June 18th, 2005

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My story takes place a few years ago, but the service was so horrible, they're fried in my brain:

March something 2000-

We were in this town for a bike race, and eariler my dad had raced and was quite hungry. Generally he eats a lot of carbs after races, so he was looking for a place that served pasta, and we found one. It was a Saturday night, so that were somewhat busy, but we were sitted within five minutes (there were ten of us). We ordered our drinks, 20 minutes later we get them, and the one lady's coffee that was served to her tasted like it was sitting out all day. But she was nice about it, told the waitress, and got iced tea instead. By this time the place was half full

We orderd, and my mom and I were going to share a small cheese pizza. Two hours later we get our food, half of which was cold. But we didn't complain, we were hungry.

So after I ate, since I'm diabetic, I needed to take an insulin shot. At this time there were five other tables in the place, so I decided to take my shot there, instead of going into the bathroom. As I am pushing the needle in, she bumps into my chair, my needle moves around and I let out a scream. I didn't really think she did this on purpose, but my mom later revealed she eyed my shot, and when she was coming towards me, she went out of her way to get close to me. She didn't say sorry or anything.

Then the lady who order the coffee saw her drinking beer with a coworker while we were waiting for our ticket. We left her a dollar. She then, on our way out, confronted us about this, not like, "Excuse me," but "Hey! You only left me a dollar!" I should also add during this whole time, her attitude was horrible.
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So I had to go to the Doctor's office yesterday to get blood drawn before my physical next week. I've gone to this Doctor's office my entire life (21 years) so I know pretty much everyone. However, yesterday was horrible.

I get up to the counter and there's this new receptionist (Janet). I say I'm here, pay my co-pay and sit down. She calls me back up and says that since I have this one insurance company that I have to pay an extra $10 to get my blood drawn there. I excuse myself and call my mom, because I was really confused. They did not have this policy a few months ago when my mom had blood drawn. My mom calls the Doctor's office (I'm on her insurance by the way) and the other receptionist who does the referrals transfers her to a nurse. The sucky part about the trip is that Janet, who I asked when the policy went into effect, screamed that she didn't want to talk to my mother because "I have no idea, they just tell me the policy." Ok, I can understand that. Here is the conversation I had with the other receptionist:

Receptionist: Your father is on the phone.
Me: No its not, its my mother.
Receptionist: I'm pretty sure its your father.
Me: That would be impossible because my father is at work. Its my mother .
Receptionist: Are you sure?
Me: Yes I'm sure. My mother would never have my father call up when he's at work. Its my mother.
Receptionist: Oh well she sounds like a man. I guess she has a deep voice then.
Me: :: Head explodes::

Come on, I knew my mom was calling you guys up so I knew it was her. Don't sit there arguing with me about whether it is my mother or not. I wouldn't have minded if you were young, but lady, you were in your 50s at least. This is the first time i've ever been upset with my Doctor's office.

Then, when I went to pay the $10 because I figured I was already there and here's the conversation we had:

Janet: You know, you should have told us you were getting blood drawn (fact: This is such a stupid statement. It was in the computer that I was getting blood drawn because you need an appointment a week ahead of your physical so that its ready in time) so we could have sent you a list of LabCorp. locations so you don't have to pay.
Me: I didn't know about the policy. Maybe you should ask everyone what insurance they have so you can tell them this.
Janet: How could you not know about the policy?
Me: Because its fairly recent (within the last 6 months) and I haven't had blood taken in a long time. You have a lot of elderly patients. Maybe you should start asking them what insurance they have so that they don't make the same mistake I do. It would be a lot easier for them.
Janet: :: Glares at me::
Me: :: smiles and sits down::

Do I seem like a sucky customer?

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I was at Sam's Club yesterday with my grandmother and my brother's girlfriend so that I could purchase a case of chinese takeout containers to decorate and put favours in for my upcoming wedding. We were also grocery shopping,and I had gone sans breakfast,so I was rather hungry and decided to partake of some of the samples being offered on carts all down the food section. I approach a cart of nice looking little sandwiches and reach out to take one,thats when the sandwich lady strikes:

How old are you,dear?

[Since when does one get carded for a sandwich?!]

umm,im 23...Im getting married in September*i flash my ring at her* Why do you ask?

Oh,no reason,you look like a little kid

I take my sandwich and walk back over to my grandma and bro's girlfriend and tell them what happened. GF and I decide that she and grandma need a sandwich also,so we walk back to the cart and each take a sandwich,getting the fish eye from the lady. I take the sandwich back to gma and as we walk back by,my grandma suddenly lashes out at the sandwich lady,i run away,mortified,but i hear my grandma ask her just why she needs to know the age of her adult granddaughter,the lady replies that she does not really need to know,but young children arent allowed to get samples on their own,WTF?!

The fact that I am getting married and that im wearing an obvious,somewhat large engagement ring on my left hand should give some clue to the fact that I am a grown woman,even though I look somewhat young for my age. I was wearing a substantial amount of makup and a low cut shirt,in short,i looked old enough to be procuring a sample without parental supervison.

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Dear snotty grocery cashier,

If you must comment on the disgustingness of my purchases, you should at least wait until I'm out of earshot. I am sorry that you find smoked pork shanks so distasteful. Perhaps if you had not been raised on a diet of Campbell's soup and processed cheese product, you might be able to appreciate good ingredients when you see them.


2 for 1

Wow, 2 bits of bad service all in one day.

Being the nice peon I am I went into the grocery store to grab about a billion things for my co-workers to eat and drink. I only had 5-6 things, so express lane I did traverse...

The cashier didn't greet me just scanned my things, whatever, but she slid them down the little counter-dealy and stares at me. I've already paid so I just take it as a hint to bag my own. (I'm not bothered if I have to do that) but halfway through it she snaps at me... "That's MY job, you know I could get FIRED for letting you do that!" Then unpacks what i did and smashes my cookies and pie in the bottom and sets my 2 liters on top. I cringe as she hands the bag to me then sigh. She's mashed my cookies and the pie is now mostly on the lid. "I need to see a manager, please." She just gawks at me then under her breath goes "OMG what a bitch" then dials him. He takes care of me and I'm on my way.

Gah... damn uppity teens (and I'm on 21 lol!)

the other bit came from the resturant we went to. The ones where you order the steak and cook it yourself. Well she's taking my orders and since I had been working most of the day I was hungry, and went for a 12 oz Ribeye (most of it is fat like me :D..) and she looks me up and down in a arrogant fashion and tells the meat guy a 6 oz... I correct her and she looks at me and goes, "Oh I don't think you need all that..." and then proceeds to take everyone elses. My father is a big guy, my uncle is a big guy, my cousin is a big guy and my mother is a big gal... but she didn't downsize them... I was pissed and looked at the meat guy who had snagged me a 12 oz anyway.

I'm not one for manners but you don't treat your guests that way!!!