June 14th, 2005

Case of the Missing Hard Drive pt. II

As most of you know, my co-worker J was dumb enough to take her laptop to Best Buy, and the idiots there lost it (you can find the full story details here).

Well, she still hadn't heard from them as of yesterday, so she went down to the store. The following ensued:

J = J
BB = Best Buy Guy
IM = Idiot Manager

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J has promised to call me once she finds out what the hell's going on. In any event, the firm who requested the two transcripts that are on the lost hard drive have since postponed their court date, and they're PISSED. I'm eagerly anticipating J's call today.

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And while I'm ranting ...

Gotta love sarcastic salespeople who you just want to shoot on sight.

The other day I was looking for a nice pair of summer slacks. I'm 5'8", but I'm also in possession of a fairly short pair of legs. Thus, finding dress slacks can be the biggest pain in the ass because most dress slacks don't come in different inseam lengths like jeans do.


I'm with my best friend in the store, and I commented to her, "Good god, I hate having short legs. I can't seem to find anything that fits properly."

Just then a salesgirl walks past and hears my comment and responds:

"Oh, WAAAAAAH, you can't find proper pants because you have short legs? What a shame. I've got the same problem, only I've got really long, slender legs."

*blink blink*
*raises an eyebrow*

Don't you just hate it when your brain doesn't want to function to get that immediate witty response? Yeah, me too.

I look near the cash register and I see the other saleslady there, absolutely horrified at her colleague's incredible lack of tact. I grimace and take the blouse I had in my hand and put it on the counter. "I won't be needing this," I muttered, and left the store with my friend in tow.

I'm kicking myself for not responding with anything, but I'm considering writing a letter to the manager of that store. I didn't get the name of the salesgirl, but I can give an adequate description. Someone like that shouldn't be working with the public.

~bursts out laughing~

yoinked from a friend's blog (off LJ):

telus is brilliant

they called my broken line to check if it works.

For the n00bs... Telus is the primary provider of phone service here in Alberta.


~shakes head~
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