster mentioned the trouble with ordering water with lemon.

Every restaurant I've been too this summer, I've ordered water (without lemon I might add). If it comes with lemon, that's fine, but it's not required.

And everytime, it's come in a glass the size of a freaking dixie cup. What. The. F**k.

In case you haven't noticed, it's been freaking hot out.

I've ended up in the hospital before for dehydration. It's not a fun experience and I would not recommend it. Ever since then I've consumed water (especially in the summer time) like it's going out of style.

I'm not cheap. I'm likely to order the most expensive meal on the menu so why the hell must I constantly look hopelessly for my waiter/ress when I down my water in one gulp while my signifigant other consumes his gigantic glass of pop?

Is there some sort of water shortage I don't know about!?


*edit* I did want to specify that a lot of my confusion comes from the fact that if I order a water in the winter time, I get a large glass. Summer time, little glass. I just don't get it.

And I realize that some states do have water shortages (I'm in MI). Not too mention other countries.

I guess I best specify that I'd like a large glass.
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Contact info needed

Can one of you contact-info gurus find the email address for ShuttlePort, the bus company? There's no way to email them on their website and I'd use PlanetFeedback instead except that it is refusing to present me with a login but throws up an error telling me to go away and come back later (gee thanks). I don't want to come back later, since that would render my complaint non-timely.

I got driven off on by the employee shuttle this morning, again (apparently they ignored my last complaint from July...)

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I flew back to the US on Wedensday and the experience was just plain crappy. I am happy that I managed to get on the flight considering that this was at Heathrow airport at the moment the strike occured. I was lucky to get home at all.

That is no excuse for the bad service I saw on the actual flight however. Just so you know, the airplane was fairly empty, especially in my section (this is relevant). There was a woman in front of me with a baby that couldn't have been a year old. As generally happens on flights, it wouldn't stop screaming. Another woman (who also had a baby) across the aisle offered the first woman the empty seat next to her. The first woman accepted and they were able to help each other with their kids. They got a chance to chat and, mercifully, the baby stopped crying. When one woman wanted to go to the restroom, the other one would look after the baby. As you can see, the arrangment was beneficial for everyone.

One hour later a steward forced the lady to move back to her original seat. The baby immediately started bawling again and the two men the woman had to sit between were visibly annoyed. The woman attempted to breastfeed the infant which IMO would be uncomfortable at best when squished between two strange men. The baby wouldn't stop crying and the woman was unable to leave her seat for the remainder of the 8 1/2 hour flight. What irritated me the most was when the steward who forced her to move informed her that she should make a better attempt at keeping the baby quiet because other passengers were complaining. This was about 5 hours into the flight and everyone's nerves were frayed. She tried explaining that she was doing her best and she got a bit tearful. The steward wagged his finger in her face and told her that there was no use getting upset at him. What the hell?

This annoyed me because I see no reason why the woman couldn't have stayed in the other seat considering that it was beneficial for everyone (except the steward apparantly) and I ended up having to endure nearly 8 hours of solid screaming.
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I've had cingular for 4 years (under my mom's name) and all of a sudden on Monday night, our house became a dead zone. Neither my mom, my sister, nor I can get any service, but we get perfect reception. I called up Cingular today and they said that according to their computer, I'm supposed to be getting high service. I've never gotten high service at my house. They then said it must be my phone, but that means that all 3 phones, that are different makes and models, have suddenly gone bad all at the same time. This is also impossible because I get great service everywhere else. A mile up the road I get 5 bars! I went to look at my account online, because they said i had 20 months on my contract, which is impossible because the last time I signed a contract was last september. This means either they got us mixed up, or they lengthened my contract without notifying us. I really do not want to switch to another carrier because Cingular works great everywhere else...just not here.

Do you guys have any tips on what I should do? Besides the whole "get another carrier" advice. I really don't care for that one.

***EDIT***- I all of a sudden have service again around my house. Well, except for the bathroom, but I don't really need a cell phone in there. Thank you so much for the advice, especially the person who worked for sprint. You gave me such a better understanding of what goes on.