July 28th, 2005

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Dear cashier at the gas station in Chilliwack near Cottonwood Mall:

A few things:

1. Usually when you're helping people at the till, the customary thing to do is put your personal call on hold until the transaction is complete. Personally, I'm sure no one wanted to hear about so-and-so dumping this person, and how said person is scheming to win him back, yadda yadda yadda.

2. When I bring my purchases (in this case, a single bottle of water) to the counter, please do not act all exasperated and bent out of shape when I ask for a pack of cigarettes AFTER you present me with my total. You were too busy blabbing to your friend on the phone to hear me ask for them. Twice.

3. Do not merely thrust your finger at the keypad for the Interac machine (all the while still blabbing to your friend) to tell me to punch in my PIN. And don't act all snarky and bitchy (while still yapping to your friend) when I remind you that I also have a gas purchase.

4. My cousin had been in your establishment 10 minutes earlier, and she made mention that all you did was talk on the phone with your friend, doing the bare minimum to help out your customers.

5. Do not -- I repeat, do NOT -- use me as an excuse when some asshole decided to take off with a tank of gas without paying. For you to proclaim that you were "soooo busy" with my transaction and that I took up all of your concentration is complete and total bullshit. The only thing you were concentrating on was your telephone call, and you didn't put the receiver down until you realized someone took off with a tank of gas.

I have your name, I have the time/date I was there, I have my receipt. Hell, I even have the name of the friend you were talking to for the entire transaction. I won't make mention of this infraction to your boss (ie: calling him/her up and merely complaining about you and your lack of service), but if you dare try to use me as a scapegoat when your boss lowers the boom on you for allowing someone to take off with a tank of gas, you're in for a lot of grief. I don't care that the cameras can get a licence plate; if you even try to use my transaction as an excuse, your manager will get the full story from me in great detail.

Asking me for my name and number as a witness to the petrol thievery was a big mistake on your part.

Taco Bell is ticking me off..........

OK, this is getting to the point where it's not even bad service, as the actual employees are doing the best they can, given the circumstances. It's a company policy that is completely stupid, and it's now making me think that my town must have angered the Taco Bell / KFC / Pizza Hut gods mightily, because they are screwing us royally.
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*As a side note, the van that would have been ahead of me in the drive thru was still at the window as I left with my food. And the chicken burger, since KFC staff was fully trained, was up for nearly 10 minutes before the rest, but my boss didn't complain, so it must have been ok. So it wasn't just in-store, and it WAS just Taco Bell.

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Last Saturday night, my boyfriend and I went out to dinner after work at the local Swiss Chalet. It's only been open for a little over two years now, it's fairly new to us. It's right behind where I work, so J and I eat there frequently and I've never had a problem until this weekend.
We got there around 5:15pm on SAturday, and they were fairly full so we sat on the patio. Our waitress came, she was really nice but you could tell she was new, just the way she was talking and stuff. They have a brand new menu, it was exciting, but since we were starving we just ordered the normal.
I always get a baked potato, with margarine, since I'm allergic to dairy and can't eat butter. Most places are nice about it, and if they don't have the little margarine pats, they bring me a cup of margarine from the kitchen. Except this girl.. I asked her with my order if I coudl have it with margarine, and she said "yes" and wrote it down on her paper with the order. She came back and said "I'm sorry, but I guess we don't carry margarine anymore, just butter". I of course, I never ever protest, but I did say "Are you sure? I've always been able to get it before, I'm allergic to dairy.. can you just check with the cooks please?" She came back (and I mean she was gone at least 10 mins each time.. so I know she went to the kitchen and back) and said "I guess it's a new policy. I'm sorry, do you want to change your order to fries instead?" Well I didn't really, since I try to eat healthy, and that's why I go there, so I just said "You know, it's okay, i'll just eat it dry".
When I got home, I was really ill since I decided to eat the butter anyway. I told my mom about it, since she has the same intolerance, and she said that I should probably send an email to Swiss Chalet about it. I mean, if it is a new policy, I certainly won't be able to eat there anymore.. butter makes me sick, and therefore their food would make me ill.
I wrote to them, and got an email back from their head manager in Toronto. She said she would pass it on.
I got a phone call a bit later from the manager of Swiss Chalet here. He said that they have a full stock of margarine, they've never had that policy and he's not sure why I was told that. I told him exactly what happened, and I made sure to mention that the waitress was excellent in everything but that, and that she seemed new.
He was super in that he said he would remind his employees of policy and such, and told me if I ever have a problem with it again to ask for a manager. (I likely won't, because I hate causing scenes, but still!)
This isn't necesarrily bad service, but I dont' understand why this girl told me twice that she didn't have margarine, when they really did.. The manager said she must have been looking in the wrong place, but please! If you are a waitress and you can't find any, ASK SOMEONE or else tell me that you can't find it. Don't lie to me and tell me it's a new policy, or I will get you in trouble, because it's pretty much against the law now to not serve margarine in a restaurant, especially with the health kicks going on.
meep in a basket

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A few things for my friendly Taco Hellions:

When making a quesadilla, it is important to include cheese on more than one-fourth of the tortilla shell.

Also, two tomato chunks and half a teaspoon of chicken do not constitute a chicken soft taco supreme. Maybe some sour cream would be appropriate.

When a customer points out that they clearly should be paying more than $3.65 for dinner for three, proper responses include:
"Sorry! It's 11.56."
"Oops! It's 11.56"
"Shityo. It be 11.56, dawg."
"Meh. It doesn't make a difference to me."

Isn't it ironic that I was reading the prior post about KenTaco Hut while I waited in the drivethru?