June 10th, 2005

Bad Kitty

You couldn't just tell me?

I was reminded of something that happened years ago that really pissed me off. Looking back at it now I guess I can say...it still really pisses me off!

I ordered a small cheese pizza from a local non-chain pizza/sub shop. When I got it home I took one bite and spit it out. I called the place and told them there was something seriously wrong with their pizza.

Their response? Oh, we ran out of mozzarella cheese so we used american cheese instead.

OK. Maybe (and I'm really giving them the benefit of the doubt here) in some small, obscure corner of the world american cheese is used for pizza (I doubt it!). Even so, considering that every pizza place in the town, in the county, in the state and (dare I say) in the country uses mozzarella cheese (maybe with other cheese added but mozzarella as a base at least) do you think it might have made sense to let the person ordering the pizza know you were out of mozzarella and were going to "experiment" a little bit.

If any of you ever have the opportunity to try a pizza made with only american cheese let me give you a piece of advice...don't!
Flipping the Bird

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A girlfriend of mine just posted this in her LJ, and I told her it belonged here too, so I'm posting it for her. (She lives in New Jersey)

Heh..its been a day from hell...

I was supposed to work today, I never made it...
"LB" was walking across the damp front yard in flip flops (can you see where this is going) fell, and sprained her ankle...so we had to make a trip up to good old sussex county St Claires (DONT bother...)

I get there with her, she cant walk, so I Pull my car up to the emergency entrance and go in and ask for assistance...(an orderly or nurse with a wheel chair woulda been nice)

>front desk girl< Oh..we dont do that, you have to do that...
>me< um..ok can I have a wheelchair?

>front desk girl< ~ Rolls her eyes, I guess I interrupted or inconvenienced her...and points to the waiting room...ITS in THERE..
>me< Grabs the chair goes back out gets my daughter in it and wheels her into the front desk girl
>Her< oh put her there in triage...is that your car? You have to move it

Ok, so I leave "LB" alone and run outside, move my truck across the street (Took me 3 mintues to park and get back in) and by the time I came in they triaged her..(Without me there kinda pissed me off) the only thing they were concerned about was...my insurance card and my DL...

So...I fill out the paperwork, and they put her in a room...and we wait
we wait first 20..then 30 now its getting up to 45 min...and finally the doctor comes in..

He looks at me...again looking like we were some big annoyance..
>sigh< whats wrong.
Kris starts explaining and he looks at me...
>dr asswhipe< IS that true?
I wanted to say..NO shes lying...she just enjoys pain

~ Eyeroll~

Ok so he pokes her ankle a few times...and says ..lets get it xrayed
(heres where it gets fun)

He orders an xray..for her LEFT ankle...Um..hello its her RIGHT Ankle!!!! (can we say Im ready to leave now) Thankfully the xray guy took xrays of the one that "hurt"

So we get back to the room...and wait and wait and wait (about another 40 min) and a nurse comes in, puts an air cast on her..shoves some papers at me, gives her crutches, and says, its sorta sprained (sorta???) stay off it for a few days, she can go back to school today...

I ask for a note from school...they say...Oh no we dont do that..
ok so we leave..
I get home and Im NOT comfortable with this diagnosis...NOT comfortable at all...so I called my ortho, the same guy who did my knee scope..and got her an appointment for this afternoon....

I call the hospital and tell them I need the xrays...and guess what? they have no record of it...finally they find them, and I go pick them up...

And... THEY GIVE ME THE WRONG XRAYS!!! yep you read that right..I Got someone elses xrays...(thankfully I checked in the parking lot!) so I go back in...and flip out...

Anyhooo..its severely sprained..she pulled ligaments, shes wrapped and air casted and on crutches for the next 2 weeks...then 2 weeks of PT...and take it from there..

Moral of this story...DONT GET HURT IN SUSSEX COUNTY!
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Pepsi V. Coca Cola

Hiya! First post here. And brief, to boot.

It's not a huge deal, but it's still annoying as fuck.

