July 13th, 2005

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This is actually some bad service, and some good. The good, is that she helped. The bad follows.

I called up Washington Mutual. Let me give you a little info. I'm 18, and I have no money whatsoever. I'm so broke. I work at Del Taco, and get maybe 600 a month for that. 200 of it goes to my ridiculous T-mobile phone bill, and about 50 to 60 for gas [I drive a lot]. I've had a few times where I accidentally overdrew my account. So I got charged overdraft fees. And, ya know, that's my fault. I was not responsible and I recognize that.

But about a month ago, I went on a trip to Greece [paid for by my dad and my grandpa]. I used the ATM in some random town to get money, and JUST NOW they charged me a 9 dollar ATM fee. Making my account negative. This ties in with the fact that I'm so broke I don't even have 9 dollars in my account [but, in my defense I haven't worked in over a month and I don't get paid for another week]. So, I call up WAMU, and ask them if I could freeze my account. My brother had to do this when he overdrew his account [by a ton of money] and they did it for him. Different bank, but I just wanted to know. They said they can't freeze accounts. The lady was just blunt. "No. We can't. Anything else?" "Well, I am looking online and it says ATM fee... and balance inquiry fee... it's negative about 9 bucks. If I go into the bank and put in cash, would you still charge overdraft if it's an ATM fee?" All I hear is a loud sigh. Ok, I might not know a lot about bank accounts. I'm sorry. Forgive me, I'm 18, it's my first account. Another loud sigh and a, "You do know that if it's an ATM fee or a balance inquiry fee, we don't charge overdraft. Right?" "Well, no I didn't know that". Another loud sigh. Wtf. "Well, we don't. Is that it?" "So, if I go check on my account in a couple of days, I won't see an overdraft fee for this?" "NO." "Well, then I don't need anything else. Thank you very much" "Yeah, right, have a greaaaat day".

Why do people have to be like that? I'm not sure if my questions were really stupid questions. I'm sorry if they were. But I don't really feel like getting charged 22 dollars for something going through my account that I didn't know would go through. A 9 buck ATM fee after a month? I didn't know that would happen. But I just didn't think the lady should have been sighing and acting sarcastic, and her voice sounded like she really wanted to say, "You stupid fuck". Am I wrong for being annoyed?

More of a question...

It seems that a lot of places are starting to charge for the use of a debit card in transactions now - but shouldn't they have a notice posted? I've seen one at Del Taco, but recently I was a bit peeved to look at my bank statement and find that I had several transaction charges on there that I didn't know I was going to get.

Do you know if choosing the "credit" option when using the debit card will remove the surcharge?
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Stupid McDonald's in Namao Center, in Edmonton.

The husband and I had some running around to do yesterday and the Bug, our little demon spawn, was getting hungry so we popped into Rotten Ronnie's for a quick dinner. The order was fine, but the toy that was in my kid's meal has small bits (a travel game) so I went up to the counter to get a Neopets toy. Its a plushie and he got all excited when he saw them.

The Manager (who was working the till) tells me that they don't have any out yet and offered another toy, this time some travel game with even more small parts. I said no thanks and head back to our table to finish eating. About five minutes later we spot some friends and their kid shows us his toy that he got in the meal. It was a Neopets toy.

So I am thinking that maybe the Manager was a bit slow and just cracked the box open, so I go up, with my kid following me and ask if I can switch the toy we already have with a Neopet. The Manager says in this really snotty tone "We don't have them in yet!"

As he was saying this, he was giving three of them to a three kid family. So I pointed it out and he says "Well they are not appropriate for a kid his age" and points to my son. So I toss the toy we originally got with the meal on the counter and I say "And this is ok for my son?"
The idiot exclaims "Well, why can't you just be happy with that?" and walks away from me.

Well excuse me for thinking that a Neopets plushie with a big ass plastic tag on it is more dangerous than a travel game of checkers! I ended just leaving the toy on the counter, which made my kid upset and we packed up and left.

This is the third time in two months, they have tried to pawn off a toy like the checkers game when they have safer toys available and giving us attitude when we ask for something that our two year old can't choke on.

EDIT: This was the shift manager and I am, in an hour, heading down there to talk with the store manager. If nothing comes of it then I am contacting corporate.
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Snippy Cinema Service

I've just been pointed here, I had no idea there was such a vast outlet for my poor customer service rage!

