August 3rd, 2005


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Hi. My first time posting here.

The owner of a local embroidery shop was quite rude to me the other day. Maybe not overtly rude, but pretty damn inconsiderate.

I'm making cosplay for AWA in September. I came to the embroidery shop on referral from the quilt shop for the purpose of getting some advice. I walked up to the counter, and started to explain my dilema, but before I had gotten very far, two women walked in with large rolls of fabric. I thought I'd be a while so I stepped aside to let them speak to her about their order. They talked for a LONG time about the specifications for the curtains they wanted. The conversation when back and forth and in circles, and finally ended up... nowhere. They finished, apparently, with the business talk and started to chat. I waited quietly the whole time and smiled and said goodbye when they left, thouroughly annoyed though I was.

Then, when I finally get to talk to her, this woman is condencending as all hell.

Every time I tried to outline what I was trying to do with this design, she told me "No no, that won't work" or "You shouldn't do that"

All of her suggestions were supremely unhelpful, and, quite frankly, either conceptually flawed for my purposes, or condencending tripe.

Me: ...and so I was worried about how to make the edges join nicely...
Her: Cut the pieces the same size.
Me: *internally* No shit sherlock! And maybe I should make them the same shape, too!

That's just an excerpt

I've been designing and making clothing since middle school I don't need the I-can't-even-make-a-pillowcase-idiot-level advice. True she has no way of knowing this, but the fact that I mentioned I had design experience should have at least clued her in to the fact that yes, I can, in fact, sew my way out of a paper bag.

This lovely conversation was interrupted by the phone. I once again, politely deferred to let her speak with this person. Once again she started out taking an order, and once again, she went straight into witty banter afterwards. With me standing right in front of her at the counter, she goes on and on ".. Oh, and did I tell you about this book I read? ... blah-di-blah-di-blah" I had just about had it at this point, but damn it I still didn't want to be rude to her, so I waited and waited for a chance to thank her for lording her ego over me her help. More minutes came and went. She still failed to notice that I was, in fact, still standing there in front of her, waiting.

At this point I really had to leave or something was going to get broken. I exited with a nod and a slightly curt "thanks for your time"

The one good thing that came out of this experience is that now I'm even more motivated to finish the costume in a kick-ass manner.
hello lion-o

Not exactly service.. since I am not a customer.. but..

.. I don't think it's unreasonable for me to want to leave my house in my car without having to constantly be on the lookout for the drivers of this company (OCB Reprographics) so that I don't get mauled by their shiny yellow trucks.

Regardless of who is driving, they are constantly moving at an average of 20 miles over the speed limit through residential/non residential streets, making half assed attempts to stop at the many stop signs around my neighborhood, and just all in all driving like the kind of people you want to take a rocket launcher to.

I sure as hell know that I would never use their company based on this fact. (Once my degree is done with I will actually have a use for their company)

Is it unreasonable to use this is a standard for judging their company by? It is my opinion that their drivers a representatives of their company.. and they are doing a damn shitty job of it by nearly running over potential customers all over the orange county area.

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homesite insurance woes.

When I lived in Minnesota, my renter's insurance was Homesite. This was all well and good, until I, you know, needed to use it.

My apartment was broken into on April 14th, while I was sleeping. The thief, or thieves, stole my husband's gamecube, both of our GameBoy Advanceds, some of Zak's gamecube games, a good number of our DVDs (mostly mine, mostly musicals), and, to add insult to injury, one of our laundry baskets to carry everything in. It was the only laundry basket I'd managed to fill the previous day, *le sigh*. When I woke up, I went out to the living room, and promptly panicked; I called my husband who then called the police. The police came, took down the statement, and filed the report; all was then well and good, no? All we had to do was to file a complaint with Homesite.

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Ooooooooooo, I'm sorry to all those who live in (and love) Boston, but I just couldn't hate it more than I already do. I lived there for about a year and a half going to grad school. By that time, I couldn't stand living in the city, and decided to move home to WA to finish my degree there. I know many disagree, and by all means, more power to you, but I pretty much found it an unlivable cesspool of anger. It takes a freaking hour to go anywhere by T, and god save me if I ever did try to drive anywhere with an entire city of road raged maniacs. Not to mention the fact that Boston would probably tax you for the air you breath if they could figure out a way. Fine. I hate you Boston, whatever. We pack up and drive home the day our lease runs out. Everything is fine and dandy, 50 hours in a Pontiac Grand Prix in the dead of winter just to get the hell out of there.

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library issues

not sure if anyone can help me but i thought i would post here anyway.

being that this library is small and run by cheapskates never gets enough funds from the county heads up north who run all the libraries in this section of the state, i frequently fork out 50 cents a book to pay loan fees to get books i want to read from other libraries.

the second-to-last historical book i got wasn't that good so i set it aside after two chapters and returned it. i noticed when i got it, that it seemed very slightly rumpled, but didn't really care.

NOW the ppl at my library are saying the head library up north (where the book came from) is claiming water damage and that i have to pay to replace it.

any advice on fighting this? i did not damage the book so i shouldn't have to pay 17 dollars for a fuckup on their part, whoever along the way damaged it, if it is even damaged. the really stupid thing abt it is they "have it for viewing"--at THEIR library, which is almost three hours from here. even the lady checking out my books today had to shake her head at that one.
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