I go to a pub I've never been to before with a friend of mine. I'm not in the mood for alcohol so while he orders a Beam and Coke, I order just a plain Coke. It had already taken the waitress a good five minutes to come take our drink order (and the place was practically barren, but that's not the point of the story), and then takes her another five minutes to get them out to us.

I take one sip and spit it back into the glass.

It was Pepsi. I HATE PEPSI. The look on my friend's face when he took a drink of his "Beam and Pepsi" was priceless, too.

After ten minutes she glances over at us while she's walking into the kitchen area and I motion for her to come over. She saw me, I know she did, and ignored me. She exited through the other door of the kitchen and we didn't see her again for at least another five minutes when she brought us our bill.

WHAT? We'd only ordered two drinks. Granted, I hadn't had a sip of mine and my friend was barely choking his down but whatever. I thought that pretty assumptive of her. We paid, and still left her a tip, though not as big as what I usually leave for a waitress. I just couldn't stand being there any more, not even to politely bitch at them for not telling me I'd be getting gross Pepsi or for failing to check on us after giving us our drinks (or coming to see if we wanted to order food!).

So, yeah. My main rant is just that I hate Pepsi. I drink Coke, that's why I asked for a Coke. I realize they don't have Coke, and that's fine. If she'd told me that I'd have gotten a Mountain Dew or maybe even a margarita or something. Every place that doesn't carry Coke products tells me they have Pepsi if I ask for a Coke. It's like... going to the deli and asking for armour ham and getting brown sugar ham instead, you know? If I wanted that, I'd ask for it.

Yeesh. Sorry, this kind of went on for a while. Hehe. But I think even hard core Pepsi drinkers will see where I'm comin' from. You order a Pepsi and you want a damn Pepsi!

Damn people.


Okay, So I decide its hot, so I want a McFlurry because their cheaper then blizzards. Now I'm wishing that I'd have gone to DQ to get a blizzard instead.

I walked into the store, probably about 5 after 10:00pm. I am the ONLY CUSTOMER in the entire building, and they have two cars in drive-thru. No biggie, right? The young man working the "Front" sees me, rolls his eyes and then walks to the drive-thru area. No biggie, he dosn't want customers inside.. k. So I wait.

And wait.
And wait.
Finally, 10 minutes later, he looks at me a mumbles (I couldn't understand, I only knew it was the pre-prepared speach..)
Him: Welmongin Mcdonalids howmm mmeea hepqp you (Thats what it sounded like.. o.x)
Me: I'd like an oreo Mcflurry, please.
Him: 2.25.
He then proceeds to walk away, sit in the drive thru chatting with a customer. He come back out, grabs a burger and a bag, and then puts icecream in a flurry cup. He then walks back to the drive thru, with flurry cup in hand, and talk for another 5 minutes. WTF. He then makes my flurry, sets it down, and then takes my money. I hand him 3.00.
He takes the money, stuffs it in the drawer, and walks away. WTF?!?! You just stole .75 dude.
I tried to say something but he walked away. He started talking and ended up there for 10 minutse before I finally said "Fuck it" and walked out. I was too pissed to confront him.

Now my question, is not only was my flurry half melted by the time I even got it, I was also ripped off by .75. Should I complain? Should I report him to the store manager? GRR.

Shitty Mcdonalds. I'm never eatting there again. This isn't the first time I've gotten craptastic service or have my order messed up. :(

(P.s. How hard is it to make a flurry..?)
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The other hospital story made me remember this.

I have hereditary migranes. Blinding ones that fuck up my vision, really bad, I cannot see out of one or more eyes during it. Last year I started getting them more often, and after several doctor visits we realized that my potassium levels + amount of caffene in my system is the trigger (means I have to eat high potassium diet and not coffee/chocolate/ect). I'm a student, my major requires I work at the college barn and ride so many hours a week.