My story:

My boyfriend and I decided to go to a particular cinema in town because his credit card company has these things called 'mates rates' which means he gets discounts at different companies. At the cinema in question his card gets all movie tickets any day at Tuesday discounted prices (it's a savings of something like $3 a ticket so well worth it).

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After all that stuffing around with this rude little madam the manager gets called down because they need him to process the credit card reversal, who is royally pissed and apologising like crazy for his staff (really I thought it was partly his fault for not training this girl properly but she didn't need to take on that attitude with us regardless) and put the whole thing through again. We ended up with a set of free tickets because he processed the whole sale again, not just the credit card part and didn't ask us for the tickets back and as we were meeting friends (who were thankfully late, it took ages to get this mess sorted out) we gave them the tickets figuring it was our payment for putting up with SB.

I only hope that girl learned a valuable lesson not to act patronising to customers just in case that for once they are actually right.

bad training or just stupid? hard to tell!

I walked up the counter at the campus deli. They offer a total of maybe 10 types of sandwiches, all nicely listed out. I ordered a BLT, mayo, wheat bread.

The employee grabbed the wheat bread and asked what I wanted on it.

"Ok," I thought, "he just wasn't listening. No biggie." So I repeated my order, a BLT with mayo.

He puts mayo on the bread and then asks me again what I want on my sandwich.

"BLT," I replied, a little annoyed.

He stands there, looking at me.

"Uh, a BLT? Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato."

He makes the sandwhich and then asks me what else I want on it.

I just smiled and told him that was fine, and as I walk away, I hear him say to his co-worker, "So what is the BLT that she wanted?"

Here's a hint: When you are working in a place that offers a limited menu, know it. And if you are working at a deli and you offer a BLT know what one is!!!!
Leela and Nibbler

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EDIT: Redo, since I agree that I do sound like such an ass in the original post. I was just plain annoyed at any lack of desire to perform his job properly.

Dear student manning the laptop loan/snack bar counter,

I would like to borrow a laptop. This is a simple request. We both know it.

The usual method of doing this was to hand the person working your student ID, sign out the laptop via a damage waiver, and be on your way.

We had our IDs replaced recently with new ones since we entered a brand new program, so the new ones look different.

By habit, I handed him my old (and now expired) ID. After noticing said ID was expired, I apologized and handed him my current one. However, he still refused to take the newer ID, stating that he still needed a valid one. What gives?

I was a bit upset at this point, and asked him if he knew what program I was in. He did (vaugely), but still wouldn't take the ID. I asked if he could call his supervisor, his reply was still "can't help you."

But anytime I had a problem with policy regarding my employer, I would call or find my supervisior and ask.

The clerks exact words were:

"Sorry, can't help you."

To which I replied

"But I do have a valid student ID."

He continued to repeat the above statement.

Now, as much as I know we all need to follow policy, I feel a lack of caring on anyone's heres part to go to a higher up. It would have taken 5 seconds to pick up the phone and ask one of the IT people to either verify or deny my request to use a laptop.

And before you ask, yes, I know that the IT department was available, I saw them in their offices not 10 minutes prior.

Here, this is Chef Mary Mules. Yes, she's the head of the culinary program here. Yes, she knows who I am. She just told you what program I'm in and that my ID is valid.

"Sorry, can't help you."


I eventually just gave up, and went across the street to work and used my laptop and their wireless internet.
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Dear staff member at The Great (?) Canadian SuperStore:

Okay, I realize it was my fault I forgot my purse in one of the change rooms, and yes, it was my fault that I decided to come back at 5 minutes to close when I noted my error -- 5 minutes to close according to your clock. But for the love of Pete, where do you get off blocking the door and snottily telling me I'm going to have to come back tomorrow to talk to the people at the customer service desk to see if my purse turned up? Thank god your manager was near the door when the argument ensued and cheerfully let me in to canvass the Lost and Found bin. And after I was successfully able to relay the contents of my bag and he released my belongings to me (driver's licence, cash, credit cards and medication notwithstanding), I hope he tore a strip off of you for your poor customer service skills. The entire transaction of words with your manager totalled about 2 minutes. *2* minutes.

And by the way, 5 minutes to close doesn't mean CLOSED. I should have been able to walk in without having to give you a reason.