July 23rd, 2005

  • buran

Grr. I thought this fucking bullshit was FINISHED!

Bank of America PUT MOST OF THE FAKE CHARGES BACK ONTO MY ACCOUNT (or at least that's what I think is going on) as an "account adjustment".

I call the bank to complain and get it pulled. I get a recording, then hung up on, every time I get put through to the people who can reverse the bank's idiotic incompetence. I try to have a rep put a dispute on the charge and they say "it's an internal charge, we can't do that, call fraud". I call fraud, I get their "call back monday" crap.

They are getting an angry letter faxed to their fraud department telling them that I never to my knowledge got asked to sign anything but just in case I needed to, explaining the situation and saying that I want the "adjustment" pulled and that by law I'm not liable for more than $50 (I know my rights) and that they offer zero liability.

If they can post BS charges to my account they can sure as hell fix them and I don't appreciate the convenient non-existence of anyone who can fix their stupidity.

UPDATE: I called them today, again, FINALLY got hold of someone. The guy said "Oh! No problem, it's late, no big deal! Just fax it in and it'll be taken care of" so I did. I filled out the form (good job guys putting it in a nondescript envelope that I almost tossed because it looked like junk mail) and wrote a brief letter saying I'd been away out of town (I was in Canada, actually) just in case they needed to know why it was a bit late (turns out the notice said 7/13) and hopefully it will get straightened out. Fortunately I got most of the places to reverse the charges already on their own ... Credit cards are great. Until someone tries to scam you.
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