May 8th, 2005


Bad delivery driving

I wasn't ordering service at the time, but I did get it.

My mom and I were in her car at about 8:30 pm one Saturday night doing about 40 in a 35 (so we weren't crawling) on a semi-busy road (this is a suburban area) approaching a traffic light. All of a sudden this punk, teenage or 20-something asshole in a Cherokee comes blasting past us over a double yellow line about 100' from the light. It was dark, wet and definitely not a good idea to blatantly ignore traffic laws in this situation. To top it off, a police cruiser with flashing blue lights was flying up in the lane he was passing in.

He had his Domino's sign lit up on top of his SUV and there is a store about a 1/2 mile from this light. Not bright.

I wanted to complain to his manager but my mother said something about "not ruining lives." Fuck that. You're a punk asshole doing 50 in a 35, crossing a double yellow towards a speeding police car? Good thing I was paying attention because my mom can't identify cars to save her life.

I got home around 10 pm and told my dad the story because this guy got thisclose to swiping us. He was having no part of it so he called the Domino's and reamed out the manager (which was totally wasn't her fault her driver is an ass). He told the manager that her driver nearly caused an accident by recklessly passing us just to make an extra buck on delivery tips. She sounded mighty pissed and said she'd "talk to him." I hope he didn't enjoy that job too much.

Moral of the story: if you want to drive like an asshole, don't do it with your delivery company's name plastered all over your vehicle within a short distance of your store. I don't tolerate reckless driving.