July 29th, 2005


Got to love the south...

Just wanted to recall this one time that i experienced bad_service...indirectly. kind of...well this was a while ago. I go to school in Atlanta.

But went to Krogers at like midnight, which is what you do when you need to find a 1/8" to 1/8" headphone cable, and the person in front of me was wearing a traditional head garment of persons of i believe of middle eastern. You know it like covers most of the face. So she checks out and walks away and the bagger, who i would describe as your typical redneck, shaved head, 25 or so, 5'10, 250 lbs or so...just your typical fat white guy, goes as she is walking away but still in earshot "you smell something? smells like piss or something" with a heavy southern drawl of course and I immediately point at my friend Petter(not getting the reference at the time), he repeats the whole "smell-something" routine for a while and I still don't get it. So Peter finishes buying his head phones and as I'm waiting for my receipt and stuff the bagger tells the cashier, "hey i wanted to tell that lady 'have a good night...don't blow the building up'" and my world became clear. Now i got what he was referring to, and I'm just like oh fucking shit you have got to be kidding me he did not just say that. Man oh man do i sometimes i forget i'm in the deep south and i just need a reminder like that...don't blow the building up...no wonder your working the fucking late-night shift at krogers.

Names changed for the privacy of the innocent.
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I went to burger king to check out the chicken fries. I don't like ketchup so after I was handed my order, I kindly asked for some barbecue sauce (even said please). The girl at the window asked me to hold and then she asked someone else if they had any. This is understandable. While I'm used to places like BK and McDonald's having BBQ sauce, I understand that most people don't ask for it so it can be harder to find. But when a guy responded that they should have some around somewhere up front she sounded all pissed about having to locate it. Finally an older guy (a manager perhaps) brought me some but he just gave me a nasty look. I said thanks, and he really just glared at me. :/ I understand that it takes a little bit more effort to get the BBQ sauce, but is it really that big of a deal to ask for it? I know that they stock it specifically for customers who would like to have some, otherwise why would they have packets of it? I was just really put off by how rude the employees were about it. Maybe I'll just stick to Bueno since the workers there are friendly and don't give me nasty looks when I ask for sauces.


I am absolutely furious. FURIOUS. This is my bad service post for the week, since it's been going on that long!

recap : my boyfriend owns a computer company, he does repairs, builds computers, etc etc. TO do this, he needs suppliers, so he has one wholesaler he uses regularly. Well not anymore.

The other day he goes in to pick up parts for a system, it was a $900 order, he gets home after having to go to 3 other suppliers to get all he parts he needed, starts putting together the computer at about 10pm, and from across the house i hear "THAT F*CKING BASTARD". I hop out to the living room to discover, the jackasses forgot to invoice us for a HARD DRIVE. Even though everything we had confirmed with him had INCLUDED it. We were mad. This was Wednesday. This computer needed to be dropped off at 12pm on thursday, so it could leave for Nova Scotia on Saturday.

So, my boyfriend emails the company, fuming as he does so and demands a discount since this was not their first mistake and it would take him over an hour the next day to get out to where they were. Thus, not leaving him enough time to install the operating system and check everything.

After he sent the email, he went out to work on what he could, and sure enough I hear the same cry of anger all over again. They gave us the wrong video card too!

Here's where it gets good.

We were invoiced for the card we had - the price however, was of the card we wanted. They gave us a $400 video card for $258.

The next day, he calls and tells us to bring in the video card and they will exchange it. Well at this point, my boyfriend was sick of them and not willing to make life easy for them. So he said he would exchange it, if they offered him the hard drive free, that way no one was out money. They accused him of blackmail - then spoke to me. I was told they would swallow the cost of the Video Card problem and we could just keep it.

So! My boyfriend goes in this morning at 10am to pick up the RIGHT hard drive and video card - driving an HOUR to get there and what does he hear?

"My boss says if you don't return the video card, we will no longer do business with your company".

Fucking jackasses. The video card is legally ours, we have the invoice for it - and since you screwed us - WE SOLD IT. (To my mom, for cost ;D)

During this whole ordeal - our sales rep's manager kept telling me "I'm to busy for this", "My time is more valuable than this", "you're blackmailing us" - blah blah.

I'm going to write up a complaint for the BBB later.

wine bar

my husband and i had our one year anniversary last sunday and after a yummy dinner, we decided to visit a local wine bar. we'd never been to a wine bar before, and were excited because it was a sunday night and this bar had 1/2 price bottles on sundays.

the menu was huge, so we chose a type of wine (i believe it was cabernet sauvignon) and asked our waiter for a reccomendation of which brand to buy. he reccomended one in our price range, which was originally $60, but with the 1/2 off special, it was $30. we decided to honor his reccomendation and he brought us the wine.

if you've ever ordered a bottle of wine in a nice restaurant or wine bar, you know that the waiter brings the bottle out, you look at it, he opens it and pours a small amount into a glass, you taste it and if you like it, he fills your glasses. after all that jazz, my husband and i sat back to chat and enjoy our wine.

we got to the bar at 10:00, the bar closed at midnight. it took us a while to decide which wine we wanted, so we ended up getting our wine at about 10:30. about this time, all the waiters began clearing all the tables, sweeping, mopping, etc. they were obviously closing early. we asked our waiter what was up and he said that sometimes when it was slow they close early, tonight they had decided to close at 11 instead of 12.

...okay. we start drinking a little faster. it was annoying because we had 1/2 an hour instead of an hour and a 1/2 and this was the most expensive wine we'd ever bought so we damn well wanted to enjoy it.

anyway, we finished our wine and the waiter brought us the bill. keep in mind that this guy's only responsibility was to take our drink order and pour it into a glass.

now please, tell me if this is customary to wine bars, because as i mentioned earlier, this was our first time.

the bill showed that the waiter had added a 20% gratuity to the original price of the wine (it was a $60 dollar bottle of wine, so he added a $12 tip) it was just my husband and i, not a large party.

i understand that if you recieve a discount off of food, you should tip on the full price, but this guy only brought the bottle and filled our glasses and he made $12 in the 30-45 minutes we were there. it was our anniversary and we didnt know if that was customary for wine bars (we had told the waiter it was our first time at a wine bar) so we let it go. the more people i discuss the situation with, the more i think he ripped us off.

thoughts? are we ignorant of wine bar customs or did this guy rush us out of the bar and pocket a giant tip?