May 25th, 2005

*Where* is my hotel room?

Ok, a teensy bit of geography is needed for background info. I live in Nanaimo, a medium-sized city on Vancouver Island, which is in British Columbia on the west coast of Canada.

On to the story.

This is one of the very first duties I had to perform in my new job. My new boss called me up on her way to my office (she works in a different location) and asked me to call the local Coast Hotel and the Four Points Sheraton, check on availability and pricing for rooms, and then call her back. Nooooo problem.

I call the Coast, get the info, write everything down, then start searching for info on the Sheraton. No listing in the phone book under either "4", "Four", or "Sheraton". I check the yellow pages and get a toll-free number for national bookings. This number actually puts me through to the Kamloops Sheraton (interior of BC, some 10 hours travel from where I actually am). I tell the person who answered that I am interested in room availability in Nanaimo. "You have to call our national booking line," she replies. "In the phone book, this is the national booking line," I respond. Anyway, she gives me the correct number and off I go.

RWA: Rudest Woman Alive - and with some kind of BRUTAL, unidentifiable accent
Me: I would be WAY more sarcastic if my desk offered any shred of privacy

RWA: Sheraton Reservation Line, how can I help you?
Me: Yes, I'm interested in checking into price and availability of the Sheraton Four Points Hotel in Nanaimo.
RWA: Pardon me? What did you say?
Me(speaking more slowly): I'm looking into some rooms for Nanaimo, B.C.
RWA: What is the name of the hotel please.
Me: Four Points Sheraton.
RWA: And what city?
Me: Nanaimo.
RWA: For what city?
Me: NANAIMO, B.C. British Columbia.
RWA: For. What. City.
Me (I can give as good as I get!):NA. NAI. MO.
RWA: *pause* Ok I have a room available for (some dollar amount) at the (unintelligable hotel name).
Me (getting suspicious): Can you tell me the address of the hotel, please?
RWA: *rattles off street address* Let me spell the street for you, R-U-E-D-E-G-A-T-E-A-U...
Me: The Rue de Gateau?
RWA: Yes.
Me: Where is the hotel?
RWA: Rue de Gateau, Quebec.
Me: I need a room in Nanaimo, BRITISH COLUMBIA. West Coast.
RWA: (hangs up)

Needless to say, my boss stayed at the Coast that evening.
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Bad Kitty

Pep. Stk & Chs w/ Onions

This was more amusing than anything else. I called in a lunch order today.

Me: Me
LOP: Lady on the phone taking my order

Me: Hi, I would like a small pepper steak and cheese with onions for pick up.
LOP: Steak and cheese with onions?
Me: No, a pepper steak and cheese with onions.
LOP: ...I can't do that, if you add onions it's NOT a pepper steak!
Me: Ohhh Kayyyy. How about a steak and cheese with peppers and onions.
LOP: Large or small?
Me: Small please.

This was an older lady in a small sub shop in a gas station with a manual registers up front so it's not like it was some kid who couldn't find the right button on a fancy electronic register. On the ticket that was stapled to the bag I noticed she had started to write Pep Stk Ch then crossed it out and wrote Stk Ch Pep & Oni!

sexual harrassment & bad service wrapped into one

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I work at a pretty big company that has it's own building and because of this we have our own cafeteria. I go there everyday for the turkey burger which is really cheap and tastes good. The only problem is that by going there, I am subjecting myself to the grill guy who is technically my co-worker since we work for the same company but who also provides a service by cooking my food. In the beginning, he was cool and we would make small talk. Then he started asking me out. I declined and just smiled and continued with the small talk. I explained anyway, that I was seeing someone, which isn't totally true, but what the hell does he need to know that. It was still cool for a while, but eventually he started asking me out all the time.

At first he was discreet about it, but then he stopped that and is pretty open about flirting now. I have told him many times I don't want to date him and just sat and read my paper while he works. Often, I go while it's busy so he is too crazy to talk. I could always go out for lunch, but since I work in Times Square (in Manhattan), everything is so expensive and I *love* the turkey burgers. But now, it's getting worse! He's taken to putting my food on way after I order it so that I can be stuck there longer.

The first time he did it, I had turned my back to read the paper and he gave my turkey burger to another guy and was cooking a second burger for me! I asked him why he did that and he said he wanted me to be there longer and then asked me to the movies. I said no thank you and I needed to get back to work and he couldn't delay me like that or I would get in trouble! This morning, I went to get turkey sausage for breakfast (the breakfast food is even cheaper!!!) and I walked away. When I returned 5 minutes later, he then put the sausage on the grill. I told him the food was for me and my boss and I needed to go. Today, at lunch it seemed like he waited forever to put my burger on again. I purposely ordered the pre-cooked burger, which they just started making) and I was still there longer than anyone else.

So, I have various choices. I can complain, but I don't want to simply because I am really new to the company, this guy has been here 20 years and EVERYONE loves him. I can start getting my lunch outside and pay about $4-$6 more for the food. Or I can suck it up. I am giving it a little more time and have basically started ignoring him more and stopped trying to be nice. It just pisses me off. He is providing bad service in a bid to get me to go out with him!?! In what world does this actually work??!?

I am moving to night shift next week anyway, so I won't be in the caf. for a while, but it pisses me off that I can't even go to my own caf. without dealing with b.s.


I was at the hospital today to take someone to an appointment. While I was waiting for her to come out, I went across to the cafe for a soda.

I get a cup, fill it with Sprite, and put the lid on it, then take it over to the counter.

CLERK: "Hey!! If you spill that, YOU are cleaning up the mess!!"

WTF?????? (I know she was talking to me, because I was the only one in the cafe at the time.)
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