June 19th, 2005


Should I be annoyed?

!!!EDIT!!!: Thank you all so much for your support. Your comments have made me feel a lot better about myself since what both my doctors said to me made me feel as if the pain was in my head and that I was just being stupid. It's good to know that the problem is not with me but with them! I'm planning to wait until I get back to the states and seeing what my gyn says when she sees that the situation has not changed. Hopefully I'll get taken a bit more seriously. Thank you all again, I really appreciate it!

This requires a little bit of background. I'm a UK citizen but I'm living in the USA at the moment while I go to college. I have recently developed ovarian cysts which were diagnosed in the USA. I was told to just wait and that they would probably go away but I wanted a second opinion because I've had these for years but my doctor hasn't taken any notice until now (perhaps it's because I've turned 21? I've no clue). In any case that wasn't the sucky part. Cut for length (hopefully! Sorry if it's not).

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The conclusion: I'm annoyed by the ineffiency of the gp and by that individual doctor's treatment of me. I just don't know if I'm justified or not. If I am I'm not going to say anything to the gp anyway, but it'd make me feel a bit better.
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