June 1st, 2005

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Weird Service (from a fax machine)

An update on Weird Credit Fraud Saga II:

So I faxed a complaint to Equifax about their fake charges showing up on my credit card (see back a post or three). As far as I can tell, I did it right -- dialed the number they gave, a fax machine picked it up, hung up and pressed the transmit button, it sent the fax, blah blah.

Except the fax machine recorded the wrong number dialed and printed gibberish instead that doesn't look like a valid number. Even though I dialed by hand (I'm 90% sure I did). I also seem to recall hitting the redial button and seeing the correct number dialed.

It's strange.

On the confirmation printed with the fax and on the sheet that it spit out later to log an activity report.

So I hope it went to Equifax. Especially since they wanted me to put my SSN on the report, so I did ... They said to call back tomorrow midday or so to see if the fax was received or not.

I'm not quite sure what to think.

But at least Bank of America refunded ALL of the fake charges in record time -- my balance is already corrected! Much faster than Chase. I know that's not bad service, but I still wanted to include it in the update!

(Update: I got an email confirming that Equifax did get the fax, so it should be OK. So now it's out of my hands. The only oddity left is that you can't dispute online with BofA -- it'll show you a page giving you a phone number if you click the dispute button -- but can with Chase. Weird.)
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Lily Haloween

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I'm surprised nobody has complained about Del Taco. As far as I know, nobody has... maybe I've missed it.

But I work there and I see my co workers, and other Del Taco employees from other stores, being complete jack asses for no reason.

We have had quite a lot of customers complain about our drive-thru guy. I can't even count how many times I've heard people say something to him, and have him reply, "So?"... And we can't take anything over 20. He will say, "Sorry. We can't take anything over 20. If you had actually read the sign on the drive-thru menu, you'd know that".

One incident, a lady said, "There was a sign?" I didn't blame her. The sign is very small and somewhat hidden on the menu. He acted like she was a dumbass, and said, "Yeah. If you could read, you'd know that. Do you have the money, or should I void your order?" "*wtf face* I have money. Hold on, and I'll get it from my wallet". The lady actually said it nicely. "*sighs really loud* Oh, just take your time. *walks away and not that quitely says, "Dumbass"*". That's where I walked to the window and apologized to the woman. "Why is he allowed to be on the head set if he's so rude?" "I'm sorry ma'am. I'm really not sure. Would you like something to drink while you wait for your food?" "Oh, no, that is fine but thank you for asking. Why aren't you on head set?" "They tend to put me on walk. Although he can be rude, he's pretty fast". She laughed and gave the our DT guy the money, got her food, and left. But she called back. With a complaint about him, and a compliment for me. This has happened so many times I can't remember all of them. He also likes acting like people are stupid because they don't know the ingredients to items we have. For example: "What is on the Veggie Works burrito?" "*loud sigh. long pause* WELL As it shows in the picture *sigh* beans, rice, red sauce, cheese, sour cream, guacamole, lettuce and tomato. *takes finger off talk button* idiot".

This kind of behavior doesn't stop with him. Most of my managers act like customers are idiots. And our taco bar people don't really care. I don't know how many times somebody has ordered an item without some ingredient, and they'll accidentally put it on anyway... and you know what? Sometimes they pick it off, but still leave some on. For instance, a veggie works without tomato... sometimes they'll put on tomato anyway and realize their mistake. Try to pick off the little bits, miss some, say "Fuck it". Then they wrap it and hand it out. So, if you're allergic, make sure to tell the cashiers. Otherwise, it'll probably end up in your food somehow.


My fiancee and I went out to eat last night at Happy Chef. Normally, we love happy chef. We know most of the staff, and the menu - useually..

Last night, it was about 9:00pm. We went in and waited. and waited. It was about 9:15 before we actually got seated, and it wasn't even "seating". She looked at us and said "Go pick a seat." We then waited another 10 minutes for WATER. Afterward she was pretty prompt with our appitizer, but then she gave me a bunch of shit about the menu. The menu we were given was the menu for after 11:00pm. It said so RIGHT on the menu. I asked if I could see the full menu, since it was only about 9:30 and she said that "That menu is for early evening dining. Its our late night dining now."

mm.. So, I sucked it up and asked more questions about the menu that was avalible:
Me: Me! Wow.
Her: Her, Again, wow.

Me: So there is no way I can get a french dip tonight? I know its normally avalible for the menu thats useually given out before 11:00.
Her: No. You'll have to order something else and change it to be a french dip. You'll still be charged for whatever you order though. (The french dip is $6.25, everything else on this menu was over $7.00. O.x)
Me: Alright.. Well, whats similar then to the french dip? (the menu didn't have anything that I could see)
Her: Philly cheese steak sub is close. Its mostly roast beef and then a whole lot of onion, cheese, sauce, mayonase. and it has the au jus sauce for dipping. Its $7.50.
Me: Alright then, I want a Philly cheese steak sub with nothing on it but the roast beef, and then I would like the au jus sauce on the side.
Her: So what, you don't want the onions, cheese, peppers, myyonase, or sauce?
Me: No, like I said, I just kinda wanted something similar to a french dip.
Her: Alright, fine. Whatever. You'll still be charged for the philly cheese steak.
Me: Okay dokie.
- insert fiancee ordering -

So the rest of my meal went fine, and dandy. The ohilly cheese steak sub (AKA french dip) was great, and my fiancees food was awesome. I was mildly miffed abotu her little tiff about the sandwhich, but nothing big.

Anyway, about a half hour later, our check arrives.
Low and behold what does the ticket say? French dip. What was I charged for? French dip.
*twitch* Wtf?
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Bad Kitty

Verizon DSL

I moved a year ago. I had been using Verizon DSL for several years prior to moving so I was happy to find out the service was available at my new location. I talked to a Verizon DSL CSR and arranged to change the service address.

I received an email confirmation that the service would change. I received a second email confirming the date that the service would change. Then I received a third email telling me the service change had been canceled and it all went to hell after that.

I called Verizon on at least four separate occasions spending a minimum of one hour per call. Long story short, no one could determine why the service change had been canceled and absolutely no one would authorize the service change until it had been determined why it had been canceled in the first place.

So like I was saying, I've been a Comcast high speed internet customer for a year now...