One day I'm riding and I start getting spots in my vision and then all of a sudden the "train" of the migrane hits my head. What makes this worse is that we had been jumping fences. (generally I have an hour from the first spot to the mirgrane, this time it was less then a 1 minute between them) I was in the middle of a line of fences and planned to pull up after the line and get off because the fences were to close to stop, but the migraine hit before the second of the three fences.

So when I get these things I can't see, like at all. I'm just about blind. This time I can see shadows for a few moments and then it changes to bring colors, so I have to shut my eyes. My horse lands and i'm clinging, knowing theres one more fence. Thankfully I make it over and then I fall off afterwards (horse turns I don't). I lay on the ground and inform my instuctor I can't see, he knows i get them and has the barn call 911. Were all pretty calm about this because its happened before (not while on a horse, but I've lost my vision while at the barn.) My frien, the EMT, is there and offeres to goto the hospital with me. The "real" emt's seem a little freaked out and don' believe me that I can't see, but take me anyway.

So, we get to the hospital. Now. I've got a hard core migrane, worse I've ever hard, as well as nast bruises because I fell. The pain is so nasty I'm whimpering, whimpering in the hospital and curled in my wheelchair. My friend tells them I fell off and my headaches and I can't see. They tell me to wait til I'm called. This is a porirbly serious head injury, and I'm told to wait. It gets better. 2 hours pass. I'm dying, I need drugs and heavy doeses of potassium. I'm getting worse and worse. We ask the lady how long, and then wait another hour. Finally I cannot take the pain anymore. I stand up and somehow manage to stuble to the nurses station (I was later told I was crying and moving like I was drunk) and screamed, not like a regular yell. I screamed like the baby behind you on the airplane, until someone came to help me. I don't know if anyone was infront of me, but i hope so, I hope i gave them a headache.

They take me back and rush my head CT, (as usual find nothing) and give me painkillers as well as potassium (in the form of 5 bannana's) 20 minutes later I'm better. My mirgrane is manageable enough for me to go home and I can see again. I was out in an hour. an hour, but sat in a waiting room for 3. I wrote a letter to the management and filed a complaint. Apparently the nurse at the station had done that to people before, refusing to get them a doctor if she didn't believe them. I've been to the hospital twice since then and gotten in to a doctor quickly.

It still blows my mindthat that one nurse would do that to someone obviously in pain.

More Bad Hospital Stories

Just because I enjoy them so much and hate the American health care system with a passion that knows no bounds.

Setting: Christmas morning, things are going well. Sean (husband) is trying to get a nerf gun out of the package for my daughter. The things are packed so badly that it's almost impossible to get them out via normal means. Male ingenuity sets in and he grabs his gerber wrench that has a large blade attachment and uses the blade to attempt to wrench the toy free. However his hand slips and he stabs about an inch of the blade directly into his hand. Pain and blood ALL over the kitchen floor. It hurt so much and he lost so much blood so quickly into shock for a few minutes.

The only problem is when he does that his heart goes into an irregular rhythm because he has atrial fibrulation.

So, he needs to go to the hospital for stitches and if he can't get his heart to reset by itself he's going to need some cardizem for his heart.

We get to the hospital and there are only 2 people in front of us. We were in the waiting room for 3 hours. Now I have to explain my husband's heart condition. When his heart goes into an irregular rhythm it needs to be set back. After an hour of the irregular rhythm he's at risk for blood clots that are potentially fatal. Blood clots can cause massive strokes and cause your heart to just stop. We have been warned by his cardiologist that he needs to have blood thinners and heart medicine after an hour because the risk is pretty high. An hour. We inform the nurses of this, yet we are still in the waiting room for over 3 hours. (Keep in mind his hand is still bleeding into a dish towel.)

The place had filled up quickly after we got there (lots of christmas accidents, paintball in the eye, a kid who bashed his head on his pogo stick, more people that cut themselves trying to open toy packages and stuff I can't even imagine how they hurt themselves) however, the only reason we even got in that soon was because of his heart. Some people got tired of waiting and just got up and left. (Large redneck population and many of them are the sort that can get along on any sort of pain).

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