May 12th, 2005

Lily Haloween

Oh. My.

Backstory: So, I go into AMPM pretty often. Posted about that place before. It's a quick stop on my way to school and they have the cheapest gas/cigarettes/whatever near my house. So I've put up with some bad service for some cheap stuff. It's just the way it goes sometimes.

Anyway, most of the employees know me, or I've seen them around. Almost all have sold me cigarettes. Especially Collapse )

Safeway and advertised specials

This week the Safeway in our area was advertising "boneless sirloin roast, $1.99 per pound" which is a great deal for sirloin ANYTHING.

So I went in and looked up and down the meat counter, and no sirloin roasts. I went back to get a copy of the advertisement, to make sure I was remembering/had written it down correctly. Yep, boneless sirloin. So I asked the butcher.

"...maybe you can help me find this special?" *pointing at the ad*

He said "Oh, it's right here," and led me over to a display of....boneless top round roasts.

Now, I remembered the cookbook diagrams of a cow with the cuts delineated, and I said to him, "I thought the sirloin and the round were from different areas."

His reply was "Oh no, they're the same." As I gave him a look of patent disbelief, he added "It's all connected."

I didn't argue any further, since he clearly wasn't going to budge, but I shall be writing to Safeway about this, since my cookbooks all agree that the sirloin is cut from the LOIN (surprise, surprise) and the top round is cut from (guess what) the ROUND...which is also known as the hindquarter and is NOT in any way the loin.

I mean, c'mon--my foot is connected to my leg, but that doesn't make it the same, now, does it?
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