June 8th, 2005

what is the deal with fast food?

A tale from a few years ago. This walks a fine line, so I'd appreciate help in deciphering it.

It's about 5 minutes before the mall food court closes. My boyfriend at the time and I decided to catch a quick bite from the Wendy's before it closes entirely.

Me: Hi there. I'd like the chive baked potato please.
Cashier: Oh, we don't have any.
Me: Okay. I'll just let him go.

*boyfriend orders*

Me: Okay, could I have a small fry and a small Frosty?
Cashier: No, we're closed.
Me: *thinking* WTF?

The cashier was clearly accepting orders 10 seconds ago, when my boyfriend ordered. The sub shops I've worked at have honored customer requests as long as they were in line when the store closed. She knew that I was about to order again. Why couldn't she either squeeze me in or be honest and say that was it and she had to close?!?!

This isn't my story, it's this girl's mom's or maybe her mom's friend's.. she was in my math class

A group of women were in Waffle House and they didn't have enough cash to pay for a tip. They said that they were gonna run down the road to the atm to get more. The waitress yells, "NO! ONE OF YOU IS GOING TO STAY HERE UNTIL THE REST COME BACK WITH MY TIP! I WANT MY TIP! GIVE ME MY TIP NOW!" And she keeps yelling on and on and on. When they come back with the tip, the waitress threw it on the ground.
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I just joined and I have a rant. Bad service being the topic of this community, I'm sure you've had a couple of posts about NTL. In the UK, NTL is probably the cheapest provider for telephone/cable tv/internet packages. And as they say - you get what you pay for. But still the level of amazingly bad service astounds many. I have to admit here though - I've rarely had a problem with the actual service. But if you do have a problem you get to call customer service or tech support and Collapse )

So there you have it. A first-hand account of a typical call to NTL. I'd like to congratulate Mr NTL for his wonderful service personally. I'll thank him by travelling to his 250-acre vacation estate in the Seychelles while he sits by the pool drinking champagne. I'll thank him by inviting all my friends to go take a dump in his million-dollar gold plated olympic size swimming pool and then drowning him in it.