June 30th, 2005


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innocent customer: me
Employee 1
Employee 2

There is a huge line at the Friendlys' at the mall. Employee 1 is trying to work the register and make all the takeout. There are no less then 4 employees standing around the counter area, making plans for their bar hoping that night.

Employee 2 finally (I had been in line for close to 5 minutes at this point) steps forward and offers to help someone at the second register. I step forward and order.

Employee 2 to Employee 1: I will ring this in, but you will have to make it. I don't have time.
Empoyee 2 (to me): $4.00. (not the lack of courtesy here. Not, that will $4 or anything in a sentence)
she grabs my money
Employee 1 (looking at the every growing line of customers): Actually, you are suppose to be working take out too, and if you right them out, you are suppose to do their order, too.
Employee 2: Fine then! (throws the money on the counter and walks away. Didn't say a word to me, or hand me back my money. Just left.

I know the store manager. He was rather amused to tell me that Employee 2 said I was rude because I turned around and left instead of waiting for Employee 1 to make my milkshake.
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Eggs & Toast

I was responding to a comment in another journal and I decided it should be in Bad Service.

I had the opposite thing happen to me once at a small breakfast place. Guy next to me ordered before me, then I ordered a few minutes later. Guys food comes up but there is something wrong so he sends it back. My food comes up and the waitress left it sitting under the hot lamp for about five minutes (she went up and checked the ticket so it's not like she was just busy or didn't realize it was my order). Guys new order finally comes up, the waitress gives it to him then grabs my order and gives it to me.

I pulled her aside later on and told her that while I understand that she didn't want someone bitching at her that their order should have come out first the guy did send his order back and there was absolutely no reason why she should have left my order sitting for five minutes (I believe she actually tried to argue that she hadn't left my food sitting on the counter...I was like, lady, it's a tiny diner and I'm sitting about five feet from the hot lamp counter. You've been standing in front of me the whole time and I saw you check the ticket. I assumed it was someone else's order and you were waiting for another part of it to come up. If I had known it was mine I would have taken it off the counter myself!). Never went back to that place.

Note: This happened about 7 years ago and I really didn't go back...I can't really remember but I think I made them re-do my order also.

I think I'll post this on Bad_Service.

I suppose this could be bad service so what the hell..

I was over at my friend's studio yesterday doing a photo shoot and he ordered food from a local restaurant to be delivered. Basically he ordered his food and they said it would take 10 minutes to have it delivered. So we waited around a bit and waited and waited. Finally my friend was getting pissed and everyone just wanted to do the shoot, but I suggested that he call the restaurant and see what was up. OK, so he calls them and says someone left 10 minutes ago (already an hour after they said they'd have the food there) so Jeremy goes downstairs and comes back up 5 minutes later looking pretty pissed.

Me: What happened?

My friend: They couldn't find my place even though I gave them good directions.

My friend: They told me they had to charge me extra because I ordered a small poppers but they said they messed up and gave me a large instead. So I asked if I had to pay for the large even though I did not order it and they said yes. Ok..

Me: Uh, what? Are you kidding me?!

My friend: Nope.

*friend opens up food and sees that its all cold and soggy and immediately calls them back*

Well, the good service part of it all is that when he called back, the guy remembered who he was and actually had members of his family that personally knew my friend and his photography work, etc so the guy on the phone said he'd take care of it and sent over a new order of what he wanted for free because of that as well as the previous order being all screwed up and late.

I personally feel that well #1, they were over an hour late so it should've been free anyway, and #2, he didn't order a LARGE, he ordered a SMALL which he shouldn't have had to pay for because they screwed up. Luckily the guy on the phone after all of that changed a particularly bad service situation into a good one.

What do all of you think?
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Is this bad service?

Customer: *orders... blah blah blah* and a small drink.
Cashier: Actually, the only size we have is the large for $.price.

This happened to me at the mall food court. The small was $1.29, which already struck me as a bit steep, and the large was $1.59 and no way I was paying that much for a freaking drink.

Since soda is almost all profit, I wonder how much money they make by running out, or "running out", of small cups. If they screwed up and didn't order enough, shouldn't they offer to give people a large at the small price, or a large filled partway at the small price? Or is it perfectly reasonable to say "Actually, this is your only option today"?