June 9th, 2005

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Ok, so the Mister and I decided to take a trip into NYC (we live in upstate NY). I've been to the city 9476589275926759826589659826598265896259862359826509 times, and he's never been (even though he's lived here all his life). I book our hotel online. We get to the hotel, check in, get to our room (which was HORRIBLE). Monday (Memorial Day) we go up to the front desk and ask the best way to get to the subway (it was 4 miles away). The guy behind the desk says "the buses aren't running today, so you need a cab. I'll call one for you". Sounds good so far? Well, about 2 minutes later, a bus goes by, and stops at the bus stop by the hotel. WTF? Didn't he just say there was NO BUS SERVICE? Cab shows up 5 minutes later......it's a Lincoln Towncar (a luxury taxi service). My guess is that the guy & the dude with the car are in on it together, and the driver gives him a cut for each fare he gives him.

It gets better.....

The housekeeping department has these cards with pictures of things on it. It says to circle the items you need, and they'll leave them. So we circled a few things, and left the card before we left. When we got back that night, not only had they NOT left us any of the items we requested, they left us enough towels for ONE person, and they tossed our used request form on the display with the TV Guide, which means the next person can't leave a request.


Now, when you check into a hotel, the key card is supposed to be activated for X number of days (corresponding with the number of days you're staying). Apparently not at this place. Each night, we had to have the damn thing reactivated (it was kept in the sleeve, nowhere near any other cards, and it was never near a cell phone, which I've heard can deactivate them). They didn't tell us that it needed to be redone every day.

All in all, it was THE WORST hotel I have EVER stayed at (and I'm well travelled, and have stayed in a bazillion and one hotels).

If you're ever in NYC, do NOT stay at the Howard Johnsons at 153-95 Rockaway Blvd, in Jamaica NY (it's near JFK).

What did I expect?

I took my daughters to Wal-Mart the other day to spend some money that they had been saving up for a while. We decided that since McDonald's is inside the store we'd get lunch there before going to see a movie.

Me: *looks around, there's no line, cashier is staring off into space, tries to get her attention*
Cashier: Well?
Me: I'd like two chicken nugget happy meals and a...
Cashier: *turns her back on me and starts rearranging the food on a tray that her co-worker is trying to call the number for*
Cashier: They were over there *points* THREE BIG MACS AND A LARGE FRY!! *looks around*
Cashier: *grabs a bag and a soda from behind her, reaches across the counter in front of me, to a guy standing behind me to my left in a uniform and hands it to him*
Cashier: *looks at me* 4 or 6 pieces?
Me: Huh? *at this point I was slightly stunned, no excuse me or anything, she had just started ignoring me*
Cashier: Do you want 4 or 6 piece nuggets?
Me: Oh, two 4 piece chicken nugget happy meals,and a #2, with no pickles or onions
Cashier: turns around and begins ignoring me again
Me: Um... did you get that?
Cashier: YES I got it. Ten dollars and *yada yada change*
Me: *hands her the money*
Cashier: *gives change, turns around with her back to me and leans against the counter*
Me: Can I have our cups?
Cashier: *no response*
Me: Excuse me, my drinks?
Me: *looks for another employee*
Manager: *walks up looking at me expectantly*
Cashier: She wants her drinks
Manager: *hand me three cups*

What the fuck? I spoke to a manager about it, but they didn't seem to be especially bothered, I just got a nod and a "ok".
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mulan mushu hug by leafygreens

It's called.....would you mind going and checking for me?

I've been wanting to get one of those cheap plastic kiddie pools for my husky for awhile. It won't fit in my car, and mom informed me that dad took the motorcycle to work, meaning I could take the truck to go get one.

So I called the hometown grocery store where my parents live....

Me: Polite and inquisitive...
Her: Bored sounding...and I think I used to work with her... O_o

H: Hello, Felpausch. How may I direct your call?
M: Yes. Hi. I would like to know if you are selling kiddie pools and if you have any in stock.
*uncomfortable pause*
H: Yeah, I guess we have some in the lobby.
M: Oh...um....thanks.
H: Have a nice day. *click*

I just sat there staring at my phone and blinking. Should I have asked her to go look for me?!

When I worked there, I'd put the customer on hold and look if it was in my realm to do so. If not, I'd forward the call to the correct dept.

I didn't really want to have to drive out there to find no pools... maybe I'll call back later.

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Kitty Girl Clowny Devil

Slightly OT, so I'll keep it short

Thanks to everyone who suggested Budget when I posted my tale of U-Haul woes last week. I cancelled my U-Haul truck, made a reservation with Budget, and boy was I glad! Nice people, right on time with the right sized truck, and it was brand-new to boot. I was so happy. You all made my life so much easier!
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