July 3rd, 2005


Your love is better than ice cream

Inspired by this post and the fact that I'm having a major chocolate craving now, I'm going to share my bad experiences with ice cream parlors.

I've heard so many people rave about Coldstone but after what happened to me, I have no desire to ever try their ice cream. It was a early summer night and me, my parents and my best friend went to Coldstone. We got there and the place just had this chaotic disorganized air. It also didn't help that they shouted-sang this song when anyone walked in. I don't know what they sang because they all seemed to be trying to scream as loudly and sing as unintelligbly as they could. So we got in line and waited...and waited...and waited. After 15 uncomfortable minutes of the singing and the line not moving, we started to notice although there was at least 6 people behind the counter, maybe one or two was actually doing some half-assed work. The rest were gossiping between themselves and with customers (although it didn't seem like they were buying anything). We then decided to leave. My parents have gone to a Coldstone in another town but I refuse to step into another Coldstone ever again.

There's another ice cream parlor that I decided to try that everyone raved about. It was one of those out of the way, farm places, named Richies. I'm not going to go on about how nasty the ice cream was but I had to mention it. There were eight people (wearing the black shirts and black visors) in the employee area. Most of them were walking about and doing nothing (gossiping and talking on cellphones). There was one woman in front of us who had her ice cream when we got there. They took five minutes to get her money though (but checked the three tip jars they had out twice in that time). Another five minutes passed and we were trying to get anyone's attention. We were informed that they only had two people working and we should wait our turn. Finally, they served us. I said to them, "We want two ice cream cones. The first is a small chocolate" SLAM! The window was closed in my face while they took their time to get my ice cream. When I finally got my ice cream, the guy that was serving us had quite sour puss when I ordered my father's strawberry cone. We paid (no tip), got the ice cream, and never returned.

Thankfully, I've only had one experience with my favorite ice cream parlor, Dr. Mike's. I ordered a chocolate milkshake and asked the girl to make it extra thick (I want to pop a sinus when I'm drinking a milkshake and I'm willing to pay extra to get that). I don't know if she was being a smartass or was just inexperienced but the milkshake was the same texture and thickness as the milk she used to make it. Another thing that she did was to start the milkshake mixer (the oldfashioned metal type) and then put the metal cup in, scraping the metal stirrer against the metal cup. Not only did noise it made make me cringe, it also had me worrying about accidentially drinking metal shavings/chips.