July 14th, 2005

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Closing early

The last post reminded me of a story...

I hate hate HATE it when stores and restaurants close before their listed close time. There's a pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) restaurant in Austin that lists their hours as closing at midnight, but they literally LOCK THE DOOR a little before 11:15, over FORTY FIVE minutes early. O_o Me and my boyfriend were going to eat there one evening and were pretty baffled to find it locked its doors already. It was really inconvenient for us to drive all that way, show up PLENTY before closing, and not be able to get food there.

What's worse, pho is one of the fastest things in the world to make since you throw the noodles and thin raw meat into a bowl of boiling water and it cooks at the tables within a minute. If someone came in there like, five minutes before close they would easily be served before the closing time. Plus, restaurants are supposed to quit admitting new people by their listed closing time, not have the entire place empty by that time. Or at least that's how restaurants with any manners work. If they wanted the place empty by midnight they should list their closing time as 11:00 or 11:30 PM, yanno?

Worse: Another night we happened to be sitting at the light-up OPEN sign by the window at about 11:00 PM, and they actually tried to get us to move to a different table after we already had all our food and were in the middle of eating it. To their credit, they just asked if we'd like to move but they were really pushy about it. When they saw we weren't interested in moving he asked if he could turn the open sign off, so then at least we realized the reasoning behind asking us. We just laughed and were like, "Oh, sure." We figured he was just extra paranoid and thought it would be rude to reach across off to turn it off. That's cool, no problem.

So he turned it off, but then he still wanted us to move. O_o My only guess is they didn't want customers plainly seated by the window when they wanted to be closed (a whole goddamn hour ahead of time), but how RUDE is that? Hell no we are NOT going to pick up all our food and drinks and move it to another table because you suck at running your restaurant. Besides, people aren't so stupid they've never seen people stay in a restaurant to finish their meal once it's closed; it's not like you just get kicked out if you aren't done. Well, hell, maybe at that restaurant they do. ::eyeroll:: We were nearly done anyway; if he hadn't been talking to us so long we would have finished already. We politely declined a few more times but once he walked away we didn't hide our shock and annoyance.

Needless to say, we just quit going there even though the food was good. If we need to eat dinner late we go to one of the other billion late-night cafes in Austin, and if we want pho we just get it for lunch at this other place that actually cares about its customers. Incidentally, the restaurant did end up moving its closing hours up to 10:00 PM a few weeks later, but only for the summer. Still a bunch of jerks.
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Burger King.

Since I was actually awake with time to spare before work, I decided to swing through BK for french toast sticks and hashbrowns. Nobody else was in the drive thru, and 2 cars were out front.

I got my order, and everything was incredibly overcooked. The hashbrowns were hard, not crispy, and the sticks were so dark, nothing even close to the 'golden brown' in the picture. No napkins, no syrop either, and when I asked for a few ketchup packages, I got 12.

It was after I drove away when I noticed how gross my order was, so I turned around and went back. I was starving, so by the time I had got back I ate half the hashbrowns. I went inside, and said I'd like new french toast sticks please, these are incredibly over cooked. I got a "Fine, I'll make new ones" from the manager (the same one who served me the food in the drive-thru", and she disappeared. Some other manager, a male, put the french toast sticks in to cook, and gave them to me in a bag with some syrop, and said "there you go".

It was obvious that the first ones were incredibly over fried, because the second order was perfect. I never got any form of an apology, and I can't believe the manager would give me overcooked food in the first place.

editthanks for the input everyone. I'll just chalk this one up to experience and not bother going there again!

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Hey all, quickly - I posted a few days ago about how much Chili's sucked, and people encouraged me to write to corporate. Thank you! Now I've got free dinner and an apology. *Hugs*