July 1st, 2005


worse excuse ever

Last night at a local Pizza Hut, 6pm. The restaurant closes at 10.

"I am sorry, but we are not doing our special, since we are all out of medium pizzas, and we won't be making any more night."

So they were not honoring the special since it was too popular?

Four tables left. It seems to me there was enough demand to make those medium pizzas - I mean, they were back there making dough for LARGE pizzas....

Methinks selling pizzas for $5 a pop was proving to hurt their daily cash flow.
Buran Patch
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My own Pizza Hut complaint

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I checked again today and this is STILL not fixed. I wonder if marching myself down there would do any good, but then, they probably have nothing to do with the idiots who can't keep their site working. I also have not received a response from them, so I sent the letter again using planetfeedback's feedback feature and also filed it again via their website.

I got my pizza from someone else who was very happy to take my order online.


Where do you draw the line? I mean, what's the cutoff point where you cease to be the customer who wants proper service, and become an irritating bastard who makes a fuss over every little error?

I was on the road and hungry today, so I went to McDriveThru for lunch. Order was $5.20. I paid with three ones and a handful of quarters, which is all I had. The lady took my money, counted it, and stuck it in the till, then looked at me, as I was still waiting at the window. She turned back to the register, printed out my receipt, and handed it to me with a, "Thank you, have a nice day."

I blinked at her and rolled up to the next window, thinking about maybe asking if I could have my 5 cents please, but didn't feel like making a fuss over a nickel.. Got my food, got another "have a nice day" and I left, bewildered.

Checked my receipt in the parking lot, and yes it was rung up properly: $5.25 - $5.20 = 5 cents change I was due. I dunno, maybe she was punishing me for making her count the quarters I handed her... No idea.

The more I think about it, the more I wish I'd demanded my stupid 5 cents change. But at the time, all I could think was, who makes a scene over 5 cents? I have a pile of nickels in the floor of my car, I'm hardly lacking in change...
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