July 21st, 2005

Gothic Faery

I didn't order the bleu cheese

Well, I actually love bleu cheese, but this evening I went to Mickey's T-mart (little grocer out here) and got some Munster out of the deli. I got home, put it in the 'fridge. I get up to slice the cheese, putting it onto a plate for tonight when Kris gets home (long story, I'll tell later).

I take it out of the plastic bag, remove the delicatessen sheet, and wrinkle my nose. It smells bad. I slice a piece, bring it to my nose, and *gag* moldy cheese. Now I can understand moldy cheese, it happens, but lo and behold, there is a chunk tore out of the block of cheese where they removed the mold!!!! They removed it and knowingly sold moldy cheese!! That's disgusting and totally uncalled for.

Now I must get dressed again, walk down there, and get new cheese. I need to buy it out of the store deli instead of the deli counter as the counter is closed. The stuff at the store deli is more expensive - and NO I'm NOT paying the difference...and I'm going to fill out a complaint card. That is uncalled for! EWWW.
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So my mom recently went to an accupuncturist (I may have spelled that wrong) because she's disabled and is in a fair amount of pain most of the time. So she decided to get accupuncture to see if it would help her feel better. Now, since my mom became disabled (probably about 4 or 5 years ago), she's gained a bit of weight because obviously she can't really move around anymore. She's not obese by any means, but she is overweight. She's 5'9" and probably around 180-200lbs, which I'd say isn't that bad for a 50-year-old woman. If she was active, she certainly wouldn't be stick-thin, but she would be at a normal weight.

So anyways, she goes to this accupuncturist, and they have an initial consultation, my mom explains some of her problems and they discuss pricing. It's $40 a session and my mom wants to go 3 times a week, so she'll be looking at $120 a week. She thinks about this for a bit, because she's not sure she wants to spend that much money. But then she decides that if it can help her feel better, it will be worth it.

So she's laying on the table waiting for the accupuncturist to do her thing, and the lady says "You know, I was thinking to myself - if you spent less money on food then you'd have more than enough to pay me."

What a bitch!

First post, two tales of suckiness

Just went to Burger King to get some food, because there is practically nothing in the house and I can't process my paycheck until tomorrow so I can grocery-shop. Either the cashier I got was really out of it, or she just wasn't paying attention.

Me: "Hi, I'd like a medium number seven, with mayonnaise instead of the honey mustard, and I'd like it to go, please."
Her: "Did you want the meal or just the sandwich?"
Me: *thinking she just missed that one part* "The meal, thanks."
Her: "What size?"
Me: *....starting to wonder* "Medium."
Her: "And is that for here or to go?"
Me: *resisting urge to scream* "To go, please."

Honestly, woman, pay attention the first time I said it! I made sure to cover it all at once, I didn't speak hurriedly or mumble, and it was all in English. I did that to save us both some time in which you ask me those questions. Next time, pay attention to the customer instead of standing around listening to your coworkers (who were all doing absolutely nothing, by the way) chatting about whatever.

Another tale of suckiness, not mine but a school friend's. She recently quit her job. Why? One of our other schoolmates died in a car accident recently, and they wouldn't give her any time off (for ONE DAY, or even just a FEW HOURS) to go to the funeral. The kicker? One of the other employees broke up with her boyfriend and they let her have A WEEK off to "get over it."

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