June 27th, 2005

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So, last night I went out with this guy I've been friends with for a while. We went to the movies and everything was good there, then we went to this restaurant that has good pizza. The waitress came over to take our order and she asked us what we wanted to drink. He ordered a coke and I ordered one too, and she asked if I wanted a diet, I told her no. She brought our drinks and I took a sip of mine, it was diet. I don't particularly like the taste of diet soda, so we called her over to the table. I asked if I could have a regular coke, and she said, "I think you could stand to drink diet, and I don't think you need all of the food you ordered." I just looked down at the table and didn't say anything. Okay, I'm not thin, but I'm not morbidly obese. My date asked to see the manager, we waited 10 minutes and we realized no one was coming, so we just went to a different restaurant.
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Safeway and the snotty cashier

This happened almost 5 years ago, when I was 16, but it still pisses me off to this day. I was at a Safeway grocery store, has misplaced my debit card, and was in need of some cash to purchase gas. I wrote a check and asked the cashier if I could write the check for $5 dollars over (I'd done it before, at that store, but I always ask to be nice). Here's how the conversation went:

Cashier: You can only write it for 10 dollars over.
Me: Oh, ok well I only want to write it for 5 over, so that's ok?
Cashier: You need to have 3 good checks in the system before you can write checks over here!
Me: I think I've written more than that here so I should good...
Cashier (interrupting me): AND I need to see 2 forms of ID!
(at this point I was getting annoyed because of his snotty attitude, and the fact that I'd never EVER been asked for 2 forms of ID. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt)
I give him my driver's license and school ID.
Cashier: I can't accept this school ID. It has to be government issued ID.
Me: Ok well I've written a lot of a checks here before and no one has asked me for 2 forms of ID before.
Casher: Well I can't accept this. Beside, how do I know if you've written more than 3 checks here?
Me: The computer?
Cashier: You don't look old enough to have written that many checks anyway.

At this point I knew I wasn't going to get anywhere and I was getting embarassed since there were people in line behind me. I paid (with a check that went though just fine) and drove home with almost no gas. I was angry enough to complain to management later, but it just infuriated me since this cashier just thought I was some punk kid. I didn't go back to Safeway for almost a year because of that.

(I also realize that maybe his demands were company policy [not the ID part though] but he was so freaking rude about it I felt like I was on trial or something).

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This wasn't HORRIBLE service...in fact the service was very good, it's just something the waitress said that struck me as kind of rude.
Me and my friend went to a resturant yesterday, and we ordered an appetizer, and two dishes to share. One of the dishes came out about 10 minutes before the first one, and, being hungry, we started to eat the first one as soon as it came out. When the waitress came with our other dish, she STARED at the partially emptied serving dish (apparantly not seeing most of what was missing on the platter was on our plates already), and LOUDLY said "WOW! YOU GUYS ATE ALL OF THAT ALREADY?!?!" Her tone said "Oh my god, you PIGS!" At that, most of the people in the resturant were staring at us.
I guess it really wasn't a big deal, but it just seemed rude of her to loudly comment on the eating habits of two paying customers. You just don't say that out loud for the whole resturant to hear...it wasn't necessary to comment on anyways. It wasn't like there WAS anything to comment on! We hadn't actually EATEN all the food yet, we had just put it on our plates and were in the process of eating it. We still tipped well...I'm not a stiff...but I doubt I'll be going back there any time soon. It was just too embarassing.
I'm I overreacting, or was she rude?
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Update to this post

If you recall, I sent a letter to the Howard Johnson Main Office, as well as a copy to the property itself. I got a letter today from the HoJo corporate office.

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Gee, I wonder if I should let this guy know that I sent a letter to the property as well at the same time that I sent one to him..........and that I haven't heard a peep outta them.

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Another post reminded me of some bad service I received a couple weeks ago while I was at Sonny's with my ex-boyfriend (we had actually just broken up a few months prior and were trying to remain friends).

We were taken to our table by the hostess, and she hadn't realized it hadn't been bussed yet, so we had to stand there for a few seconds and wait for her to clean it off for us (this isn't the bad service part - shit happens). While we were standing there talking, another waitress rushed by us and said "get a room" in a joking manner. I looked at Matt, then looked at her with a "what the fuck is wrong with your brain" look. She got this worried look on her face and kept on saying, "I'm joking, I'm joking!"

After we were seated for a few minutes (THANKFULLY with a different waitress, or I would've gotten up and left), the waitress came to the table and said, "I think you misunderstood me - I said 'coming through...'" I still looked at her like she was from Mars, because it was pretty obvious that she said "get a room," not "coming through," and she was just trying to cover her ass so she wouldn't get complained about.

Given the circumstances of the situation (being there with my ex-boyfriend), it was more than a little awkward. I was flabbergasted that a waitress would say something like that.
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good personal hygenine is important, but......

A few months ago, my tv suddenly died. So on the spur of the moment, we went to Sears for some tv shopping.

There were 5-6 sales people between home appliances and the electronics department, and since it was a sales weekend, they were all fairly busy.

We looked around for a bit, we found a good tv at a reasonable price, and looked for a free sales associate.

I found one, who was looking around with a glazed, bored look on his face. I approached him. When I got to about 2 feet in front of him (and he is looking right at me) he turns his back to me.

Okaaaaayyy. I have worked retail for 13 years, I know a deliberate avoidance when I see one.

So I hunt down another sales associate. She happened to be assigned to home appliances that day, and offers to take me to a free associate in home electronics.

We look over, and I realize that she means to take me to the guy I just tried to approach.

So I turn to her and say: "Well, I know that you work on commission, and I would really like the commission to go to someone who doesn't ignore me and is not clipping his fingernails on the sales floor!

She was about as appalled as I was.

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mmkay so this is my first post here, and while im at it i just wanted to know if i was being a sucky customer to so that i could prevent it next time. I went to wawa tonight to get a hoagie for dinner and this is the first time ive ever ordered one myself my dad usually does since he'll just go and get them for the fam. and yeah anyway i always get extra meat which is salami on my hoagie so my dad has ot make a habit of telling them before they start making it so that they know. Well it was pretty backed up when i got there so i ordered it on the computer thingy and then ran to get my tea and something for my mom real quick and when i came back, they had already made it so i was like ugh i hate to do this to them so i looked at the girl and i was like "im really sorry but the extra meat on there was suppose to be salami not turkey.." and the girl was like in this snotty attitude said to me "well its already made with the turkey, and it would be a waste to make another one so go ahead and eat it like that" and im like "im sorry no i only ordered extra meat so that i could have salami" and the girl was like "well cant i just like put it on the side in a container?" and i was like "no thats not how i ordered it, im sorry i want the salami on it" so the girl rolled her eyes and was like "fine i'll just have to make a new one, thats sucha waste" and i apologized again, although part of me was like wtf girl do you have to be so cruel about it? So i went and paid for my stuff and came back to get my hoagie and the girl glared at me and was like "just so you know..we have 2 kinds of salami, so i put on there what i wanted and we need to know ahead of time next time because thats just a pain to us" i was like "ook..sorry" i mean i just didnt know what to say i was so stunned that someone would say that to me. I should probably complain, but i didnt catch her name and i just dont feel shes worth my time, and i never go in that wawa anyway, the wawa i go to has nicer ppl and yours truly may be working there real soon :) so thanks for listening to my rant everyone, all comments are appreciated :) :)