May 21st, 2005

Stupid Video Shop.

I just came back from the video shop. There's only one in town - I live in a dinky town.

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It's got to be one of those stupid locally-owned pieces of crap that infest this town. I can't find any information online. I considered writing a letter...

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My my...Keaton and I run into lots of bad service...

It's Star Wars Episode 3, eh? And Keaton happens to be a big Star Wars fan and wanted me to go with him so I said yes.

Kelly (me): 16 years old, only at the show to keep Keaton company.
Keaton: 16 years old, Big Star Wars fan, orders the Jumbo Diet Coke.
Usher: Accusing asshole.

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Keaton and I got a month's worth of free movie passes...but I still feel horrible for Keaton for seeing such a mess. He was really sick that evening cause he couldn't get the pictures out of his head.
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