June 7th, 2005

talk about a veggie burger......

I just thought this was kind of amusing-I went to McDonalds the other day in the middle of work (I had to close the store to do this since I was the only one on duty) I ordered a big and tasty with cheese and with out onions. I get back to work and while no big suprise they screwed up my order the funny thing was how-they remembered the cheese and remembered to take off the onions-but they uh frogot the actual burger!!!! So I had to close my store up again and go back to get another one......How do you froget the main ingerdient?
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Customers Suck

I first found lj through a link to Customers_Suck and I still read stories there quite often. Every once in a while a story just leaves me shaking my head.

Here is a link to one such story:


I requested permission from the poster to put a link here...they didn't exactly say yes but then they didn't say no either. Actually, here is their response:

Quote, "and explain to me, how expecting a table to respond to me when i ask them a general question "hey how are you guys doing tonight" is bad service? thats part of our required schpeal at my job."

Maybe I'm wrong but the whole tone of the post struck me more as "a waitress I hope I never encounter" rather than "customers suck".
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Yeah yeah check my bag whatever

I hate checking my bag in stores. I understand the reasoning, I know they want to deter theft, ok. But I have this false logic happening in my head that If they don't trust me I really shouldn't trust them.
So I enter the store and the lady demands my bag, I then proceed to take anything of value out of my bag. She hands me this little multicolored collage type square that looks just like everyone else's. No number No letter nothing. I’m hoping they know their system. I am wrong. I go to the check out to get my bag back just as the bag checker is handing it over the counter to some stranger. Luckily the person hands my bag back and informs the brilliant bag check lady that it isn't hers. She actually had a grocery bag w/ a can in it. I have a small messenger bag. See that’s why I hate checking my bag- esp. in exchange for some indistinct collaged tile.
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My brother-in-law's wedding is in a month and a half. About two weeks ago, I met with a dressmaker - Mary - who said that she would make my dress. She told me to go buy fabric and then call her back to schedule another appointment. So off I went. I purchased fabric, and then proceeded to call her back.

I left her a message. She didn't return it. I left her another one the next day. Nothing. I left her a message every single day for the last two weeks, asking her to call me back and schedule an appointment.

Today, I got a voicemail from Mary, saying "I'm not interested in making your dress, please stop calling me."

No explanation, no apology, nothing. Aside from the fact that once she's agreed to make my dress, she can't really back out, I'd understand if she had overbooked herself or something. I wouldn't be thrilled, but I'd understand. But no explaination, no apology, not a single returned call in two weeks.

I am so pissed off. Now I'm high and dry and without a dressmaker. So furious.

Oh, and if you live in NYC and you're looking for a dressmaker, don't use a woman named Mary Barbato who works out of her apartment on the Upper West Side.

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I walked into a wal*mart with a group of friends and this lady comes up to me and tells me that I have to leave my purse at the service counter. I gave it to her and then continued shopping with my friends. I ranted in a loud voice about how stupid it is to take my purse aka-the money away from the paying customer. And then my friends and I discussed that if I wanted to, I could just steal the thongs I'd planned on buying by stuffing them into my hoodie. Two seconds after they snatch my bag, a white lady walks in with a bag that's HUGE, like, 3 times bigger than mine and it's fine. Later I found out that that wal*mart is known for being racist.
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so on saturday i drove to a mall with my friend sarah and took my little sister and her boyfriend with us. im 20 years old, sarah is 21, tiffany (sister) is 15, and matt (sister bf) is 16. this isnt our local mall its about an hour and 15 min drive from where we live. the first store we went into was pacific sunwear. we all walk in and start looking at clothes. we are all pretty dazed from the car right and we werent really even talking to each other or being loud or causing a problem. i saw i shirt i was considering buying, and we slipped to the back of the store to see if they had any hoodies that were on sale. by now i notice that the only employee (some middleaged looking guy) was literally about two feet behind us the whole way back. we get to the sale rack and start looking at it. this guy is really acting weird but maybe hes really paranoid about shoplifting or something. then he approaches us.

"if you guys are just going to cause problems you can leave"

we all just turned to him and my jaw dropped. i couldnt believe it. then he says "you guys are acting strange"

matt asked him what we were doing to make him think we were acting strange and he wouldnt answer. then he said some other things basically just telling us to leave for no reason. i guess looking at clothes in a clothing store is acting strange. we pretty much left after that. he stayed less than two feet away from us the rest of the way out, and as we were leaving i asked him is something was going on that we should know about, since i think he was the one acting strange. he acted like he was guarding the door after we left.

i couldnt believe the way we were treated. we definately we not causing any kind of trouble what so ever. i thought we were acting pretty mature. i was too mad to even think to get his name :( i need to go write a letter now.