May 23rd, 2005


30 minutes should not = 2 hours.

So, I have a lovely bad service story from Saturday evening.

We had a big (about 20-ish people, my aunt's family and her boyfriend Kevin's family) group of people go to the Four Seasons Hotel in NYC for a dinner to celebrate Kevin being nominted for an Emmy (he didn't win, though). Everything was great, the staff was still nice to us even though after dinner we hogged the lounge and I'm sure annoyed other guests eating there by being noisey.

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Short version - ended up waiting almost 2 hours to get our car back from whatever garage it was vallet parked in when we wanted to leave. Obvisouly bad service when you're at a hotel where the cheapest room available is over $500/night, but it seems the bad service came from a garage not owned by the hotel. Everyone working at the hotel itself was wonderful. Whomever was at the garage end needs to be kicked in the face as they made me wait so long to get home to my Game Boy and copy of The Minish Cap.
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No register!!!!

CLERK at the Albertson's deli yesterday: "Can I help you?"
ME: "Yes, please. I have one large coffee."
CLERK: "OK, and . . ."
ME: "I'd like to pay for it."
CLERK: "Can't you see we don't have a register here??? Go pay for it up in the front!!!"

No, ma'am, I couldn't see that because the counter is very tall. Every other Albertson's I've been in lets you pay for deli items in the deli. And you really didn't have to snap at me. A simple, "I'm sorry, you have to pay for that at the front" would have been just fine.

So I had to make two trips through the front checkout: One to pay for the coffee, and another to pay for my groceries when I was done shopping. (I really didn't want to walk around the store sipping something I hadn't paid for . . . a guilt thing instilled by my mother, I guess.)
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flame on

what the bloody living fuck!?

Do not order flowers from They will be only too happy to take your money and allow you to choose a weekend delivery date, only to phone you the day after delivery was supposed to take place and say, "We're sorry, we don't deliver on weekends because the courier doesn't. We can give you a free upgrade and deliver on Tuesday or charge you $15 for a cancellation fee."

Note: I already have the maximum upgrades available to that gift. I also chose the most elaborate vase and card available. There are no upgrades. And my sister's anniversary was yesterday. If I wanted to fucking cancel my order, I wouldn't have placed it in the first place. And if I'd known that the "Sunday, May 22" CONFIRMED delivery date on the order form wasn't going to work out, I'd never have spent $100 on flowers at that shop.

And now I've been on hold for half an hour so that I can get this fucking mess straightened out. I'm going to be charged $15 because their website order form allowed me to choose an option that wasn't actually available?

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Ok, I personally haven't recieved bad service because for some reason people at my local shopping centre are always nice, therefore I always get good service. My friend on the other hand decided to post about a situation he had at work with the manager of the good old cafeteria.
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Yes, you ARE that stupid. It's really wasn't that sucky, but more WTF ARE YOU ON IDIOT?! *sigh*