May 27th, 2005


Jesus I hate pharmacies. I realize that it's not an easy job, I realize that sometimes it takes time to get a prescription filled. But I dropped off those two prescriptions for my daughter yesterday, and I should either have had them by now or been told when I would have them.

I also realize that they require authorization, but I have no idea how long that takes here, when I worked for a doctor's office I could usually get authorization, even from the worst insurance companies, within an hour or so. Yesterday at 1pm when I dropped them off the girl at the counter told me it would be about 2 hours. So I went home, and called the pharmacy 2 hours later. They informed me that there was an issue with the insurance company (requiring authorization, I was aware of that before I dropped them off, I thought they would be as well), and that they had faxed paperwork to the prescribing doctor and were waiting for that to come back. I called the doctor's office, and was told that my daughter's provider had been with clients back to back, but would have the paperwork done as soon as possible. I gave it another hour, called the pharmacy back, still no authorization, but it should be ready in an hour or so. I called back. Nothing. The pharmacy closed, the doctor's office closed. My child still does not have her medication.

This morning I called the pharmacy again. Still nothing, and then the woman that I spoke to started to go off on me about how it takes days sometimes to get authorization yada yada yada.

Me: Concerned mommy trying to get meds for the midget
B: Bitch at the pharmacy who needs to learn how to tell the difference between a yelling angry customer and one who wants to make sure the situation is cleared up
M: Brian, the pharmacy manager

B: Sometimes it takes days to get these kinds of prescriptions filled, you need to be patient.

Me: Well, that's not what your employees told me yesterday, I was told that it would take a couple of hours, and I wasted a lot of time on the phone yesterday trying to find out what was going on

B: Well, I don't know what you want me to do.

Me: I would like for you to apologize and make sure that your employees don't -

B: (yes, the bitch cut me off) You can talk to the pharmacy manager then if you're going to be like that, I don't need to take that from you! (Not another word, hands off the phone)

M: Hi this is Brian, how can I help you?

Me: Hi Brian (explains situation and conversations up until this point), and the woman I was just speaking to asked me what I wanted her to do, and then cut me off as I was explaining. What I want is an apology, and for you to train your employees not to tell people that a medication will be ready in a few hours when it could be a few days. Had I been clear on that in the first place I would not be upset at all.

M: Absolutely, let me apologize, they should absolutely know better than that, and I will speak to them about it.

So the manager was polite and my daughter will have her meds today, but I'm sure that woman won't be told off nearly as well as she should be. I really hate it when I'm being polite and professional and the person on the other end of the phone gets hysterical and claims that I'm yelling at them. It makes me want to crawl through the phone line and beat them with their handset.
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Cute But Psycho

Another Fast Food Rant

This didn't happen to me but I thought it was pretty bad...

 My bf and I went into McD's for some dinner.  There were two people in line ahead of us.  One was an average middle aged woman and the other was an obviously PISSED drunk man.  Drunk man was trying to order some food (and everyone knows how GOOD McD's is when you are drunk!!!).  He had a $5 bill that had been torn in half.

Rude McD Lackey = RML
Drunk Guy = DG
Me = My jaw dropped to the floor

DG: wanna burger
RML: I CAN"T take a ripped up bill.  It HAS to be whole
DG: Ahhhhh?
RML: I am NOT going to take that bill, it is ripped up and I can't accept it.  Next please!
DG: But I wannna....
RML: You'll have to go somewhere else, I'm not going to serve you

So the McD's girl calls the next person up to the counter and the drunk guy is totally confused, just swaying back and forth, he is trying to figure out what just happened.  I know that you can accept a bill that has been torn in half; as long as the serial numbers on each half match, all you have to do is tape it up and there is no problem.  I have worked with cash for a LONG time and I thought that was standard knowledge.  Apparently not.

I know drunk people can be annoying, but this girl was so rude it was unbelievable.  The manager was in the back the entire time so even if the girl wasn't sure, she could have just asked her manager.  I was on my way up to this girl to say something, but my bf  stopped me.  He said that this guy could have been in there earlier causing a problem and that we didn't know the whole story.  Fine sez I but that doesn't excuse the girl's nasty ass attitude.


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Flipping the Bird

(no subject)

Dear Dumbass Telemarketer,

When you called my house the first time, and asked to speak to Susan, I politely informed you that there was no one here by that name. Getting louder and saying this is her number because she said so still does not put her in my house. Yes, I'm sure she's not here. Only my boyfriend, me and a cat live here. No I don't know her. Yelling at me only got you hung up on. Calling me back STILL does not make Susan appear in my house. So when I told you yet again that you have the wrong number and to NOT call here again, and hung up, calling a 3rd time only set me off. Oh yes I did call you what you thought I just said. And yes, I asked for a supervisor. See, where you fucked up, was calling me AFTER I said to never call again. And yes, I have your company's name AND phone number on my caller ID. Yeah, thats what I thought. You friggin jackass.

Sincerely hoping that your supervisor fires your ass,

(and normally I have no problems with wrong numbers or telemarketers. *UGH*)

Bad telemarketer! Go to your cubicle!

dbaxdevilsfan's post reminds me of a little... incident I had with a telemarketer in June of 1999.

I was just getting ready to change jobs from Circle K to Bergen Brunswig (the latter as a temp, but pays better), and was working graveyard. So at 10:30 AM, I'm usually asleep.

Until I get a call.

Me: Yo!
TM: Her...

Me: (groggily) Hello?

TM: Hi, I'm calling from the Los Angeles Times--

Me: Stop.

TM: --and we're going to subscribe you to our--

Me: Stop.

TM: --newspaper for $1.25 per week--

Me: Stop.

TM: --and you'll see what kind of value--

Me: Stop.

TM: --our paper has for you--

Me: Stop.

TM: (finally shuts up)

Me: One, you will not subscribe me to the LA Times. Two, you will put me on your do not call list. Three, I am a graveyard worker; you woke me.

The line was quiet for all of five seconds before I got a half-hearted "...have a nice day" and an abrupt click.

Thereafter, I made sure my computer - then subscribed to the 'net via dialup - was connected before I went to sleep, thus depriving idiots like that of the pleasure of such conversations with me.